How To Record Audio For Pranks? – Know Easy Ways!

Do you want to create prank videos? Also, do you need some tips to record audio for these pranks? Then you are in the right place. Here we will discuss how to record audio for pranks.

Nowadays, pranks videos are quite common. More or less, all types of people like prank videos, especially if they are well audible.

But if the audio quality doesn’t get up to the mark, these videos value will be zero. For a good quality prank video, good audio quality is also important.

So, if you don’t know how to record audio voice for pranks, we will help you out. Here we are going to reveal to you some easy ways to record audio for pranks.

How To Record Audio For Pranks

How To Record Audio For Pranks? Easiest 9 Ways


Suppose you have created a prank video. But unfortunately, it became inaudible. Thus all your hard work became in vain.

That’s why a clear idea about how to record pranks is essential. Some of the simple ways of recording audio for pranks are given below.

1. Using A Wireless Microphone


As you are making a prank video, sometimes the audio recorder needs to maintain a little distance from the cameraman. For this, you can use a wireless microphone. Wireless microphone means cordless microphones.

They don’t have any physical cables directly connect to the sound recording equipment. They include a small transmitter into the microphone’s body part.

Another audio equipment is situated in the receiver unit with cable. It recovers the audio transmitted by the microphone.

So, you can easily record audio for prank videos.

2. Using A Parabolic Microphone


Parabolic microphones work by using parabolic reflectors to create audio signals. They have great sensitivity to sounds coming from one direction.

So, they will pick up only the sounds that you will directly point them at. To record audios for pranks, handheld versions of them are the best.

3. Using A Shotgun Microphone


Shotgun microphones also work well in this case, especially if the cameraman is not so far away.

They are highly directional microphones. You will also get good audio if they are directly pointed at the target sound source.

4. Wearing Equipment Holding Sound Recorders In It


It is an easy way to record audio for pranks. You can wear a wire or something else like that carrying small sound recorders. But there is a chance that you might not get the high-quality audio.

5. Syncing Portable Audio Recorder Manually


Another way is you can manually sync a portable audio recorder to the video during the editing process.

It will be useful if you use a makeshift “clapper board” with the small pocket recorder. It will help the sync process by sending beeps or visual cues to the camera.

6. Getting A High-Quality Audio


Whether you are making prank videos or something else, the audio quality always matters.

Without good quality audio, your videos will not get the desired rates or views. That’s why special microphones are needed to record audio.

Now we will talk about the special microphones. Each of them serves different functions and purposes.

7. Broadcast Microphones


These microphones have the ability to pick up the deep bass and texture of the audios very clearly. You need to get them upright of your mouth. And they will listen to your voice at their best.

Examples: Blue Yeti, audio Technica AT-20.

8. Lavalier/Collar/Lapel Mic


These are small and lightweight microphones. They usually clip on your shirt or collar. They can record excellent quality audio, specially if there is no sound of wind or cloth fumbles.

9. Camera Mount Microphones


These microphones keep mounted onto the camera and directly record the audio. Example: Rode VideoMic Pro.

Now we will discuss one of the most important parts of recording audio. While recording audio, the microphones can also catch the background noises. It can occur most if you create a prank video in a public area.

And this thing is enough to ruin your audio and video quality. Now we will talk about how we can prevent this.

Preventing Ways Of Capturing Unwanted Noises


1. Using Windscreens And Pop Filters


While recording audios outside, you can use windscreens on your microphone. It will help reduce unwanted noise.

Besides, you can also use pop filters. These are used in conjunction with microphones to help in lowering wind sound or other popping sounds.

2. Using Acoustic Foams


You can use acoustic foams to minimize the noises and echoes further. They can be used effectively to tame both mid and high frequencies.

3. Using Audacity


Audacity is an excellent tool to remove noise. The plus point is it is an open-source and also a top-class platform. If you don’t know how to use audacity, you can learn it by watching YouTube.

4. Using Professional Microphones


Though professional microphones are expensive, if possible, you can try them.

Some of them are excellent at capturing audio from exact sound sources and thus eliminating unwanted background noises. Examples: Rode, Zoom.

By using these things, you can get rid of the unwanted noise. It will help you get high-quality audio.

Final Words

Getting high-quality audio is an integral part of creating videos. Especially if they are pranks, then capturing good quality audio becomes very difficult. But if you follow some ways, this difficult task can become manageable.

Thus we have shown some easy and simple ways on how to record audio for pranks. So you might have got the necessary information and ideas for recording audio for prank videos!

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