How To Set Up Your Prank Camera? [Complete Tutorial]

Are you about to go on a prank shooting adventure? Are you thinking of a way to properly do your prank camera set up for a successful prank? Guess what, that’s exactly what you’ll get here. Your camera should be your most treasured equipment for any prank you’re doing.

Before you consider any other factor at all, you must make sure that your camera is of your topmost priority. That is why in this article, we will look at a couple of steps you would need to take how to set up your Prank Camera for an amazing prank. The following are the steps you must take.How To Set Up Your Prank Camera

How To Set Up Your Prank Camera In 8 Easy Steps

How To Set Up Your Prank Camera

1. Charge Up Your Camera


You should try as much as possible to charge your camera up to a level where you’re confident of how long it would last you during the work.

No matter how hastily you want to complete the video, a poorly charged camera can turn the entire gig into a wasted effort.

You want to try as much as possible to avoid having to pause your prank along the way just to get the camera charged.

That wouldn’t only cost you the time invested, it will also cost you the money you should be getting on YouTube from the views you should be getting. Bottom line is that you must ensure that the camera is fully charged to keep your confidence high and your prank successful.

2. Make Sure The Time And Date Are Correct


One problem you will face if you don’t correct the time and date of your camera is that when you eventually need to browse through the tons of videos and pictures you have on your phone, it would be difficult.

Setting your camera’s time and date before going out for the prank means that you can simply school through your videos and straight to the date you made the prank. Don’t worry if you also took tons of pictures or videos that same day. You can simply scroll through the time that the prank was done and locate it.

In order to set your camera’s date and time, you would need to click on the Menu button, then click on the spanner icon or settings (depending on the type of camera you’re using) then go to ‘date and time’ and set it.

As an extra tip, it would do you a lot of good if you write down the exact time the video was made. That will help you easily locate the video.

3. Format Your Camera’s Memory Card


Before you start taking photos at all with your new camera, you must make sure that your camera is formatted. And that’s not all, you must set the memory card to be the receiver of the pictures and videos you’re going to be shooting.

In order to do this, you will first stick your memory card inside your camera. That shouldn’t be hard if you simply follow the memory card marking that is on the camera.

Virtually every gadget that uses a camera usually comes with either a sticker or an inscription that tells you the position that the card should be stuck in.

When that has been completed, you should receive a message that suggests that you set up the memory card and the folders where your prank videos would be saved in. You’re good to go after that.

4. Review The Image Quality

Review The Image Quality

One thing you should take note of when it comes to prank camera setup is that the image quality defines virtually everything about your video.

You don’t want to get mediocre videos out there. You don’t want your viewers to think you’re probably shooting the videos with an Android phone or something. The image quality needs to be standard.

As part of your camera settings, you should see an option that lets you choose which quality you want. In some cameras, these are indicated with stars. In other cameras, it’s words like basic, normal, fine. You have to select the one that looks the best.

5. Check The Autofocus Settings


This is simple for some cameras, you might only need to adjust one switch on the camera’s body and that’s it. Other cameras have it in their settings you just have to check your settings and connect it.

Whichever kind of camera you’re using, the important thing to know is that the autofocus feature helps you to easily get your clients in focus.

The camera may automatically do this by default but you would be doing yourself so much good by learning to do it yourself. Sometimes you may not want the camera to picture the people at the center of the screen. You can set that with the autofocus settings.

6. Image Stabilization And Camera Vibration


A vibrating camera in the hand of a newbie can mess photographs up. Videos won’t do better either. You want to make sure that the camera vibration is either reduced or entirely turned off. This will help you stabilize your images throughout the prank video shoot.

To do this depends on the type of camera you’re using. Just like the autofocus settings, this might just be a button or switch on your camera while on other cameras you may be required to enter the camera settings to be able to do it.

7. The Movie Record Button


The record button in some cameras is separate from the photographs taking button. You must locate this. There is no specific position where you can find it. It defers with the camera. While some cameras may have it on top, others could have it at the side. If you don’t find yours anywhere, you can just go to the settings and fix this up.

8. ISO Settings


Your ISO is used for determining the amount of light that your image receives. You should set it low during the day so that you can get a naturally bright prank video. You might also want to consider setting it high during the dark.

If you set it low at night, you stand a risk of having a blurry image. So if you’re shooting your prank video at night, it is best to set your ISO high to make your pictures come out bright and clear.

Well, that is that on how to set up your Prank Camera. Remember that the most important thing is charging up your battery before starting your journey to becoming a successful entertainer.

Imagine planning to shoot your prank video at a location where you don’t know anyone who can charge your camera for you and your battery gets low. It would cost you more money and time than you would have spent at home charging the device.

Hope this helps.

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