Best Advice On How To Choose A Prank Shooting Camera

In today’s YouTube world, prank videos are always on the trending list. The reason is simple, it is fun to watch, and it makes people laugh. The audience enjoys it a lot.

As it has too much suspense and people watch the entire videos and give great feedback, that is why the YouTube algorithm keeps it on the trending list.

To create a viral prank video, you have to stay prepared with your camera and other equipment. Now, do you know which camera is suitable for prank shooting?

Or how to choose a prank shooting camera? If you do not, then this content is your ultimate guideline.

In this article, we’ll discuss what abilities a prank shooting camera should have, and we will also suggest the two best cameras used and approved by famous pranksters.

So, let’s dive into it!

Prank Shooting Camera

What Is a Prank?

What Is a Prank

Well, we all know what a prank is! We all have done this in our life (At least once on April fool day). The prank is a practical joke like pranking your friend with a toy snake etc.

Well, it’s fun and gives instant laughter, and everyone enjoys this (without the friend you pranked on).

People and YouTube channels like Roman Atwood, Prank ON, Coby Persin own millions of subscribers and earning significant revenue. So, if you also want to be a famous prankster like them, stay till the end with us!

Note: There are several pranks available but do not take an idea that is dangerous and harassing. Instead, come out with the idea that it is fun and makes everyone laugh.

Also, after making the video take the person’s permission to upload it. If he requests to blur his face, make sure you respect this!

Planning Is the Main Moto

Planning Is the Main Moto

The actual plot and production of the hoax video are now in progress. The planning step is straightforward; you need to pick a location that works and executes the prank once you think of that sort of prank movie you want to make.

Just make sure that your venue will let you do this and that all participants will give you approval – of course, after they have fallen for your tricks.

You may accomplish this by simply filling in forms or forms for publishing talent. You can readily find templates for both by searching Google.


The performance of a prank video on YouTube is highly different. First, you probably have to keep your camera operator concealed someplace.

So you have to communicate permanently with them either to tell them when they want to start shooting or to find out whether they have got the shot they wish.

The prank itself is another crucial component in the running of a hoax video. It would be best if you repeated practice your piece of part at least a few times to obtain the most remarkable potential variations of your prank.

Then, you can attempt it with the public once you have rehearsed it sufficiently.

Practice Makes a Man Perfect!!

Practice Makes a Man Perfect

Without disguising the camera, it is hard to catch a video prank. However, when the lens is seen, your target will know what is happening.

Many stations have a camera operator recording from inside or far away from an automobile. It is simpler to record a brush if your camera is far away, as the target is less likely to be seen by the camera.

For that reason, most railways employ digital camcorders instead of DSLRs; often, they feature a full and integrated zoom that covers greater distances.

Circumstances Consider Situation

Circumstances Consider Situation

Creators that produce prank videos will experience exceptionally particular obstacles and obstacles in the film’s actual production. A problem leads to a different one.

It makes it tough to keep the camera unobtrusive at a distance. The majority of prank videos are shot in hand, making it harder to retain a stable shot.

With camera handle devices like the Opteka DSLR Handle, this needless shaking may be removed. In contrast, the camera remains near you and allows you to keep the camera unobtrusive while shooting.

How To Choose a Prank Shooting Camera?


Choosing a prank shooting camera, it’s a bit tricky. There are small cameras available, then there are also significant and bulky DSLR, and professional gears are available.

However, you may need both according to your idea and video scenario. As you can’t always shoot with a small secret camera or with your smartphone, that is why we’ll recommend you to get a good camera.

The theme of the prank video is to surprise someone by doing something shocking and unexpected. That’s why you need to get a camera that is small in size but can perform professionally with higher video resolutions for HD video recording.

That is why we recommend a small professional DSLR with an optical zoom lens so that you can hide the camera at a safe distance and shoot it through zooming.

These types of video cameras should have an image stabilization feature and AF system so that they can deliver the video in high quality. Do not forget about video stabilization and extra battery because battery life is important.

However, if you are shooting within a short distance or indoor, then a tiny camera like GoPro is a good option. Small cameras are suitable for prank videos because it is easy to hide.

If you want to make prank videos in the long run, you should also invest in an excellent small camera.

Whether you are getting a big or small camera, audio quality still plays a crucial role. Without clear audio, your video will no longer be attractive.

Our Recommendation

Our Recommendation

As we said before, we will suggest you two cameras (one big and one small). If you can afford them, these twos are the best prank shooting cameras.

If you can invest in these two’s and learn how to shoot with them, we will create fantastic prank videos! So, let us get started!

The Small Camera: GoPro Hero 9 Black


GoPro is a known brand for making action cameras, and hero nine black is one of them. It has plenty of unique features, and you can easily hide this.

It has a 20 MP sensor and wide-angle lens, shooting 4k,5k, and full HD videos. That’s why it’s most of the prankster’s favorite.

Hero 9 gives a stabilized video performance like you are using gimble with it. You can record slow-motion videos with it, and it’s waterproof too.

This small device is on many YouTube prankster’s device lists. It’s affordable for newbies and very user-friendly. So, if you are new and want to get your first gear, then it is 100% recommended to you!

Note: As you are making a prank video, which may take a lot of time, try to invest in more batteries and storage. It will help you to shoot for the long run.

The Big Camera: Nikon 1 J3


It’s one of the most famous cameras among the YouTube pranksters. The Nikon 1 J3 is a camera that comes with 14.2 MP, and the CX sensor also carries a lens stand by Nikon.

It has excellent shooting speed and an AF system, which helps record full HD video (at 1080p). As it’s made of aluminum and magnesium alloy, it’s super sturdy and shock-proof.

It has some remarkable innovative features; also, you can find great slow-motion videos with it. The camera also has live image control to set the exposure, smart photo selector, etc. It’s an excellent package for the pranksters.

The Nikon 1 J3 does not have Wi-Fi and NFC. However, if shooting prank is your only concern, then it’s not mandatory too.

As so many famous and successful pranksters are already using it, we’ll highly recommend it to you!

It’s perfect for those who want to take their content creation to another level or wants to shoot outdoor more often!

Equipment You Need For Prank Video Shooting


If you want to make prank videos and be a prankster, then you have to be consistent. For consistent working, you need shooting gear. In this section, we will discuss what equipment you need to shoot a prank video. So, scroll down now!

  • The best prank shooting camera Mics for better audio performance
  • Video editing software
  • Tripod for better stability
  • High-performance PC or Laptop
  • External Hard drive
  • Gear Bag and other cleaning kits

To make prank videos, you need to get all this equipment in your gear. So, start saving and investing in the equipment.

What about Lighting?

What about Lighting

When recording something, we all know the significance of proper lighting. However, prank videos are a bit of a tricky lighting problem.

The place you wish to shoot cannot precisely put up film lighting since it basically tells others that something goes on. You will need to rely on any kind of natural light.

If you shoot during the day, you should have no problem, but if you film at night, try to choose a spot that is well illuminated either by streetlight or anything else and utilize a camera to deal with low-light scenarios.

Do not Break Any Law

Do not Break Any Law

While prank videos are reasonably popular on the web, they have a reputation. There is an idea that all are fake—either put up with hired actors or edited so that the audience gets the best emotions.

Channels such as FouseyTUBE were regularly accused of fake buggies for viewing purposes. The creative community is not acknowledged for making a brilliant video as it is considered to lie to the viewer.

Popular Prank

Popular Prank

Some of the most popular prank films include wordplay. You say one thing, which sounds somewhat but which means something other, and you get a strange reaction.

This results in a large prank video with reasonably good outcomes. The “each laughs” kind is also a famous prank video where a stupid yet straightforward action involves everyone in a luminous mood.

Remember that making someone laugh and shine their day is better than criticizing them in ending a prick video.


1. How to Buy a New Camera for Prank Video?

Ans: However, it would help if you looked at certain crucial traits shared by all before you select one.

  • High definition. High definition. There are several requirements for HD video.
  • Format for recording.
  • Sensor for Image Stabilization.
  • Mac compatibility.

2. What Makes a Good Vlogging Camera?

Ans: The most excellent way to serious vlogging is using mirrorless cameras.

They provide more powerful video functions combined with the adaptability of interchangeable lenses – allowing you to shift your focus length and complete control of creative elements such as field depth.

The openness of the lens is vital, and a quality lens should be widely opened so that the lens may gain more light. A broad opening also improves the esthetic of each blog you produce and makes it possible for your blogs to have a blurred backdrop effect. 

3. Do I Need an External Mic for best audio quality?

Ans: Whether you film a YouTube vlog or use an external microphone to make a huge difference in audio quality, no matter how wonderful the images are, your viewers will remember the audio side for a video of bad audio quality.

External audio devices also provide more control over audio monitoring and more incredible support. In addition, external audio provides you far more freedom to relocate your mic to the most fabulous sound recovery location.

4. How to Create Captivating Instagram Videos?

Ans: Divide your tale into three acts or portions, start, middle, and finish, effectively handle your time, and know how far each piece will last. Then, as the people surf their feeds on Instagram, start playing automatically, create your video with a spectacular moment.

Step 1: Script. It is beneficial if you first prepare a short screenplay before you start recording a video.

Step 2: Storyboard.

Step 3: Facilities.

Step 4: Filming.

Step 5: Modification.

Step 6: Title Screen upload and add.

Step 7: Hashtags added. 


Time for wrapping up! We hope our hard work and research have helped you with how to choose a prank shooting camera. We hope now you have an adequate amount of wisdom to choose the best prank shooting camera.

Still, if you are struggling with it, go for our recommended products; many pranksters use them. Happy Pranking!

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