How To Reduce Background Noise on Mic Linux?

Tired of facing background noise on your mic? Here is the solution to how to reduce background noise on Mic Linux. Background noise is so annoying that it can ruin your all efforts on content.

To make a professional video or audio file, you must have to reduce background noise on the mic. A good and clear sound in a video can more attract the audience. On the other hand, no matter how right a video you made, if your video contains background noise, your audience will repel your video. The same goes for every recording file that requires live audio.

So if you do not want to lose your audience, keep reading the full article. Cause we are here to give the solution on Background Noise on Mic Linux to help you to make better content. Before getting on the method, let’s see what the reasons behind this background noise are.

Reduce Background Noise on Mic Linux

Reasons For Background Noise:

Reasons For Background Noise

There are so many reasons for coming background noise while recording. These are the familiar sources that are written down below.

  • The sound of water, wind, or rain can make noise in the background.
  • Animal sounds like Dogs’ barking or birds’ chirping on the outdoor
  • Also, the traffic sounds like car-horns and a moving car
  • And for indoor sounds like household works, blender or any motors sound

These background noises you can’t stop from happening, and you don’t have control over any of them.

How To Reduce Background Noise On Mic Linux?


Well, if you have experienced the Windows operating system, then you might have seen there is a background noise cancellation in sound manager settings. But in any Linux operating system, there are no features like this. You need Audacity software to remove the background noise. There are so many methods you will find to reduce background noise on the mic. Not all of the methods work. But the method we are going to share has already been tested, and it works perfectly.

So here we start the steps of this method.

1. Enable Background Noise Canceling

1.Enable Background Noise Canceling

Before going to start, make sure that you have the root password of your system. Though there is an inbuilt option to cancel background noise in Linux, we have to enable this option every time during boot.

2. Commands


Follow this command after finishing your terminal run.

  • sudo nano /etc/pulse/default . pa

Then give the root user password if it is needed for entering. Now add this line with any line to enable the noise cancellation mode.

  • load-module module-echo-cancel

After finishing this part, you need to press down Ctrl+O to save, and for exit press Ctrl+X.

3. Restart Pulse Audio


Now you have to restart your Pulse Audio. To restart it, follow these commands. You can also reboot your system to load the noise cancellation process.

PulseAudio -k

PulseAudio –start

4. Setting Default Sound Option


For setting the default sound option, click on the sound icon from the bottom corner of your taskbar.

Now go to Sound-Settings option, and select Echo cancellation with a built-in audio device. Set this option as the default input device.

Now go and record any video, including audio, and see the improvement of your audio quality. Definitely, you will get less noise from before on your mic after following this method.


We believe you’ll be able to understand this simplistic method. We also hope you found some help with Reduce Background Noise on Mic Linux  to make a better quality video with sound and get free from the annoying background noise. If you like this article regarding how to reduce background noise on mic Linux, then don’t forget to share it with everyone. It would be helpful to them too!

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  1. Hi, Bryan

    I’ve tried your solution, but it seems to stop working at the next boot, do you have any idea on how to make it stable across reboots


    PulseAudio -k should be pulseaudio -k and the same thing for -start


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