Best Specifications Of A Good Laptop For You

What are the specifications of a good laptop? Well, this is the common question that pops up on the head when you are going to buy a laptop for the first time, right?

Before buying, you must know what the specifications, which will be profitable or which will be suitable for you are. There are plenty of things you need to know if you are interested in buying a laptop for the first time. We will explain in this article all the details of the specifications of a best laptop.

Specifications Of A Good Laptop

The Specifications Of A Good Laptop

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The Specifications Of A Good Laptop

These are the specifications of a laptop :

  • Processor
  • Screen
  • Storage space
  • RAM
  • Graphics cards

Here we will explain all these specs in detail. Let’s see:

1. Processor


What Is A Processor?

What is A Processor

The Processor is the main thing on a laptop. For buying a better laptop, you should go for the Processor before. The quality of a computer depends on the quality of a Processor.

In today’s market, there are two types of processors you will find, Intel Processor and AMD Processor. Intel processor is so standard that you will find in most laptop models.

There are variants of intel, like i3, i5, i7. The more significant number of intel core, the better performance you get from your laptop.

Which Processor Do You Need To Buy?

Which Processor Do You Need To Buy

The minimum score is i3 for the people who don’t do any heavy works on the laptop. You can do essential works by a core i3 processor.

If you want to make your results fast, then you should buy a computer with a Core i5 or core i7 processor. Core i7 is for gaming and heavy use like video editing.

Also, there are differences in every core model; each of the core has up to 10th generation. The 10th generation is the best for every core.

If you a laptop with a Core i5 processor, try to buy the latest generation for getting the best performance.

Well, let’s talk about the AMD Processor now. The past wasn’t bright for the AMD Processor. But now, they are giving fight with the Intel processor for providing the best performance.

For a low budget laptop, we will suggest taking the computer with AMD Processor. It helps for multitasking.

The Processor is the most crucial part of your laptop. So before buying, choose the best Processor for your laptop in your budget.

Again, there are more things you should know. It would be best if you matched the Processor with the other specs for getting the best performance.

So, continue reading to understand what are the specifications of a best laptop.

2. Screen


A good screen is also needed for a good laptop. There are a couple of things you need to know about the screen before buying a computer.

(A) Which Size Will Be Right?

A So Which One Is Better

Size matters, when it comes to screen. A big screen is needed for working and watching something on a laptop.

You will get more benefits in your works for having a big screen. But a small screen is suitable for portability. Also, a big-screen laptop drains more power than a small screen.

So before buying, choose the size which is suitable for your work.

(B) Does Resolution Matter?

B Does Resolution Matter

Of course matters. The better resolution you get, the better performance you get from your laptop screen.

Always try to get the highest resolution in your budget. Most of the laptop has an HD screen with 1920 x 1080 resolution. It is okay for necessary daily works.

But if you want to edit photos or want to play games, then you have to go further for choosing the resolution. A better resolution can give you a higher performance.

3. Storage Space


There are two types of storage for a laptop, HDD and SSD. HDD is Hard Disk Drive, and SSD is Solid State Drive.

(A) So, Which One Is Better?

A Which Size Will Be Right

SSD is always better than HDD. But SSD will cost too much than HDD. For speed, SSD is the best, and Hard drive is the best for the budget.

(B) Then, Which One You Should Buy?

B Then Which One You Should Buy

Well, it depends on you and what will you do. If you don’t need anything to store on your laptop, or you like to surf the web, then you can have a 500GB Hard drive. It will be enough.

But if you are a gamer or you like to store movies or videos or games on your laptop, then you should have at least 1TB Hard drive.

And for SSD, well if you have a big budget, then you must buy a laptop with SSD. It will make your works faster and also boost your operating system. You can run any programs faster than before with an SSD.

We will suggest buying a laptop with both SSD and HDD. SSD is for speed and HDD for the large storage spaces.

4. RAM


RAM controls all the functions of your laptop; that’s why you need to know about it before buying.

How Much RAM Do You Need On Your Laptop?

How Much RAM Do You Need On Your Laptop

Well, it also depends on your works and what will you do on your laptop. If you are a multitasker, then you need more RAM than others who uses for simple works.

The more RAM you get, the more speed you will feel while working on your laptop. You can run a multi-program at once if you have enough RAM on your computer.

A 32GB RAM will be the best, but it also costs too much of your budget, and also it will be excessive.

The standard size of a RAM is 8GB that most of the users suggest. It is enough for handling your daily works.

You can buy a laptop which permits you to add more RAM in the future. It will be useful for you cause you can add extra RAM when you will have money.

5. Graphics Card


Why You Need A Graphics Card?

Why You Need A Graphics Card

Graphics card is essential if you are a gamer or you do Photoshop or video editing on your laptop. But for an average user like, want to watch movies or surf the web then there is no need for a graphics card.

Before buying a laptop with a Graphics card, there are things you need to know. You can’t reformation your graphics card in the future and also it is so expensive.

So, if you want a graphics card on your laptop, try to buy a computer with a top graphics card that is installed from the off. Also, be sure that it will serve you a few years in the future.

If you know about bitcoin, then you must know how important is a Graphics card for mining. So it is also essential for you to to buy a laptop with the right Graphics card that will serve you most.


So now, you know what are the specifications of a good laptop. So there will not be any problem to choose a good laptop in your budget.

Depending on your budget, you must consider your preferable needing before choosing one. That’s the most important thing, you know!

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