How To Hide Camera For Pranks? [Without Any Doubt]

Are you thinking of shooting a really interesting prank video but you’re not sure how you can properly hide your camera to make it more real? You’re in the right place to learn just how to do it.

What makes a prank more interesting is the fact that the prankster doesn’t give any hint that the act is being recorded.

If the audience realizes that you’ve had a camera hidden, there is a chance that the prank would be ruined. So that has to be avoided, which is why in this article, we’re going to look at easy ways how to hide camera for pranks.

How To Hide Camera For Pranks In 4 Easy Steps

How To Hide Camera For Pranks In 4 Easy Steps

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How To Hide Camera For Pranks In

1. Be Aware Of The Location


Before you carry out any prank it is advisable that you, first of all, visit the site for the prank and get used to the surrounding. A good look at the room, the street, the corners, and buildings should give you a solid idea that allows you to know just where a camera can be hidden.

But that’s not all, being aware of the location will also help you know the boundaries of your prank. You know the limits that you can take the prank to avoid chaos.

2. What Equipment Are You Using For Your Prank?


Some prank equipment easily screams ‘obvious’. Your prank should be as stealthy as possible and to do this, your equipment needs to be able to help you manage secrecy.

Let’s take a good look at some equipment that you’ll need your camera is the most important piece of equipment in your prank and needs to be treated as such. You want to choose your camera based on certain qualities.

1. Camera:


Some qualities like battery life, which is important if you don’t know how long the prank will take or how possible it is to get a place to charge; cameras with memory cards will offer you a higher advantage than using tapes; great autofocus for good clarity, and a few other basic camera needs.

Whether you’re using a wearable spy camera or DSLR, you’ll need to consider these.

2. Mics:


you know you are not only trying to get the video out, but you also want your viewers to hear what exactly is being said in the videos. You need to invest in good mics that can pick up sounds even from long distances.

3. Editing Software:

3.Editing Software


you may not consider it an important thing, but if you want to capture more attention with your videos, you need to invest in editing software. The background music, the slides, the presentation, and the overall acceptable appearance of your video will depend on this.

4. Tripod:


Your tripod will help you take stable and standard shots. You can keep the camera at a distance, rest assured that it is going to be stable and capture the exact moment that you want.

3. Decide Where The Camera Will Be Stationed


If you’re using wearable spy cameras, it would be good to consider that you don’t yet so much stealth, especially if you’re not good at hiding them. Wearable cameras can shoot really good videos but if not properly hidden will make the prank too obvious.

Other cameras like camcorders need to be handled by a separate person or placed on a tripod and hidden far away. This is why it is necessary to make sure that your camera can zoom really far and still maintain clarity.

4. Move Your Subject Away From The Camera So They Don’t See It

4.Move Your Subject Away From The Camera So They Dont See It

Knowing how to hide cameras for pranks is one thing, another important thing is knowing how to make if undiscovered. Your subject must not get even the faintest idea that you have a camera.

For this reason, you have to always make sure you move them away from the spot where your camera is hidden. The only time you can reveal your camera to your subject is when they have fallen for the prank. This is basically all you need to know about how to hide cameras for pranks.

Always remember that your prank needs to have a really interesting idea. If not, even after showing the hidden camera to your audience, they may still end up upset. So place more attention on making the prank interesting than in how to hide camera for pranks. Good luck.

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