How To Record Audio From Bluetooth Headset Android?

Bluetooth headset is a trendy accessory for mobile nowadays. It is like a new fashion trend for the young generation. We can use it differently, like listening to songs, talking, and mainly record audio.

Recording audios are much comfortable with that. But the question is, can you record audio by using Bluetooth headset? How to record audio from Bluetooth headset android?

And the answer is yes you can. And it is straightforward. Every android phone has ha default app for recording audio. By using this app, you can easily record an audio recording from a Bluetooth headset or download an audio recording app from the play store.

But there is some difficulty often found during recording via Bluetooth headset. Don’t worry that we here to give you the best solution for this. But there are some conditions, first of all, read this whole article carefully.

How To Record Audio From Bluetooth Headset Android

How To Record Audio From Bluetooth Headset Android

How To Record Audio From Bluetooth Headset Android 1

it is elementary and easy. Although different mobile has different manufacturing setting. But all of them are quite similar. Follow the given instructions bellowed:-

  • First power-on of your Bluetooth headset and enable Bluetooth option in your android mobile.
  • Or open the setting menu and scroll until you find the Bluetooth option. Now select it.
  • If your Bluetooth is off, turn it on and pair it with your headset.
  • Now again, go back to setting menu and find language and input option.
  • Your change is depending on which voice input is being taken. Enable google voice.
  • Again scroll down and find Bluetooth audio recording option and tap it.

Here is it now. You can record audio via Bluetooth headset. But all the time it is not easy like this. Sometimes there are some difficulties when you want to record audio from Bluetooth headset, especially for android users.

There is a variety of app which are very helpful while recording from phonemic. But if you want to record audio from Bluetooth headset, every app doesn’t work. But every problem has a solution. Some solutions are given below. Let’s check this out.

1. Mono Bluetooth App

mono bluetooth app

Download this app from google play store and connect with your phone. Install it to your phone now start recording through your Bluetooth headset.

You can easily record audio via a Bluetooth headset by this app, but you can’t record from the phone microphone.

2. The Bluetooth Voice Recording App

The Bluetooth voice recording app

There is another app found in the play store called Bluetooth voice recording app. Download and still this app on your phone. Besides recording, it gives you some extra advantage.

You can record audios in different formats like (.mp4), (3gp) format. This app is the most standard for android. You can also record phone calls by using this app. And the most satisfying feature is it does not have any ads

3. Voice Recorder App

Voice Recorder App

Another excellent app to solve the problem of recording via Bluetooth headset is the voice recorder app. Press the answer button of your Bluetooth headset, then voice recorder automatically opened.

Now say record voice, then it connects with a voice recording app and starts record audio. It is a top-rated free audio recording app.

4. Parrot Voice Recorder App

Parrot voice recorder app

Download and install this app on your phone. It is effortless to use and very simple. By this app, you can easily record and share your audio.

5. Cinema FV-5 Lite

Cinema FV-5 Lite App

If you want to more cinematic access when recording, then Cinema FV-5 Lite is the best app for you. You can record both audio and video by this app.

There is some limitation in free mode version, but in the paid version you can do all the things.

What If Your Bluetooth Headset Still Not Record Audio

What If Your Bluetooth Headset Still Not Record Audio

For every Bluetooth headset user, it is a usual problem. Because they don’t know every Bluetooth headset doesn’t have the media mode facilities. There are two kinds of Bluetooth headset.

Mono mode and media mode. Mono mode is only using for the phone call. You can not record audio by this type of headset. In media mode headset, you can do everything, including recording audio.

Although most of the Bluetooth headset is media mode. But if you buy a very low price headset, they don’t have the media mode facilities. So before purchasing a headset, make sure it is media mode.

Howsoever, if you don’t have any idea about mono mode and media mode, check it before buying. We are already given you the instructions, how mono and media mode work.

If you already have a Bluetooth headset, check this out is it mono or media mode. If your headset does not fill all the criteria of media mode, you have to buy another headset if you want to record via your Bluetooth headset.

Tips For Bluetooth Headset

Tips For Bluetooth Headset

  • The range of Bluetooth headset is 10 meters. If you go away more than 10 meters from your phone, you can’t hear the sound.
  • If you 10+ meter away from your phone for more than 1 min, the connection will be lost automatically.
  • You power on your Bluetooth headset, but don’t turn on Bluetooth option, your headset will automatically shut down after 1 min.


This all about How to record audio from Bluetooth headset android. We give you every detail about recording via Bluetooth headset.

You can do it manually, or you can download those apps for audio recording. Or you can also use a one-note app for recording audio via your Bluetooth headset.

If you have any better solution than us, please share it with our readers. We always appreciated your valuable comments.

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