HyperX Cloud 2 Mic Not Working – Ultimate Guide To Fix

If you are a gamer, you might already know the importance of a headset has a microphone. Nowadays, most of the game has voice chat features, which means you can talk with your teammates while playing. Also, recently discord is being so popular with gamers.

With it, you can share your live gameplay with your friends and talk with them. And here you need a good headset with a microphone too. So, what to do when HyperX Cloud 2 mic not working?

HyperX Cloud 2 Mic Not Working

HyperX Cloud 2 Mics, What Is That?

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Hyperx Cloud 2 Mic Not Working

Hyperx Cloud 2 is a flexible headset that enhances your play experience. It comes with the passive cancelation of noise and surrounds audio simulated 7.1. It is a Kingston product. There are several removable elements in the HyperX Cloud headset.

The audio cable is a 3.5 mm jack detachable. The single jack sets the macro function and speaker. A 3.5-millimeter jack on the headphone can remove the Microphone. In the ordinary soundcard, the soundcard is not different.

Reasons Behind HyperX Cloud 2 Mic Not Working

Reasons Behind HyperX Cloud 2 Mic Not Working

The HyperX Cloud 2 Mic does not work for specific reasons. Some common explanations for the HyperX Cloud 2 Mic problem listed here.

  • Connections
  • Error with audio software
  • Issue of Volume Control
  • Settings for Game Audio
  • Drivers are outdated/corrupted.

The hyper headset is a headset that has a microphone, and it is best for gaming. It is because it can give you the best performance in your gameplay.

But some people are complaining that this mic is not working for any reason. Do you also have any problems like them?

If you are facing issues with your Hyperx Cloud 2 microphone not working, don’t worry. Our article can help you with how to fix Hyperx Cloud 2 microphone not working. Without wasting more time, let us start with the guidelines.

5 Ways To Fix HyperX Cloud 2 Mic, Not Working


  • Check the Microphone’s Settings
  • Enable the Headset from Device settings
  • Reset all the Windows Settings and Upgrade It

1. Check the Microphone’s Settings


It might be the reason your Hyperx is not working. You should check the headset’s connectivity cause sometimes we don’t remember to turn on the headset from the switcher.

If you didn’t turn the headset on, then turn it on. After that, your mic will start working correctly.

Are you still facing a problem? Then you should check the cable connection now. In case you can’t find anything, re-connect the cables by disconnecting them once. Check the USB cables and change the port if you don’t get rid of the problem.

I hope your Hyperx Mic will work now. If it doesn’t work, then try the following method.

2. Enable The Headset from Device Settings


If you are using your new Hyperx Micfor the very first time, enabling the headset from the device settings is the first thing you’ll need to do. To do this, check the status by going to your PC’s driver settings.

Try following these steps for enabling the headset:

  • You need to go to the Control Menu To go in the Control menu, press Windows + R. After then; you will find a box. Type control there and press Run.

You may also go to the Start menu for searching the control panel instead of pressing WindowsR.

  • There is a Control Panel, change the icon category small to large from the views by
  • Then you will see the Sound Click on it to visit the Sound Settings.
  • Select the Recording tab from the Sound Settings. Then right-click on the blank place, and you will see two multiple-choice options there. Don’t forget to check those two options.
  • After this, right-click again and set your headset’s Microphone as the default device.

So this time, your headset is going to work, we think. If it still not working, then follow the third method.

3. Reset All Windows Settings Upgrade It

3. Reset All Windows Settings Upgrade It

Well, if your headset still does not work after finishing the two methods we gave above, then try this final method.

In this method, you have to reset all your settings from your windows PC. Also, your device might not be supporting the outdated version of your windows.

So if you see any notification asking you to permit to update your windows, you should give permission.

Again, you can try following these steps mentioned below to update your windows.

  • Open the Control Panel and select the System and Security (You know how to open the Control Panel, we told in the second method).
  • You will see the Windows Update option there. Click on it to check the updates.
  • Install the latest version if you see any updates there.
  • After updating your windows, restart the computer.
  • Now install your headset.

4. In-Game Audio Check

4. In Game Audio Check

Sometimes the headset works well when you’re wearing it, but when you start to use it in the game, it stops working. This problem might occur because of the incorrect audio setup. To solve these problems:

Open the settings for any game you play to remedy this problem and go to the audio settings. Make sure there is an activation of your Microphone. Try to reinstall your game if nothing helps.

5. To Resolve Problems, Please Inform HyperX Cloud 2 Manufacturer:

5. To Resolve Problems Please Inform HyperX Cloud 2 Manufacturer

Contact Kingston’s Technical Support for more help if any of the methods above do not work. They are accommodating & you get your problem solved instantly.


1. How Could I Turn My HyperX Cloud 2 Microphone On?

Ans: A speedy way to accomplish that Select Large icons in the View menu in the Control Panel. Choose Sound. Sound. Then you have to right-click on an empty area of the device list and tick Show Disabled Devices for Recording. Right-click the Microphone Headset and choose to Activate it.

2. What Is The Probable Cause For Static Noise?

Ans: Below are some of the potential reasons for static noise and how this problem might be solved.

  • Clear or disconnected
  • Wrong Audio Settings
  • Auxiliary port issues
  • Auxiliary port issues
  • Wireless Headset Speaker Static Noise

3. How to Avoid Bending Your Headphone Jack?

Ans: Do not bend your headphone connector.

  • Pull the cord, not the plug.
  • If not in use, take your headphones off the jack.
  • Distort the wires.
  • Purchase a right-angle plug for headphones.

4. How to Prevent Static Noise on Your Mac/Windows?

Ans: It is more likely that following a macOS or Windows update, static noise and other audio difficulties may occur. A simple repair would be to reboot your computer.

However, the following techniques can help if rebooting is not an option or does not seem to work.

Please connect your Mac or Windows headphones.

Select the Sound and go to System Preferences. The Sound Effects tab should now be used.

Check that your headphones are the specified output device.

Uncheck the tick box “Play Feedback Whether Volume Change” and switch it on and off as your headphones check if the noise is static.


So, these are some of the tricks you can choose to fix this common problem you may face. Don’t forget to follow the steps strictly. Otherwise, it won’t work correctly.

So, have you understood that Hyperx Cloud 2 mic not working solution. If you do, then let us know if it has worked for you!

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