Hyperx Cloud Stinger Mic Not Working – Causes & Complete Solution

If you love playing games, then you have already known the meaning of good audio quality in a game. Better sound quality can give you better performance while playing a game. The necessity for better audio quality for gaming is indescribable.

And for giving you a better experience, the Hyperx headset mic can give you a good assist. It can deliver you better audio quality to enjoy your gameplay.

Though it can give you a better audio experience while playing games, sometimes it can also give you a bad experience. While this particular device is known as the better for gaming, sometimes your mic can be stopped working.

But we have the solution for Hyperx Cloud Stinger mic not working ready. Read the entire content to get the solution, so you can fix your headset by yourself!

Hyperx Cloud Stinger mic not working

The Reasons Behind HyperX Mics Problem

Hyperx Cloud Stinger Mic Not Working The Reasons

Before fixing your mic, you must first know why your headset stopped working sometimes or permanently. There are some reasons behind this like

  • Connection error
  • Forgot to enable your audio device
  • Not set as the default device
  • If you don’t ever update the headset driver
  • If any leaking present on the wire
  • Hardware problems

Hyperx Cloud Stinger Mic Not Working – 6 Easy Way To FIx

How to fix your hyperx cloud stinger mic

These are the common causes for why this headset is not working.

Hyperx Cloud Stinger microphoe not working- 6 Easy Way To FIx How frustrating is this! While you are playing the game and suddenly, your headset stopped working, and you cannot hear anything. We have already told you why your headset stopped working.

Now let me tell everything about how to regulate the Hyperx headset mic while it’s stopped working.

Solution 1: Check Your Mic Connection


It is the most simple and common solution for all. Check properly there is any less connection or not plugged incorrectly. The connection is loosening due to the jerking of wire or your body movement, which won’t disconnect your mic, but it will pull out shortly.

Sometimes you find no loose connection or disconnection, but still, your mic is not working because you plugged in the wrong port. So you should be aware of when plugging your microphone.

Solution 2: Make Sure Is There Any Problem With The Cord


As we said before, jerking your headphone while playing the game could damage your cable. You may be cocked it very much or tweak it or twirled it that’s why it doesn’t function anymore.

So buy a new one but not low quality, if you buy a low-quality cord, then the result will the same again after a few weeks.

Solution 3: Enable Audio device


If there is no problem with your connection, then you should check your device is enabled. Hyperx headset can not work if your audio device is disabled.

Go to the setting and enable your audio device. Make sure the device is not muted, and also check the volume appropriately.

If the mic is muted and the volume is too low, you can hear any sound, and it seems like your mic is not doing work correctly.

Solution 4: Set As A Default Devices Of Your Hyperx Cloud Stinger


You can use one or multiple mics, but you have

to set the Hyperx headset as your default mic so that you can use it without any disturbance. You can easily set as a default device of your Hyperx headset just by following these moves:-

  • Press down Windows + R key to Run the dialogue.
  • Now go to the search box and write “Control,” and click the enter key.
  • There you can see the “Sound” menu. Click on it.
  • Now press on the “Recording.”
  • Right-click the mouse and again click on “Show disabled device.”
  • After then click the right side on the “Headset microphone” menu and click on enable.
  • Also, click right and choose the option that indicates to set your headset as the default device.

Solution 5: By Updating Your Hyperx Headset Driver

Solution 5 By Updating Your Hyperx Headset Driver

Always use an updated version of your headset driver. To do it, follow this step:-

  • Press down Windows + R key to open up the Run
  • Now in the search box, type “Control” and press the enter.
  • There you can see the “Sound” option. Click on it.
  • Find the playback tab and click the right side of your headset and select the option “Properties”.
  • Now Click on “Properties,” and after then click on “Change settings”.
  • You will see a Driver tab here. Click on it.
  • Choose an updated driver.
  • Windows will search for this automatically.
  • Complete updating and then restart the computer.

Solution 6: Reinstalling Your Windows

Solution 6 Reinstalling Your Windows

If you are still facing a Hyperx mic problem, you should update, reset, or reinstalling your windows. There might be an illegal file or configuration in your OS, which acts as a barrier that makes your mic fail to work correctly.

Also, you can easily reinstall your operating system by yourself. But beware before reinstalling. Make sure you do not format any essential files or documents while reinstalling your windows.

Reinstall the headset, too, after reinstalling your windows. And checkout is there still any problem with it.

If the problem persists, your operating system will probably have corrupted files or configurations which prohibit your microphone from working correctly.

Resolve this problem by resetting or reinstalling Windows. Remember first to back up your computer to avoid loss of data.

Once the reinstallation of the Windows, reinstall your headset to check whether it resolves your problem.

If the mic on your headset still does not work, it’s probably a hardware problem. For additional assistance, contact Kingston technical support.

What If still, The Hyperx Cloud Stinger Mic Does Not Work?

What If still The Hyperx Cloud Stinger Mic Does Not Work

If you are still facing that the headset is not working, it is because of some hardware problem. If all of these solutions we give to you are failed, then there must be a hardware problem on the mic.

In this situation, try to contact the manufacturer or go to any computer servicing center. They can give you technical support.

 Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. Why is the HyperX Cloud Stinger Microphone Not Working?

Ans: The quickest and easiest cure is to check the connections for your problem. The connection is losing several times, or the microphone is not connected correctly, which leads to a micro failure.

To resolve the problem in no time, check and fix the loose or dangling microphone connected to your device.

You may not have your HyperX Cloud Stinger microphone because your audio equipment is unbalanced. You can activate it on your device with audio settings.

Just go to your audio and activate the microphone and speakers from there. Ensure that they are not muted, or the level is not too low, so you assume the microphone or speaker does not work.

2. Why is My HyperX Mic Not Working with PS4?

Ans: Make sure you don’t lose your mic boom. Unhook your headset from your PS4 controller and disconnect the micro boom by directly pulling it out from the headset and plug in the micro boom. Then plug the headset back into the PS4 controller.

Try to see whether your PS4 headset is working correctly with a microphone in another device. For example, connect to your headset and call using your microphone to verify whether it works properly.

Sometimes your headset and microphone are not working correctly, your mic boom may be a problem. Therefore, you may have a new mic boom to replace it. Or try this unofficial yet efficient approach (this works for many users):

  1. Connect to the PS4 controller your PS4 headset microphone.
  2. Unplug and plug your mic from your controller halfway. Repeat it more than two times before you hear a buzzing sound.
  3. Try again to see whether your PS4 mic works.

3. How to fix HyperX Cloud issues on Windows 10?

Ans: To open the Win + X menu, press Windows Key + X

Select, right-click and uninstall your HyperX audio device.

There will be a warning dialog.

Unplug your headset and restart your PC after removing the driver.


To get a good gaming experience, people use any headset. Hyperx headset is one of them. However, it is the best headsets for gaming.

Sometimes we may face some problems. So, if the hyperx cloud Stinger mic not working, try the solution. We hope now you know the solution.

These tips will help you to fix your headset. And if you have any better suggestions than those, let us know.

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