HyperX Cloud Alpha Mic Not Working On Windows 10 – [Best Ways To Fix It]

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HyperX Cloud Alpha is a state-of-the-art game headset explicitly created for gamers. Some of its users have recently noticed a problem where their microphone doesn’t function.

This issue can happen even if you use the headset first. The non-working HyperX Cloud Alpha mic is a common problem, and you can remedy it if you too face it with easy changes.

So, what to do when the HyperX Cloud Alpha mic not working on windows 10. The below article will introduce the solutions to get back to your favorite games and interact effectively with your teammates. The corrections to help you are below:

HyperX Cloud Alpha Mic Not Working On Windows 10

HyperX Cloud Alpha Mic Not Working On Windows 10! Ways To Overcome This Problem?

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HyperX Cloud Alpha Mic Not Working On Windows 10

First Things First

First Things First

This was an issue for many of my gamer friends. And you would be surprised to see that over 80% of complaints were due solely to a fundamental problem: the wire linked to the headset (and not to the PC) was not pushed wholly!

Firstly, check that the mic is now being put in and tested. There should be no quantity of the sleeve.

Of course, only 80 percent of the individuals were involved.

A mute mic button is also available. You may push the mute button when you unbox or put it up. Try pressing it again, then testing.

However, with a 4-pole plug jack headphone, you must ensure the proper placing of audio-out and mic-in jacks on your PC case.

Could Not Access Headphone Mic

Could Not Access Headphone Mic

Doesn’t your Alpha Mic HyperX Cloud work? Do you have access to your Windows microphone? Often, the operating system does not operate, and the headphones are thus not fully functioning, or the microphone does not work mainly.

There might be difficulties here with some privacy settings. Let’s solve problems.

  1. On your Windows PC, open Settings.
  2. Go for confidentiality > mic.
  • Select the Change button under the section “Allow microphone access on this device.”
  1. Switch to the toggle.
  2. Turn on the “Allow applications to access your microphone” button, too.
  3. Now try the mic. If it’s not yet working or is already on, go on to the next step.

Drivers Update

Drivers Update

Incompatibility with the Driver can lead to problems in any game headphone, not just the Alpha cloud.

Furthermore, try to upgrade drivers manually and natively from Windows if the Hyper X Cloud Alpha mic doesn’t function.

  1. Start and search or open Run with Control+R and type in “control,” then enter the opens control table. Open the control panel.
  2. Go to the option Sound (or search for it). With the Large Icons display choice inside the control panel, the sound option is apparent.
  • Go to the tab “Record” Go.
  1. Find, right-click and choose Properties for your headphones.
  2. The Controller Information section is available. Click below Properties.
  3. Select Change Settings.” Change Settings.
  • Move to the tab of the Driver and choose the Driver update.
  • Select the “Automatically search for software updated for the driver.”

If you have got the newest drivers loaded with this option, go to HyperX and search Cloud

Alpha drivers. As directed, download and install.

After installing a driver, do not forget to reboot your device.

When the mic does not function yet, proceed

Mic Settings Off

Mic Settings Off

Mic device settings could not operate even after HyperX Cloud Alpha mic? Time to move farther and to check the device settings for the microphone.

The volume might be too low, or the default device could not be the headphone. It can also be deactivated without you having anything to do with it in some unusual circumstances.

Once again, navigate to the sound option to open the control panel.

  1. Go this time to the Record tab.
  2. Download “Disabled Units” and “Display Unconnected Units” with a right-click anywhere in the vacant country.
  • When you now have your headphone, right-click it and select “Enable.”
  1. Click on it and select the ‘Set as default option.
  2. Click on Properties for the final time (I promise).

Control sliders and go to the “Levels” tab. Set as high as you can (if you have to readjust later, you can always return here and turn them down).

Problems With Hardware

Problems With Hardware

The HyperX Cloud Alpha Mic is primarily due to difficulties with port, cable, or headset jack, although you have done all the previous procedures.

The headset’s male jack may destroy. Test your phone headset to make sure it doesn’t. It won’t be harmed if the mic works there.

Furthermore, once thoroughly examine the cord. The cable of the HyperX Cloud Alpha can be removed and changed if not fixed. The port may also be the cause of the cord, and the jack is both ok.

They will need to replace if your ports are damaged. Try to test whether it works on your PC if you have another 3.5mm headset that works with a stereo and a mic jack.

Moreover, it is quite usual to play PC setups such that 3.5 mm ports do not pay much attention to their rear panel. Thus, after a year or two, they typically die.

Though the headset is all right (a smartphone or laptop works with a mic), but the mic does not work on PC, even if the jackets are attached to the proper slots (audio-out and mic-in are obligatory to connect to their respective ports), the ports need to be replaced.

 Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. Will This Headset Work With Xbox One, Xbox 360, PS3?

Ans: The headset support by the Xbox One with Microsoft Headset Adapter.

The Xbox 360 or PS3 is not supported. Even microphones may function, but mics don’t.

2. How To Fix It When Your Xbox One Mic Is Not Working?

Ans: Many Xbox One players have a bothersome problem with their devices—the microphone used by them cannot operate correctly on their Xbox One controller. This occurs when you try to communicate with your pals with your headset.

Method 1: Conduct Fundamental Controls On Your Headset And Controller

Once the microphone cannot operate on your Xbox One, you must first undertake a few fundamental troubleshooting procedures.

  • Check that your headset and controller connect to the console correctly. Try reconnecting your headset with your controller if you are not confident (insert the connector headset into the port on your controller).
  • Ensure you do not silence your headset. Check your headset control’s mute button or your Xbox One audio settings. You may also change the audio settings to raise the loudness of the microphone (this can enable your voice to be more transparent and louder).
  • See your gadgets and wires carefully and check if something is amiss from the outside. You may also test the problem with a different headset or controller or even another console. You may need to fix or replace the controller if you have any hardware problems.

Method 2: Check The Settings For Your Xbox Profile

Your Xbox One microphone may be mute since you limit voice communication via your profile settings. You can check the settings of your profile and verify whether your Account’s microphone in check.

(You should check in to your parent’s Account before you perform the following steps if you use a child’s Account.)

  1. On your controller, press the Xbox button.

This resets your Xbox One’s power supply.

  1. Choose all configurations and settings. Discharge and leave the power line for around 10 seconds from your console.
  2. Plug in your console the power cable. To power it up, click on the Xbox button at the front of your console.
  3. Please have a look at your mic and see whether it is working right now.

Method 3: Repair or Replace The Equipment

You need to get your devices (the Xbox one headset, console, or controller) fixed or replaced if you have identified a hardware fault or cannot be helped by the preceding techniques.

You can contact Microsoft support or suppliers of your devices when your gadgets are still under warranty and request assistance from them.

3. Why Can’t My Headphones Hear Any Sound?

Ans: After playing music on a connected source device, follow these instructions if you cannot hear any sound through your headphones. Check your handbook if these instructions require model-specific information.

  • Make sure that the volume of your audio source is on.
  • Get that your headphones include a volume button or knob.
  • Make sure there is sufficient charge if you have battery-powered headphones.
  • See how your headphones are connected.

Wired Connection: Firstly, ensure that the headphone jack connects securely to the appropriate audio jack.

If the audio source uses a slimline, unplug the remote source and connect it directly to the audio source.

The slimline might need repairing if you can hear the sound from the headphones.

Connection to Bluetooth®: In the Bluetooth settings of an audio source, make sure you pick your headphones.

Switch off and on your headphones.

Come back to your audio device using your headphones.

Try to join a new audio source with your headphones.

The initial sound source can repair if it detects the sound.

In case of no sound from your headphones, your headphones may require a repair following the connection to the second audio source.

Go to repair the product.


HyperX cloud alpha offers you the best audio experience. But sometimes, users facing some problems when using it in windows 10.

If you are like them and having trouble due to your Hyperx cloud alpha mic not working on windows 10, try some of our tips mentioned in this article.

But what if the problem is technical and the issue lies in the hardware of the gadget? Then go to a servicing center.

And if you have any better suggestions than ours, do not hesitate to share them with us. We will take a look.

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