How To Fix Turtle Beach Mic Not Working Xbox One – Step By Step

Are you looking for some information about how to fix Turtle beach mic not working Xbox One? Don’t know how to repair the turtle beach mic, which does not work with Xbox One?

Then, this article helps you to solve the issue. If you love to play video games, you can play games on your phone and pc or computers without using any other gadgets.

But many video games need a video controller, and some video games also require a mic. Sometimes these gadgets cause few issues for the users.

And most of the standard issues are the working issue between the mic and the video game controller. However, if you learn how to fix it, then you can quickly solve the problem.

How To Fix Turtle Beach Mic Not Working Xbox One

How To Fix Turtle Beach Mic Not Working Xbox One?

Turtle Beach Mic and Xbox One

Before the start, the details let’s see some information about the Turtle Beach mic and Xbox One.

A high-quality producer of headphones and accessories for the game consoles (Turtle Beach Corporation, Valhalla, NY, His first headset of gaming began in 2005.

The firm was formed in 1975 under the name Turtle Beach Softworks in Elmsford, NY. In 1990 an audio editing system was launched on a hard drive, and one year later, Integrated Circuit Systems bought the system. ICS has launched its first PC sound card and dubbed its lines according to international beaches.

Turtle Beach was sold in 1996 to the New York State audio synthesizer and repair facility Voyetra Technologies which was initially established in 1975. Software and drivers for most PC sound cards were created subsequently by Voyetra.

In 2014, Turtle Beach amalgamated and initially assumed the name of the Parametric Sound Corporation. Shortly after that, it got the moniker Turtle Beach.

The second generation of Xbox 360, which competed on Sony PlayStation 3 and Nintendo Wii, was launched on 16 November 2005. Notable features have been included, allowing physical movie gambits like Just Dance, without a controller, to play DVD movies and an optional Xbox Kinect.

The original Xbox gaming console, which competed with Sony PlayStation 2 and Nintendo GameCube, was launched on 15 November 2001. The exclusive Halo series and Grand Theft Auto featured popular games for the system.

Fixing The Functional Problem Of Turtle Beach Mic And Xbox One There are many reasons for the turtle beach mic and the Xbox one not working effectively.

Such as mic mute, not connecting correctly, set up issues, etc. Let’s see how you can fix the turtle beach mic not working Xbox one.

The issue between the turtle beach mic and Xbox One is the setup issue. If you couldn’t set the setting correctly, it may cause you to hear problems.

Read the handbook correctly to avoid this problem. Go to the Xbox One controller Home button first.

Go to Configuration >> Audio.

If your headset microphone is off, switch on and raise the volume after going to the audio option.

Mute Issue

Mute Issue

Push the mike forward gently to utilize the microphone. Once the microphone becomes fully pressed, the microphone is “locked.”

To silence the microphone, reverse the microphone.

Elevate the Mic Check the volume when you move the bottom dial on the headset up. Then talk to the mic directly. When you talk in your microphone, you should hear yourself in the headset.

Also, please ensure your profile has the controller assigned. That is what we are doing:

  1. Click on the Xbox One controller button of the Xbox/Home.
  2. All Settings >> Kinect & Displays >> Devices and Accessories Go to Settings.
  3. The controller you’re using is shown in a picture. There will be a “…” button under this picture. To open the controller’s display, choose this “…” button. A sidebar with information is placed on the left side of the screen; at the bottom of it, the controller should be associated with the headset.

Reconnect The Mic

Reconnect The Mic

If your sound system doesn’t work, then here are some basic fixes you can try before using any other solutions.

First, disconnect the Turtle Beach headsets mic from Xbox One and reconnect again. It can fix the audio sound problems that you experience.

Check Your Privacy and Online Settings

Check Your Privacy and Online Settings

Check your Xbox Live status and privacy settings. Sometimes kid configuration prevents chatting.

If you’re using the parental controls, then change it. You also can check if Xbox Live is down at any time by using the Xbox support website.

Check The Chat Mixer

Check The Chat

If you’re unable to hear other people, check the chat mixer from the Xbox One settings on the left sidebar menu. To do this:

Go to Display & Sound>> Audio>> Chat Mixer.

Now, use the slider for the Chat Mixer and slide it to the middle. So those other sounds remain unmute.

Test Message Record

Test Message Record

  1. Click on the Xbox One controller’s Xbox/Home button.
  2. >> New conversation scrolls to messages.
  • From the list, select a buddy. You won’t send this message and don’t have to choose a particular individual.
  1. Two options will display once you pick a person: write a message and record a message (left punch icon) (mic icon on the right). Then, right-hand, choose the Message/Mic icon Record.
  2. Choose a record, then talk to the microphone. Stop recording when you finish with it.
  3. Under the Write a Message/Record a Message icon, this new capture should show. Choose Play and hear your recording. This will inform you how other players will listen to your voice. Can you listen clearly to your voice?

The mic itself works fine if you can hear your voice well.

Please continue with the next step if you can’t hear your voice.

Console for Power Cycle

Console for Power Cycle

Please do in this sequence to do a quick power cycle with the console:

  1. Turn the console off the menus and unplug the Xbox One controller headset.
  2. Deactivate the USB cable that enters the controller, switch off the controller and deactivate the console from the wall it connects with. Next, make sure you have disconnected the console itself.
  3. Let all set down for a minute and then: plug in the console.
  4. Turn on your console and enter your profile. Please make sure to sign out and then register if your profile automatically signs up.
  5. Then connect and link your profile to the headset.

To put your profile with the headset:

When you plug in the headset, navigate to Settings >> Kinect & Devices >> Devices & Accessories. In the controller menu, click Assign to Someone and pick the Gamertag / Xbox Live account you presently have signed up for. Next, select the controller that you are using.

Replace Your Turtle Beach Mic Or Xbox One. Though you follow these problem-solving steps, and your Turtle Beach mic or Xbox One video controller still doesn’t work. Then it may need replacing.

 Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. How to Fix Xbox One Mic Issues?

Ans: With its outstanding features and product ranges, Microsoft-owned Xbox systems have captured the hearts of many players across the world.

In recent days, however, users have produced several reports of Microsoft Xbox mic not working. Players, therefore, question how Xbox One or Xbox headsets might remedy the microphone problem. But, do not worry, here is all you must know if you were thinking about the same thing.

You can attempt these options if you have difficulties listening to chat audio using the Xbox Headset or if your friends cannot hear it. Make sure, however, that you check that your headset is not silent.

  1. Remove and reconnect the headphone wire from the bottom of the Xbox controller.
  2. Go to your privacy settings and let everyone communicate. Tap the Xbox button to do so. Now go to System > Settings > Account > Data Protection & Online Security > Privacy Xbox Live. Choose and modify Details & Customize > Communication & Multiplayer.
  3. Unblock the people you want to talk with. Unblock. Tap the button Xbox. Click Multitasking > Party in the instructions. Tap Party to access the roster of the party, pick people and click Unmute.
  4. This can also be connected to your Xbox One controller update if your conversation audio isn’t clear or a bit humpback. Of course, you and your friend must make sure that your controllers are up to date to remedy this.
  5. You also need to ensure that your network or other network difficulties are not experienced.

You have to know that Xbox does not support a handful of them if you use Apple Ear Pods. Okay, now you need to follow the instructions below to start utilizing your Ear Pods with your Xbox One console.

  1. Put the headphones in the top center of your controller on the Xbox button and double-tap.
  2. Now, go to the Configuration and turn off the Headset Mic option.
  3. Turn “mic surveillance” down then.

2. How To Fix the Water in The Microphone?

Ans: Please do the following soon once the microphone becomes wet:

  1. Remove it as quickly as possible from the water.
  2. Immediately disable the microphone. Once the microphone is in the water or the water, you should immediately unplug the power. Since the damage to the microphone is often caused not by the water itself but by the short circuit of the internal components produced by the water and the battery is even more damaged.
  3. You can wipe the screen sideways and back with your cloth (T-shirt, bowls, etc.) or the absorbent material as dry as feasible with your iPhone. Pay particular attention to the power button, Volume button, mute switch, and audio output jacket.
  4. Try to absorb extra water from the audio output jack and the tiny slit using a cotton swab when feasible.
  5. Use an electric blanket, finally, and you can turn it on for another night!

3. Why Is My Mic Is So Quiet on Xbox?

Ans:  1. Check Your Hardware and Clean Properly

The first thing is to find out whether the hardware portion is damaged physically. Follow the following easy steps to achieve this:

Test the headset, cable, connection to determine if apparent problems are visible.

Make sure the headset connector doesn’t have a dirt set. Also, you may use a cotton pad dipped in alcohol to attempt to clean the connection.

Insert the Xbox One Chat Headset Connector firmly under the directional pad and right stick to the controller in the extension port.

  1. Check The Headsets on A Different Device

You may try switching the controller to a different Xbox device and verify that the voice is registered with the mic on that system to make sure the problem is not hardware-related or j

  1. Test The Headset of Your Xbox One Chat

Start a party to test the headset for audio:

Save your XBX One console on Xbox Live

To open the guide, click the Xbox button.

Select Begin a party (Note: You do not need to invite anyone for this test)

Make sure that the volume activates.

Speak to your mike. Speak to your mic.

You will notice the ring around your camera illuminate if your headset works.

  1. Test The Headset with Skype
  2. Energy Savings Change
  3. See Settings for Xbox Profile
  4. Check For the Mic Login At
  5. Your Xbox Power Cycle
  6. Additional Items to Consider

Final Words

There are many reasons for the turtle beach mic not working on Xbox One. And their solving methods are also different.

Once you’ve known why Turtle Beach mic is not working with Xbox One, along with that, you have to know the way to solve the not the working issue, and then you can quickly fix the problem. I hope now you know how to fix Turtle beach mic not working Xbox One.

As you learned about the method of fixing the working issue, then unnecessarily, you don’t have to tense about how to fix it or don’t have to buy a new video game console, headsets, or microphone!

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