How To Fix Beats Headphones One Side Is Silent? [DIY]

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The headphone is necessary gadgets for our day to day life. We cannot pass a single day without headphones. This gadget is used for listening to music or something and for communications. We know that like us this is also your favorite gadget. Beats quality is essential for headphones.

Sometimes we face problems in beats of headphones. One of the significant issues in one ear of headphones becomes dead or silent.

It degrades both the quality of beats and headphones. There are two types of headphones- wired and wireless. In this article, we shall discuss how to fix beats headphones one side is silent both for wired and wireless headphones.

How To Fix Beats Headphones One Side Is Silent

What Is The Reason Behind Beats Headphones One Side Is Silent?

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What Is The Reason Behind Beats

There are various reasons behind the beats problem in one side of the headphone, but these can vary according to the types- wired and wireless.

Let’s discuss below:

Wired Headphone:

wired headphone

1) Loose Jack:

loose jack

The wired headphone has a cable or jack by which it is connected to the primary device. Sometimes stud is not tightly inserted, so that time, you cannot hear headphone Beats on one side.

It may be possible that the headphone does not receive a signal for the one side for this reason.

2) Device Malfunctions:

Device Malfunctions

It might be that the difficulty isn’t with your headphones but is with the device by which you’re trying to play music. Maybe

your device isn’t producing audio signals properly, and thus one of the sides is not working.

Devices mostly used are laptop, phone, tablet pc, desktop, etc. There may be a problem with it.

3) Audio Settings Problem:

audio setting problem

The device you use for playing music can have a problem in audio settings. If there is any issue associated with this problem, you will face one side beats silent issue on your headphone. One side may not be working.

4) Software Or Operating System Problem:software or operating system problem

Sometimes software or operating system is the main culprit of this problem. Software updates can occur drastic changes in the audio settings. The operating system may not support your headphones fully.

5) Hardware Quality:hardware quality

If any of the above issues are not happen so that we can tell that there might be a hardware problem in your headphone. The jack might be broken or the wire. It can be a faulty headphone or there is a problem with the amplifier.

Wireless Headphone:

wireless headphone

1. Device Problem:

device problem

It can be a similar problem as that you can face in the wired headphones. There may be issues in your laptop, tablet pc, or cellphone where you want to connect your headphone.

2. Hardware Problem:

hardware problem

The IC of the wireless Headphone can be malfunctioned, or full IC can be damaged for any reason, or sometimes there can be somehow wires are cut off inside.

3. Connectivity Problem:Connectivity Problem

Wireless Headphone connects with the device through its bluetooth. Bluetooth is unable to establish the connection. It can be a software problem in your device.

4. Dust Problem:

dust problem

The headphone jack can accumulate dirt or dust when your device is left uncovered in your pockets or bags. The headphone will not work without cleaning.

Dust can be a problem that can reduce the beat of one side of your headphone. Mainly this issue is found both in wired and wireless headphones.

How To Fix Beats Headphones One Side Is Silent? – The Tentative Solutions

How To Fix Beats Headphones One Side Is Silent

1. Check The Jack:

Check The Jack

If your headphone is wired, check the jack. If it is loose, tight the jack.

Then check the headphone. Plug out then again plug in the jack in the device. Restart the Headphone.

You have to manually enable the headphone by using your computer ‘Sound’ settings.

  • Plugin headphone jack to your laptop.
  • Enable the ‘Headphone’ line on your sound card
  • In the ‘Volume’ icon, right-click in the Windows system tray.
  • Click on the ‘Playback devices.’
  • In the ‘Playback devices’ right-click on the listing. The window reads ‘Headphones.’
  • Click on the ‘Enable.’
  • Your headphones will work now on your laptop computer.

2. Fix The Device Problem:

fix the device problem

If there is any malfunction in the device, check the problem and try to solve the problem. Then restart your device. If the issue isn’t solved, then there might be a permanent problem on your device.

3. Audio Settings Problem:

audio setting problem

If there is Audio settings problem in your device like laptop, try with the below troubleshooting steps.

  • By pressing Windows key + R, open run command.
  • Then type “devmgmt.msc” (without quotes) and hit Enter.
  • Spot and expand the “Sound, video, and game controllers.”
  • Right-click on the “High Definition Audio Device driver.”
  • Select “Uninstall” then restart the system.
  • Let the system install the driver automatically.
  • Check and see if it resolves the issue.
  • Fix The Operating System Problem:

If you use Windows 10, then you can try these Methods:

using windows 10

Method 1:

  • Click on the bottom right on the “Sound”
  • Then click on “Troubleshoot sound problems.”

If there is any problem, it will solve the problem.

Method 2:

  • Click on the “Sound” icon.
  • Then click on “Playback devices.”
  • Set Headphone as
  • Click on “Speakers”, and then click on the “Properties” of Speakers.
  • Click on the “Advanced”
  • Choose the last option “24 bit 192 kHz audio HD (Studio quality).”
  • Click, “OK.”

Some Backup Solutions For A Wireless Headphone:

some backup solutions for a wireless headphone

1. Clean The Dust:

clean the dust

If there is dust or dirt in the device or headphone ear, clean the particles carefully as electronic devices are sensitive.

2. Fix The Connectivity Problem:

Connectivity Problem

There might be a problem with connectivity. Bluetooth is the central part of connecting on the wireless device. To fix this problem, update the bluetooth driver on the device manager.

If not fix the issue then-

  • Uninstall the bluetooth drivers.
  • Restart your laptop.
  • After that, again, reinstall this device driver automatically.

For Android device:

  • Go to Apps there, and you will find “Bluetooth share.”
  • TAP on it, and then go to the “Storage option.
  • SET on “Clear cache.
  • Click on “Forced stop” the Bluetooth share.
  • Then again, go to “BT Tools.”
  • Click on “Clear cache.”
  • Click on “Forced stop” the BT Tools.
  • Now restart the mobile phone.
  • Fix Hardware Problem:

There is an internal problem such as hardware problem on wireless headphone can happen. If possible, then fix it. If not possible, then throw it!

3. Check Review and Quality:

check review and quality

These tips are mainly for both wired and wireless headphones. Check the reviews and check the quality when you are going to buy a new headphone. Test the headphone if possible.


We hope that these solutions will be helpful to you. You know how to fix Beats headphones one side is silent now. If you see that all of the above solutions are not working, then don’t go with your faulty headphone. Buy a new one and enjoy your musical moments.

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