The Problem Of Beats Earbuds One Side Not Working And The Way To Solve

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We all are use earbuds. But the common problem with using earbuds is one side not working. There is no one who has encountered this problem using beats earbuds.

There are many reasons to lose one side of the beats earbuds, and there are many ways to fix it. To know about the problem and solution, you will have to read my entire article in detail.

You will know the complete details of why Beats earbuds one side not working and how to fix it?

Reason For Not Working On One Side Of Earbuds

Reason For Not Working On One Side Of Earbuds

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There are several reasons why earbuds may not work on one side. But today I will share with you what happens most often.

Beats Earbuds One Side Not Working

Wrong Configuration:

Wrong Configuration

if you make a mistake in the configuration setting, it may not work one side.

Misplace Plugin:

Misplace Plugin

you should to ensure that the jack is accurately plugin. If your earbud cable is not fully plugged in, the beats earbud one side not works. If you have been half plugged in, you might not get a single on one side.

Device Problem:

Device Problem 2

on the device which you are playing the music with, the problem may not be heard on the one side of beats earbud many times.

Change Audio Routing:

Change Audio Routing

if you change your audio routing setting, it may not working beats earbud one side.

Output Not Selected As An Audio Player:

Output Not Selected As An Audio Player

if you are not setting chosen as an output audio player, you may not hear one side of your beats earbud.

Folder Problem:

Folder Problem

If there is a problem with the folder from which you are playing the music, beats earbuds may not work one side.

Not Update Operating System:

Not Update Operating System

if you are not latest updated your operating system, you may face problem to hear one side of beats earbuds.

One Side Cable is Broken:


for any reason, when one side cable is broken, the beats earbuds on one side are not working.

Accidental Damage:

Accidental Damage Repair

for accidental damage, the beats earbuds on one side not working.

When the Cables Are Curved Backward:

When the Cables Are Curved Backward

the beats earbuds one side may not work if the cables are curved behind the audio jack are short.

How To Fix Beats Earbuds One Side Not Working


How To Fix Beats Earbuds One Side Not Working


There is an alternative solution to every problem. So, there are many ways to fix it. Now, I will discuss with you what tricks you will get to fix it.

Adjust Configuration Setting:

Adjust Configuration Setting

 if your earbuds may not work due to the wrong configuration setting, adjust the configuration setting.

Accurately Plugin:

Accurately Plugin

 check your jack and make sure that your jack is entirely plugin. If your jack does not plugin accurately, you need to plug in accurately to fix the problem.

Fix Device Problem:

Fix Device Problen

Due to device problem; if your beats earbuds one side is not working, you should identify the device problem and quickly fix it.

Setting Audio Routing:

Setting Audio Routing

If your audio routing system is not ok. Please correctly set your audio routing to work the beats earbuds of one side.

Select Output:

Select Output

To hear the beats earbuds one side, you should select output as an audio player.

Folder Problem:

Folder Problem1

If your device has a problem with any of its folders, remove it. If your folder is infected with a virus, you may not hear from one side of the beats earbuds. So scan your virus attacked folder and remove them to fix the problem.

Updated Operating System:

Updated Operating System

To avoid the problem, you need to be updated your operating system. To update the new operating system, you need to download and install the update version on your device.

Reject Broken Cable:


 to fix the problem; you should reject which beats earbuds one side, not working the broken cable. Eliminate the damaged side and add a new one with electric tape.

Accidental Damage Repair:

Accidental Damage

if your beats earbuds on one side not working due to accidental damage, you need to repair the damage. With materials and tools, you can repair the damage the beats earbuds one side.

Caution In Using The Beats Earbuds

Caution In Using The Beats Earbuds

The beats earbuds are electronic tools. So anytime it can damage. But if you follow some instructions, your beats earbuds can do long-lasting. The instructions are:

  1. For lasting, you should down your volume.
  2. Should downward the beats earbuds power button.
  3. Sometimes reset your earbuds.
  4. Release the buttons will reset the earbuds when the LED indicator light is flashing.
  5. Gather proper knowledge about sound troubleshooting.
  6. To get the latest firmware, use beats updater.
  7. Often check your audio source is working.
  8. Check your configuration setting often.
  9. You should use another audio source when you beat one side, not working or make a crooked sound.
  10. The most important things are, when the beats earbuds one side not working, check your warranty card if you can get a warranty, you can make a warranty.
  11. To use remote / mic, separate the speed of presses.
  12. Attach the straight end of the plug to the beats earbuds.
  13.  Make sure your PC’s microphone is set to the correct input source Before using your beats earbuds with a pc.
  14. Always update the latest software on your phone. Because the latest update on the phone often causes a problem in the beats earbuds one side.


I hope now you get the solution of earbuds problem.

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