How To Configure Microphone Settings In Different Ways

After purchasing your favorite microphone, you cannot use it if you are not correctly set. So the first condition for using a microphone is setting it properly. There are some rules to set the microphone. Microphone settings are also different for different devices.

Take for examples; if you are a windows 10  user, then your configuration will be one type again if you are windows 7 users, your setting will be different. Today I will share with you how to configure microphone settings in different ways.

How To Configure Microphone Settings In Different Ways

How To Configure Microphone Settings In Different Ways For Windows 10

For Windows 10 microphone setting

Since the last two updates were released, Windows 10 has introduced features that allow you to use the app to troubleshoot issues and manage microphone settings problems. These settings can be used to set the microphone as default, to name the microphone, to enable or disable the microphone, to resolve microphone problems.

To active a new microphone for windows 10 you need to follow some simple steps:

  1. Click on the taskbar: to set the microphone firstly you need to the right click on the volume taskbar and then select the volume button.
  2. Select configuration: you need a choose microphone in the recording tab and choose the configuration.
  3. Microphone setup wizard: to select microphone setup you need to follow the steps of microphone setup wizard.

To Set As Default

To Set As Default

Using the setting if you want, you can set the microphone as the default. Which should be the system default, you can specify using multi-microphone set up. Let’s know how to set a default system:

  1. Open the setting.
  2. Click on the default system.
  3. Then click on the sound.
  4. After finishing the simple steps, you can use the microphone as a default.

Rename Your Microphone

Rename Your Microphone

In this step, I will share you how to rename the microphone.

  1. If you have various mics, the setting application helps you to rename your microphone.
  2. Firstly open the setting.
  3. To open the setting, click the right button.
  4. Then click the rename button.
  5. Then type the descriptive name.
  6. After finishing the steps, you can see your new customized name.

Disable Or Enable The Microphone Setting

Disable Or Enable The Microphone Setting

To disable or enable the microphone setting, you need to follow the steps:

  1. First, go to the system,
  2. Then go to the input system and click device properties.
  3. If you want to enable the system, you will click the enable option.
  4. But if you want to disable the system, you will click the disable option.

Fix Microphone Problem

Fix Microphone Problem

Using a microphone set, you can fix the problem. To use a toggle switch and troubleshooter, you can adjust the microphone problem.

Turn On Toggle Switch:

Turn On Toggle Switch


If your microphone does not work, using hidden setting and the troubleshooter tools you can fix the microphone problem.

Follow these steps to allow applications to use your microphone, using privacy setting:

  1. Firstly open the configuration.
  2. Then click on the privacy.
  3. After clicking the privacy, you will see the microphone.
  4. Just click on the microphone.
  5. Then click on the change button.
  6. To permit access to your privacy setting, click on the toggle switch and turn on it.
  7. After completing your privacy setting, then again open your setting.

If you cannot access the microphone after completing the steps, then you should understand that the application has limited access. If so, find the app in the list and select which app can access your microphone. Then launch the toggle switch under this new application.

Using Troubleshooter:

Using Troubleshooter


If your microphone does not work after turn on the toggle switch, you can use a troubleshooter to fix the microphone problem. To fix the problem, you need to use the built-in troubleshooter function.

Follow these steps to fix the common problem:

  1. Go to the setting.
  2. Find out the troubleshooting button under the input section.
  3. Then, the troubleshooting button you must click.
  4. To fix the problem, stay with the on-screen direction.
  5. After completing the direction, you can able to use the microphone.

For Windows 7 Microphone Setting

For Windows 7 Microphone Setting

To set the microphone setting in windows 7, you need to follow the steps below:

  1. Checking Configuration: Firstly check your configuration.
  2. Follow The Green Bars: To check that your microphone is configured correctly, check that the green bars are lit in the microphone setting windows.
  3. Open Start Menu: Then open the start menu under the system.
  4. Windows Logo Button: To open the start menu click the windows logo button.
  5. Control Panel: After clicking the windows logo button, then click the control panel.
  6. Find Hardware And Sound Button: Under the control panel button, you will find hardware and sound button then click it.
  7. Manage Audio Device: Click on manage audio device, under the sound section.
  8. Recording Button: To see your recording device, click on the recording button, you will find the recording button under the sound section.
  9. See Recording Device: Then you can see your recording device.
  10. Setting Successfully: Finally, your microphone setting is successfully set for the windows 7.

To Set Microphone Programs

To Set Microphone Programs

If your microphone does not work in any of the programs, then the following steps must be taken:

  1. Find audio setting: to fix the problem, try to find out the audio setting.
  2. Change default recording Device: then try to change the default recording device.
  3. Click Level: under the microphone properties system, click the level button, and you will get a microphone and then click the change icon button.
  4. Click advance Button: find ‘allow the application to take exclusive control of this device’ button and then press ‘apply’ and ‘ok’ button, under the advance button.

If Not listed In Your Microphone Setting

If Not listed In Your Microphone setting

You microphone setting may not be listed if there is a problem with the audio driver. To list your microphone, follow some steps in the below:

  1. Firstly, find out the control panel.
  2. If any new microphone is displayed in the control panel, set as default and increase its steps.
  3. To fix the audio drivers problem, please reinstalled your audio device.
  4. Finally, find out your microphone in the list.

I hope now you know how to configure microphone settings.

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