Beats Solo 2 Wireless Not Turning On: How to Fix The Issue?

The headphone is one of the important gadgets of our life. Beats is the most popular headphone brand. They have two types of headphones—wired and wireless headphones. The beats wireless headphone is popular nowadays.

As there is no hassle of wires or you don’t need to worry about protecting wires or jacks from any damages, but sometimes you can also face problems in a wireless headphone. Beats has the best model headphone, Solo 2.

It has some issues too. One of the issues is sometimes, Beats Solo 2 wireless not turning on. Are you also looking for our best Beats headphones for working out? Here It is

In this article, we will discuss the reasons that will arise in this problem and suggests some possible solutions.

Beats Solo 2 Wireless Not Turning On

What Is The Reason Behind Beats Solo 2 Wireless Not Turning On?

What Is The Reason Behind Beats Solo 2 Wireless Not Turning On

Normally, there are some common reasons that we have found for the issue:

Device Problem:

Device Problem

There can be a problem in your laptop, tablet pc, or cellphone where you want to connect your Beats Solo 2 wireless headphones.

There can be a device compatibility issue, that is also creating this turning off problem on your headphone.

Hardware Problem:

Hardware Problem

The auxiliary cables, IC of the headphone can be crushed, or the full system can be damaged for any reason. There can be somehow wires cut off inside.

On the left side, there is a short circuit on the wires. There are 5 wires which come through the PCB and it connects to the 3.5 mm connector. Vibration can smash those wires. So, it works by killing a channel.

Sometimes, wireless headphone plugs into USB charge cable. This error may also create this problem or if your wireless headphone doesn’t get enough charge for turning on.

Dust Problem:

Dust Problem

Dust is always harmful to any kind of electronic device. If dust is inserted in your beats solo 2 wireless headphones, it can be damaged and will not turn on.

Manufacture Issue:

Manufacture Issue

The problem can be occurred during manufacture and produce faulty wireless headphones. Consider it as your bad luck if your beats solo 2 headphone is faulty from the beginning. A manufacturing defect can create this type of havoc.

Software Problem:


Software Problem

Bluetooth is related to software, and Bluetooth connects the headphone with the device. So, if there is any software issue, there might be this issue happened with the headphone.

How To Fix The Issue- The Ultimate Solutions:

How To Fix The Issue- The Ultimate Solutions


All the problems of the world have solutions. There must be a solution to every problem in this world.

Let’s discuss some possible solutions:

 Solution 1: Reset Your Headphone

Reset Your Headphone

It is the first solution. At first, try to reset your Beats Solo 2 wireless headphone. As if there is an issue in settings, it may fix.

  1. If your beats solo 2 wireless headphones are plugged into the USB charging cable then unplug it and start to fix the beats headphones.
  2. Now for 10 seconds, press the power button and hold the button.
  3. After 10 seconds, you must release the power button.
  4. Then you will see that there are all battery fuel gauge LEDs will blink, and the color of light is white.
  5. After that, the first battery fuel gauge LED will blink red.
  6. This series will occur three times.
  7. After that, the resetting of the headphone is complete when the lights stop flashing.

But if you have reset your headphone and still now facing the same issue, then you have to –

  • Check updates.
  • You must download the beats adapter from Here.

Solution 2: Sound Troubleshooting

Sound Troubleshooting


The second solution is sound troubleshooting.

  1. You should check that Bluetooth connection properly.
  2. Check the source of audio, whether it is working or not working.
  3. You must try adjusting the configuration settings if the source is a computer or laptop.
  4. Still now If you face the problem, try a different audio source and use another cable.
  5. If your headphone has for multi-press functions, then the speed of presses will be varied but only if you use the remote or mic.

Solution 3: Use The Forget Device Option

Use The Forget Device Option

You can use the forget device option after that pair yours beats again.

  • At first, please disconnect the beats wireless headphones.
  • If you use an iOS device, then you must follow some procedures.
  • Tap to the “Settings” then from settings go to the “Bluetooth”
  • Tap to the next of the name of the model of beats wireless headphones.
  • After that tap the “Forgot the device”
  • For MacBook, choose the “Apple”
  • Head to the “System Preferences
  • Click on the “Bluetooth”.
  • Select your Beats product option.
  • Click on the “X” option
  • After that, choose the “Forgot Device”
  • After that pair the headphone again.

Solution 4: Try One Of Three Combinations:

Try One Of Three Combinations

  1. You can try the following three combinations if you have a first-generation wireless solo 2:
  2. -Press the power button along with the b-button for 120 seconds or 10 seconds.
  3. -Alternatively, you can press the power button and the volume down/up button for 120 seconds altogether or more 10 seconds.
  4. You can do any of these processes when USB plugged in or not plugged in.

Solution 5: Power Button Method

Power Button Method

  1. Plug into your laptop using the USB cord. Now use the beats just plugging into it.
  2. Whenever the updater can’t identify headphones and it occurs every time you plug into the port, you can unplug and again plug into the port.
  3. You can also plug into the auxiliary cord of your laptop and headphones.
  4. You need to hold the power button for three seconds.
  5. Now, you can remove both the auxiliary chord and the USB cord from the headphones.
  6. Lastly, switch into the Auxiliary port.
  7. Repeat this every time you face these issues.

Other Solutions:

Other Solutions

You can also try-

  1. – Plugin or unplug 3.5 mm audio cable and I can’t assure it will work for you!
  2. – You can upgrade the firmware.
  3. – Change the battery of headphones.


Here I have included all possible problems and solutions about the Beats Solo 2 Wireless not turning on issue. I hope you may find the right solution if you face not turning on the issue in your Beats solo 2 wireless headphones.

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