How To Reset Beats Wireless Effectively? [Reset Your Studios]

We often have trouble using beats wireless earphones. Beats wireless can sometimes suffer from Bluetooth, noise, or charging-related issues. You may want to reset Beats wireless to avoid unwanted situations.

Read my entire article in detail and you will know all you need about the reset procedure. You will know the complete details of how to reset beats wireless?

How To Reset Beats Wireless Effectively

Why Beats Wireless To Reset?

Why Beats Wireless To Reset

If your beats wireless is not working, you should reset it. There are many reasons to not working beats wireless. The main reasons are;

Charging problem: The charging issue is the main reason to reset the beat wireless. Beat wireless not charging accurately; you need to reset it urgently.

Difficulties with sound: Difficulties with sound are another reason to reset the beat wireless. If your beat wireless makes difficulties with sound, you need reset it.

If your beats wireless makes an unprocessed sound, crack sound, or your beats wireless suddenly create loud sound or reduce sound, in this circumstances you need to reset beats wireless.

Bluetooth problem: to beats wireless Bluetooth problems is a common problem in our daily life. Often your device’s Bluetooth system is not working; you should reset your beats wireless reset.

How To Reset Beats Wireless Effectively?

How To Reset Beats Wireless In Easily Step By Step Guide

Earphones have different types and parts. The different types of earphone reset processes are mixed. The procedures are solo pro reset, reset studio3 wireless, reset studio or studio wireless, reset power beats, reset solo wireless, reset solo2 wireless, reset solo3 wireless, and reset beatsX.

The procedure for reset is different in all cases depending on several factors. The rest process is super-fast and almost effortless. To reset beats wireless, you should follow some instructions. To follow the instruction properly, you can reset it.

Solo Pro Reset

Reset Solo Pro

  1. Hold on the volume down button and mode button for 10 seconds.
  2. Release the two buttons when LED glows red.
  3. Here your beats wireless is reset and then set it again on your device.

Studio3 Wireless

Reset Studio3 Wireless

  1. Hold on to the volume-down button and mode-switch for 10 seconds.
  2. Give up the two buttons when the Fuel Gauge glows.
  3. Now your beats wireless is reset and then set it again on your device.

Studio Wireless or Studio

Reset Studio or Studio Wireless

  1. Hold on the power button and press them for 10 seconds.
  2. When the fuel Gauge LEDs flash white give up the power switch.
  3. In three times the fuel gauge glows white.
  4. After stop flashes, your beats wireless is completely reset, and then you need to set it again on your expected device.

Solo Wireless

Solo wireless

  1. To reset solo wireless, press the switch off button of your headset.
  2. Hold on the volume down button and multifunction for 8 seconds.
  3. The red and blue indicator lights flash three times, after releasing the volume down button and multifunction.

Solo2 Wireless

Solo2 wireless

  1. If your earphone is plugged in the USB cable of the charger, you cannot reset your headset. So take off your USB charging cable from the earphone.
  2. To reset the solo2 wireless, for 10 seconds, keep pressing and holding the power-button.
  3. After ten seconds, give up the power button.
  4. Blink white, all the fuel Gauge LEDs.
  5. This process will continue for three times.
  6. After stopping flash, the beats wireless reset entirely, and then you should set your device again.

Solo3 Wireless

Reset Solo3 Wireless

  1. Firstly disconnect from charging your beats wireless, then press the volume-down button and power button for ten seconds.
  2. After flashes, the fuel gauge, give up the two buttons.
  3. After stopping the fuel gauge, your device is now reset.

Reset BeatsX

Reset beatsX

  1. To reset the beatsX, for 10 seconds grip the volume-down button and the power button.
  2. Give up the two buttons when the LED indicator light glows.
  3. After flashes of the LED indicator light, your beats wireless is reset.
  4. Now, you can set your earphone in a new way and connected it to your expected device.

Reset Power Beats

Reset power beats

  1. To reset power beats, for only 10 seconds you need to continue pressing the volume-down button and the power button.
  2. Give up the two buttons when the LED indicator white light glows.
  3. After flashes of LED indicator white light, you already done to beats wireless reset.
  4. After setting your expected device, now it is ready to use.

Other Ways

Other Ways

If your beats wireless are not working after reset. May you face a problem with using? You can try different things. The next trying is:

  1. You can change the power cable. If your previous power cable corrupted, the new cable could solve your issue.
  2. You may also change your cable to a preview source and set up a new one.
  3. Remember to place your beat wireless and device distance up to 30 feet.
  4. To check and identify the problem, you need to move the wireless router, microwave, another Bluetooth device, and other electronic devices.
  5. You must know about the troubleshooting to solve earphones or Bluetooth problems.
  6. To get the latest firmware, please utilize the beats updater.
  7. If you are iPhone users, you will get the latest firmware for solo3 headphones.
  8. To get studio wireless, you need to update beats updater.
  9. To solve the Bluetooth problem, you need proper knowledge about the Bluetooth troubleshooting.
  10. You should know about the sound troubleshooting to fix the sound problem.
  11. To fix the problem, you can solve the loose cable or damaged cable.
  12. If you face technical problems to use the iPhone, you can call to get apple technical support.
  13. To identify the problem, you can put the two power beats in the charging box.
  14. If your Bluetooth version is out of date, please update the latest version.
  15. If you are eligible for the warranty period, you should back for the warranty to repair the beats wireless.


I hope You already known how to reset beats Wireless in short time if you have any question fell free to comment on below.

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