How To Fix Microphone Not Working On Chromebook? [Step-by-Step]

Microphone input and proper audio output have become an essential aspect of our online life. As we live in the era of work from home, Class from home, proper working microphone is a vital need in our day to day life.

Many people use Chromebook for day-to-day tasks as they are cheap, lightweight, handy, and get the job done. It also uses Google’s very own Chrome OS, which is very light, trendy, and works best with cheap low-end hardware.

But sometimes, for many reasons, you may get an error like “how to fix Microphone not working on Chromebook.”

This article will discuss why Microphone not working on Chromebook occurs and how you can solve this issue quickly.

How To Fix Microphone Not Working On Chromebook


Table of Contents

1. Settings Error

Settings Error

By default, Chromebook should ask your permission when a web page or app wants your consent to use Mic. It ensures your privacy and safety online.

As you may not want malicious sites and web pages to record your data, your voice.

Sometimes, the prompt may not work due to some software glitches, or you may have accidentally blocked the mic permission. These are the leading causes for Mic not working for Any Chromebooks.

2. Low Microphone Level

Low Microphone Level

Sometimes the default Microphone input settings may be too low. It may have been set to low by accident. If your microphone input is too low, then the person on the other side may have trouble hearing you.

It may cause difficulty in your online meeting or online Class. For proper listening and talking experience, you have to make sure your Mic input or level is optimal in the audio settings.

3. Outdated Software

Outdated Software

Sometimes old software versions, an obsolete browser, can cause mic error. Outdated Software has an old digital signature. The operating system almost always disregards ancient and primitive signatures.

The structure blocks its access to various functions such as audio permissions, location permissions, Mic, and other permissions.

Thus, if you are running an outdated browser or and outdated Software, it may cause various errors, including Mic not working correctly. So, it is imperative always to keep your Software updated for day to day use.

4. Cache And Junk File Error

Cache And Junk File Error

While using a browser and other apps regularly, you may have created many Cache and data files. Your device usually cleans these cache and data files weekly automatically.

But sometimes, junk data files and Cache may persist on your machine, causing various errors. It can also alter Mic input, causing Mic not working correctly for your Chromebook.

Data files and Cache should be appropriately maintained to get rid of these types of errors. You may have an important meeting or Class that you may have to reconsider due to these problems.

5. Outdated Operating System

Outdated Operating System

If you missed essential System updates, your system might face various issues, including instability, glitches, and other problems. Outdated Chrome OS may cause difficulties like Mic errors in the case of Chromebooks.

The latest Software may not work with an ancient operating system. The outdated OS can’t grant several permissions to the Software.

Thus, you may face different types of errors, like app function errors, audio, and mic errors.

6. Microphone Area Covered

Proper Fixes For Microphone Not Working For Chromebook

Sometimes the microphone Area can be covered by external materials like Dust, cloth, and many other things that may impair the Mic and some other parts of the Chromebook.

How To Fix Microphone Not Working On Chromebook?

Proper Fixes For Microphone Not Working For Chromebook

Here’re some of the fixes that you can follow:

a) Make Sure Your Chromebook Has The Perfect And Optimal Audio Settings


  • Click the status area of your Chromebook
  • Change or modify the Speaker Settings as per your preference.
  • Click the button next to the volume slider to access the microphone level.
  • A new pop-up window will appear with a microphone level.
  • Set the microphone level as per your requirement.

b) Check The Browser Settings For Proper Mic Settings

bCheck The Browser Settings For Proper Mic Settings

  • Go to your browser and visit a site that wants mic permissions of your device
  • Allow or Block As per your requirement to use or block the use of Microphone
  • You may change or modify these settings as per wish.

c) Check Browser Mic Permissions For Further Modification


  • Open Browser, go to settings
  • At the bottom, click advanced or advanced settings
  • Then navigate to “Privacy and security” then open Content Settings
  • Open Microphone to see further settings
  • Next, navigate to Enable “Ask before accessing.” This setting makes sure whenever you get asked for your mic permission, you get a prompt that says allow or block mic permission, which is an essential setting for maintaining privacy security.
  • After that, block list and allow list. These lists show who has your mic permissions and whom have been discarded from having this permission. From each list, websites can be removed as per your wish.

 d) Make Sure You Use The Latest Software Version

dMake Sure You Use The Latest Software Version

Using the latest Software for Chromebook is very important for your Chromebook’s security and well-being.

The newest Software has the latest digital signature and functions. It is most probably glitch-free and will cause fewer problems. So, using the newest Software is always preferred.

e) Clear Data And Cache

eClear Data And Cache

Cleaning the Cache and Data of apps can solve most of the issues. Please follow these instructions to clear the Cache:

  • Open the settings option of your browser or your preferred app
  • Click on app info to remove data
  • Make sure you clear the data from the start
  • If you see an option called “Empty Cache only.” Select it.
  • Then proceed to clean the Data
  • Restart the Chromebook and see if the problem is solved or not.

f) Update Chrome OS To Latest Version


  • Connect to the internet using mobile data or wifi
  • Go to the settings option
  • In the settings menu, find the About Chrome OS tab
  • Click the “Check” for Updates” option
  • After the update finishes downloading, click Restart

Note: You can only update in case there is an update available.


Chromebooks are very common among students and working-class people. But having to deal with Microphone and audio issues in between an important meeting or Class can be very annoying and disturbing.

By following these guides, your Microphone not working for Chromebook should be solved. You should follow these instructions accordingly to solve your issue as fast as possible.

I hope now you get how to fix Microphone not working on Chromebook? discussion.

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