Logitech Microphone Not Working? [Reasons & 4 Effective Way To Fix]

Are you finding it difficult to get your recording done? Or your friends can’t hear you on the other side of the phone call? Do you think it is as a result of your Logitech microphone not working? Well, you have come to the right place for the solutions.

One frustrating issue about using headphones with the mics not functioning is that you try as hard as you can to get heard and sometimes the person on the other side actually hears you but faintly.

There are several ways to fix that issue and we’re going to take a good look at all of them in this article.

Logitech Microphone Not Working

Possible Causes Of Logitech Mic Not Working

Possible Causes Of Logitech Mic Not Working

When you’re faced with this issue, there are some issues that you need to look out for. Some of them include the following.

1. Faulty Microphone

Faulty Microphone

This may not be the issue with your Logitech, especially if it is new or if you have been handling it with care.

However, the problem could arise at any time so you may have to try the other steps and if they still don’t work, then the problem is probably due to a faulty mic.

2. No Access Allowed (Windows 10)

No Access Allowed

This is an issue we’re going to attempt to resolve in this article. The problem may not be from your headphones, it could just be that you have not allowed access to it. This is particularly for Windows 10 users.

3. Device Settings Not Done Properly

3.Correct Your Device Settings

Have you checked your device settings? Or you don’t know how to do it yet. Don’t worry, we’ll also attempt to resolve that issue in this article.

You must know that the device settings could have been tampered with by your friends or siblings. So you might need to check them out every time you encounter this problem.

4. Outdated Audio Drivers

4.Outdated Audio Drivers

This is also an easy problem to solve. You don’t need to do any technical repairs or settings, you merely just have to turn your data on and update the audio drivers. You’ll be back within range again.

Now let’s go over these problems one after the other and proffer the best solutions to them.

Logitech Microphone Not Working?-And The Ways To solve

Logitech Microphone Not Working And The Ways To solve

1. Faulty Microphone

1.Faulty Microphone

If you have a faulty microphone, it could be due to several causes ranging from poor handling? Damage during shipping, or even as a result of the headphones being too old.

Any of these reasons may be fixed by a technician, however, it is advised that you return the headphones back to the store if you discovered the problem just when you bought it.

You can also avoid damaging your microphone or even your headphones by handling it with extreme care and also checking the settings at all times to ensure that nothing has been tampered with.

2. For Windows 10 Users, Allow Access To Mic

For Windows 10 users allow access to mic

This is strictly for Windows 10 users. If you believe that your Logitech micr not working isn’t due to the fact that it is faulty or anything of that nature, then you should consider carrying out this setting. You should see a positive difference. So here’s what you have to do.

  • Click on start in your Windows 10, you’ll find that at the bottom left corner of your home screen.
  • Click on the settings icon to reveal more settings and there you will find privacy Click on that too.
  • Under privacy settings, you should be able to see the microphone option at the bottom of the screen.
  • The microphone settings screen would open up and then you can click on change to reveal a small box asking if you want to turn your microphone on.
  • Click to turn it on if it’s off. Remember that you have to make sure it is on whenever you’re trying to record anything or to play a multiplayer PC game.

Although most PC games come with separate microphone settings, you must ensure that the one on your Windows 10 is already on or the settings there wouldn’t be functional.

3. Correct Your Device Settings

3.Device Settings Not Done Properly

Several issues could erupt from a poorly set Logitech headset, microphone not working is just one of them.

If you check the settings, you might find out that the microphone volume level is low and this will make it difficult for it to pick any sound. The following are the appropriate steps to follow.

  • Press and hold the Windows button and click on the R button while still holding the windows button. This will reveal the run dialogue box.
  • Type “control” in the specified field and click on enter.
  • When you’ve done step two, you should be able to see the control panel. Click on view by and click on large icons.
  • Another screen should be showing by now, select sound.
  • The sound settings screen should be up, you’ll see four tabs on top, click on the one that has recording.
  • Right-click on an empty space and click on show disabled devices to tick it. This will bring up your headset name if it was disabled.
  • Right-click on the headset microphone, click on enable, and also make it your default device.
  • Right-click on the headset microphone again and this time go down and click on properties. A new dialogue box will open with four tabs.
  • Click on levels and increase the bar to 100. This should enable your microphone to pick up sounds easily and at a good volume.
  • Click on okay wherever required and exit the settings

If you have followed all these steps exactly how it was listed above, by now, you should be able to hear your recordings.

4. Set Your Audio Drivers Up To Date

4.Set Your Audio Drivers Up To Date

Outdated audio drivers could result in your Logitech microphone not working, so you’ll have to check for updates every now and then.

If, however, you have updated the audio drivers, then you might need to troubleshoot or use any of the above-listed solutions. Here’s how to update your audio drivers.

  • You would need to download an app that lets you update your audio drivers. An example is Driver easy.
  • Run the app on your device, click on scan, and click on update.

This should solve the problem if it is due to outdated audio drivers.


All these solutions will come in handy for you but make sure that taking it to the technician is your last resort. I have only placed it first so that you can know that it’s a possibility.

Also, if your Logitech is a new one, then you should visit the store from where you bought it and make your complaint.

I hope these tips were helpful.

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