Headset Microphone Not Working – Reasons Behind & How To Solve

Headsets are among the most necessary things for them who have smartphones or pc/ mac or other media devices. Right?

Fundamentally, some people who love to hear music have different choices and collection of headsets. But, among the regular users, headset microphone not working is a common issue, isn’t it?

Therefore, if you are a regular headset user, you may face some issues like this. But, no worries, here we bring you a complete guide on why your headset microphone is not working and with some solutions to it in details. So, let’s dive in:

Headset Microphone Not Working

What Are The Reasons Behind Your Headset Microphone Is Not Working?

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What Are The Reasons Behind Your Headset Microphone Is Not Working?

Well, there are several reasons that your headset’s microphone is not working. Here are some:

  1. Maybe there is an issue with the headphones jack ( male jack). The audio jack might defect just because you didn’t use it in the right way.
  2. As we use our headsets regularly, maybe dust, lint, or debris stuck there on your microphone.
  3. Moreover, you need to physically connect the male jack with the female one. So if there is any dust or lint inside the female jack, then it will prevent that connectivity, and your headset won’t work correctly.
  4. Cable and cords are the main elements of your headphone. Your voice passes through those cables. If the cable or any cord got damaged inside the headset, it wouldn’t work.
  5. Another issue is if you fail to connect the male and female jack tightly because of the female jack’s loose mechanism. Due to loose connectivity, your headset’s microphone won’t work correctly.
  6. You might have noticed that your headsets male jack plug consists of 3 rings, and 2 of them are audio and sound.
  7. Which may be mismatched with your device because some of the media devices or players just have stereo audio sockets, that’s why they don’t have access for the microphone without four ring male plug.
  8.  Lastly, if you get headsets at a cheap rate, they may have a microphone socket’s physical appearance but just for show off, not for use.

Headset Microphone Not Working – The Ultimate Ways to Fixing

How to fix headset microphone not working

Maybe you are thinking about how to fix the problems we mentioned above, right? But don’t worry, you just need to examine the problems your mic may have and fix them accordingly.

For your help, here’re some of them:

1. Check Your Headset’s Male Jack and Fix It


Due to the use of an extended period, your headphones may be damaged. So to fix them, you have to build them as new headphones. Here’s how:

  1. First, you have to dispatch the cover, and next, you have to use a lighter to burn the plastic shield to get the metal wires.
  2. Now take the male plug and check each ring with the help of the Avo meter. If the voltage one, that means the plug is okay.
  3. Now, heat shrink tubes before soldering the tubes. Then connect the wires into the plug with the help of a hit gun. After that, burn over the shield with a lighter.
  4.  Lastly, attach the cover of the plug and fix the ground with black tape.

2. Clean The Area Of Your Headset’s Mic Mesh Screen


Sometimes the mic mesh screen gets stuck with dirt. To clean it, use a toothbrush or toothpick or wrap a toilet tissue in a thin layer. Now try to clean the area softly.

3. Fix The Headset’s Cable Cords


If the cords of your microphone get damage or cuts, then it won’t work again. Check the cords from A-Z if you find any damage, then replace the cable if it is replaceable.

4. Clean The Female Jack Of Your Headset

4.Clean The Female Jack Of Your Headset

Check the media device player’s socket. Sometimes it becomes jam with dust. So clean it with the help of a thin mascara brush or try a thin wrap of toilet tissue.

5. Check The Media Socket Connectivity

5.Check The Media Socket Connectivity

When you connect both male and female jacks, if you feel that these are not connected tightly, the male plug is coming out quickly, then the spring ball that locks the audio jack may be damaged, and you need to change your media device socket.

6. Check The Jack Socket Mismatch

6.Check The Jack Socket Mismatch

The essential point is that some media player devices have a stereo socket, consisting of 3 rings; none of them is for a microphone.

So here the mismatch comes. You need a headset of 4 rings where the last ring is for a microphone.

7. Check The Media Settings of Your Device

7.Check The Media Settings of Your Device

Check the media device connection may be the audio option is disabled or the volume and mic is in mute mode. Unmute your mic and allow the audio access on your device.

8. Check The Headset’s Warranty

8.Check The Headsets Warranty

Even If you purchase a medium quality headset, there might be a warranty card inside the box. So check it, if the warranty is available still, then replace it immediately.

9. Buy New Headset Of Good Quality

9.Buy New Headset Of Good Quality

After all the efforts, if you feel that your headsets are fully damaged, buy a new headset of good quality.

Maybe it’ll cost a high rate. But you can use it comfortably for enough time. Always try to keep headphones with care and keep it safe after using it.


So, these are the solutions to the common problem that is the headset microphone not working. Hopefully, one of them will work out for you as an immediate solution or fix.

Therefore, from now, you just don’t need to worry about the problems, just find out the actual problems and solve them accordingly.

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