Fortnite Android Crashes When Jumping Out of Bus [Reason & Fix]

Okay, my bet is, you have been a great fan of the Fortnite game for a pretty long time now and you can’t stand the fact that you have to always crash when jumping out of the battle bus. A lot of Fortnite lovers have had this particular experience and this has probably led them to quit the game entirely.

If you had had this problem long enough, you would know that uninstalling and reinstalling the game doesn’t really make any tangible difference but don’t worry.

In this article, I will show you what could be the possible cause of Fortnite android crashes when jumping out of bus & what to do in order to get rid of it.

Fortnite Android Crashes When Jumping Out of Bus The Reason

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The Reason Behind Fortnite Android Crashes


Why Does Fortnite Crash?


This is one question on a lot of gamers’ minds and the most recurrent cause of this is usually one thing that they hardly pay any attention to. Fortnite is a game that requires so much space in order for you to be able to enjoy it. When we talk about space, we’re talking about both the ROM and the ROM.

The RAM is the little guy with a big job. It helps you to store information temporarily on your computer or your mobile phone for real-time or future use.

The ROM can be called the hard drive and it is where you store any file that you want until you delete it. The ROM is what holds the APK of the game and the extra OBB file but when it comes to really playing the game, the ROM is what makes it run smoothly.

Now, so many phones come with RAM sizes that are too low, hence, the reason some phones are slower than the others. An Android phone with a bigger RAM size will boost your phone speed and make your games run more smoothly.

If your Fortnite keeps crashing at some points, it is probably because your RAM size is too low or is too full.

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Fortnite Android Crashes When Jumping Out of Bus And The Way To Fix This Issue


1. Close Every Other App:

1.Close Every Other App

This is the first step to solve your problem. When you notice that your game keeps on crashing, this means that the RAM is being used by other open applications. This will reduce the speed of your phone and the game. You will have to close the other apps and allow Fortnite to enjoy the RAM all alone.

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2. Reduce Your Fortnite Quality:

2.Reduce Your Fortnite Quality

The higher the quality of a phone app, the more RAM space it consumes. You must reduce the resolution quality,

3. Quit The Game And Restart Your Phone:

3.Quit The Game And Restart Your Phone

Sometimes the ram has been overused and the phone needs to be shut down in order for it to get the boost it needs to stop your game from crashing. Turn it off and resume your game but make sure to go slowly, don’t rush it or it could crash again.

4. Buy a Better Phone With A Higher RAM Space:

4.Buy a Better Phone With A Higher RAM Space

If these tips don’t work for you, then it’s probably because your device has a very low RAM space. You should consider getting a better one and enjoy your Fortnite game.


Hopefully, these suggessions will help you solve Fortnite Android Crashes When Jumping Out of Bus. And remember, it’s always got something to do with the RAM.

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