How To Execute The Impossible Situp Prank? Interesting Idea

So you want to know how to execute the impossible situp prank. Who does not like a good prank, right? Well, if you are not the person who is getting pranked, there is no reason not to enjoy a good laugh out of a silly prank.

While pranks are enjoyable, once a prank becomes mainstream, people know what to expect before revealing the finishing act.

That is why we see many new pranks that become viral now and then, keeping everyone guessing about the result. The new prank that has become quite popular nowadays is the impossible situp prank.

This article will show you the situp prank and some of our secret tips that will help you sell your act to the mass audience entirely.Impossible Sit Up


How To Execute The Impossible Situp Prank?

How To Execute The Impossible Situp Prank

The perfect execution of an impossible setup prank can be relatively easy. But you will have to sell your acting to the audience for it to work correctly.

And if you have the perfect setup, we can assure you that an impossible situp prank will make a person look silly, and everyone will get a good laugh out of it.

For a better understanding of this, we have divided the whole procedure into a few segments. Continue to read this article to know all about it.

Why This Prank Works?


The impossible situp prank is all about challenging a person to test out his strength. No one likes to be beaten in a challenge of power, and everyone knows that much.

This prank’s essential is acting as if doing a situp while your eyes being covered is quite tricky. While in reality, it is the same as doing a normal situp.

So, when someone sees that a person is challenging him or her to do such an easy task, they generally accept it, making your plan a big success.

1. The Place

The Place For Prank

Selecting the perfect place for performing this prank can be quite crucial. As we mentioned before, this prank challenges a person in the strength department.

So, pulling this prank off can be easier if you do it in a place where everyone is concerned about their strength. You can choose a place like a locker room of a sports team or a gym.

If you want to perform this deed in a crown, look for a bulky and muscular person or a person who has his girlfriend with him. It is evident for a fit person to not back down from a simple challenge like this.

And if someone has his girlfriend with him, even if he don not like to show off his strength, he will most likely accept it because declining can create a weak impression of him to his girlfriend.

2. Setting It Up

Setting Up The Prank Place

After you have selected a place, the next step is setting up the prank. All you need to execute this prank is a towel, a flat surface, and three people.

The towel blocks his vision while he does a situp, one person for holding the legs while doing situps and the other person for the trick itself.

Choose a perfect candidate and lure him in by acting as if doing a single situp while your vision is blocked is impossible.

3. The Fake

Deliver The Fake

This step is all about good acting. If you can sell your drama and make the audience believe you are having trouble while giving a situp with your eyes blocked, you have done your bit.

Do everything like shouting, breathing heavily, saying things, etc. Remember, the whole fake is dependent on this part.

If the audience figures out that you are faking it, they will not fall for it. So give your best effort to sell the fake and make them bite to your silly proposition.

4. Selection

Random People Selection

We talked about this before but let us rewind if you have not read one of the previous segments. Select a person who seems health-conscious or considers himself to be fit.

These are the persons who are most cautious about their physical strength. The locker room of a sports team can be a suitable place for a prank like this.

If you are running short of candidates, you can choose a person with his girlfriend. While that person may not be health-conscious, because he has his female companion around, he will most likely fall for something like this.

5. Performing The Prank


After you have found your candidate, tell him to lie down on the ground. Once he is on the floor, one of you should hold his legs, and the other person should have the towel above his head and block his vision.

All the preparations are now complete, and it is time for the prank. Tell him to perform a situp, and while he is doing, the other person will stand in front of him, having no pants.

So, when he will do the sit up, he will be greeted with a nice round butt instead of a reward for performing a situp.

Tips For Selling The Fake


While this prank is quite simple, you may find it challenging to sell the fake. If that is the case, here are some tricks to help you sell the fraud.

  • Find some other person to perform and show that it is difficult. This person will be one of you who will act to sell the fake more convincingly.
  • You can let the person complete one or two pushups before doing the final part. This step will make him believe that he was correct about his ability to perform a situp.


As you can see, selling this prank can be relatively easy if you know what you are doing. The complication starts when you can not sell the fake properly or select the wrong place and person to perform this prank.

So, we tried to mention everything in our article about performing this prank. We hope this article helped you, and you have grasped how to execute the impossible situp prank!

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