Black And White PC Build Guide – What’s Better?

Customization is a passion for many of us now. However, we know that you often lack proper pieces of information to build your personal computer. To have a personal touch on your favorite device, proper customization according to your requirements. Right?

Today’s goal is to create a build that provides a unique and fantastic appearance while giving an affordable price and extraordinary performance.

So, today’s color scheme is black and white, as many of you wanted a complete black and white pc build guide. Because of that, we bring you a complete guide to offer a perfect solution. Let’s dive in:

Black And White PC Build Guide

Guide On Black And White PC Build

Guide On Black And White PC Build

Guide On Black & White PC Build For this particular color scheme computer, we found out that Corsair has brought many latest products with the same color scheme.

As to build a customized pc version, we need different parts. So, we tried to maintain a specific visual scheme by choosing a case, fans, and CPU cooler from the Corsair brand. So, let’s get to know in detail!

Corsair 680X White Case As for the casing, we went for the infamous Corsair 680X White case. Because this is large enough to support you with all of the features, you will get three unique glass panels in it.

Also, it has room for all eight case fans, which is a unique feature. Finally, to avoid any external dust entering you’re rid, this case has four reusable filters.

You will be able to prevent any mess of cables by using this. Also, you can manage your pc components properly.

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Power Supply

Power Supply

The Fractal Ion+ 860W power supply is a sturdy power supply that looks perfect in your desired build. Also, the casing does an outstanding job of showing off the beautiful components contained within.

Therefore, it has an Ultraflex wire that can easily bend for good cable management. In addition to this, the included bearing fan can run at significantly fewer RPMs.

Furthermore, you will get a fully modular design. This design’s specificity is that it allows you to choose only the specific cables that you need.

Motherboard: Z390-A from ASUS You will get versatile features within a budget-friendly Intel motherboard, along with the perfect match with your black and white build!

You will get two PCIe x16 slots in this motherboard, and the spaces are reinforced using a metal substance.

Moreover, you will also get two RGB pin headers. Therefore, these pin headers help to power on the board and to run the diagnosis as well.

Overall, this is the best motherboard for this Black and White scheme PC build.

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The processor is the main component where the foundation of the pc lies.So, the processor impacts overall performance a lot. Your whole usage will depend on your computer’s processor.

We can say that the heart of any PC is the processor. We will not need to use more than four cores as we are building a Black and White color scheme gaming pc.

In the future, you can upgrade to multi-core, but initially, four cores are enough. You will be more benefitted if those four cores can move higher than clock speed.

So, for better optimization, we will build this using the Intel Core i5-6500 3.2GHz Quad-core Processor.

Lighting Kit: RGB PRO DDR4-3200 You will get either black or white-colored heat spreaders from this lighting memory kit. In our opinion, you can get a more excellent look from it. You have to use all four slots for that.

In this build, we will use the duo of 2×8GB kits, even if it’s pricey, because the usage is just mind-blowing.

Samsung 850 EVO-Series 250 GB 2.5″ Solid State Drive The Samsung 850 EVO is a solid choice of an SSD with 540 MB/s reads and 520 MB/s write speed. This is a 250GB model, commendable for your OS. Along with that, you can run a few software and games too.

Graphics card: RTX 2070 ARMOR OC You can fit this graphics card from MSI GeForce perfectly with the black & white pc build.

Because the 8GB of VRAM is adequate to serve higher resolution, it has lots of power to help your gaming purposes.

It can successfully outperform any older GTX 1080 cards. Also, as Supers has been launched, it has become more affordable!

Furthermore, you will be satisfied with the dual fans because, without enough load, these do not get spun up. So, we are sure that this card will work amazingly with the Black and White build.

CORSAIR H100i RGB PLATINUM SE 240mm(CW-9060042-WW) This model completes the theme of this pc build. Everything of this model is perfectly suitable for your preferred black and white setup. A white filament covers the cooling tube.

As a result, it helps to reflect lights. Also, you will get white radiators in this model. The fins are white too so that it can match the perfect black and white color scheme.

But the only thing that made us feel disappointed that there is dimpling on the end tanks. It might be good looking for some of you. Apart from this slightest problem, this was very compatible with our build.

Fans: QL120 RGB 120mm The fans of this model are the most latest. Also, these are the best for RGB LED fans if you intend to watch out for the exhaust side.

The fans are made with RGB rings on both sides. Also, the rings can be controlled to give a specialized and convenient look.

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 Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. What Is The Definition of A High-End Gaming PC Build?

Ans: A race car is a high-end PC. Moreover, it takes a bit more attention, like a racing vehicle, than something meant to get you here. It will provide you more outstanding results, but both in money and potentially time at a cost.

First, what does “high-end” imply to me? The reply is quite confusing. Of course, high-end PCs will be pricey, but what you pay for and what you should not be, is crucial to grasp.

For a high-end PC, you are searching for a system that runs all the latest games at all the highest graphical settings, preferably for years to come. This is what we term “future testing,” and while most PCs with a medium-range run most new games well, the only reason why we can go high-end is future proofs if you do not want to spend money.

A Windows PC high-end that is suitable for playback. Although ready-to-use, gaming computers are frequently created for severe lovers. They have up to 32 GB of RAM and are usually no more than a generation behind the most rapid CPU and GPU Chips.

Using a tower chassis, such computers frequently employ complex colding systems, particularly if the CPU is overclocked, to handle numerous drives and state-of-the-art graphic cards that can cost five times as much as the whole non-gaming PC. Laptops are also available on the market for ready-made gaming. See gaming clavier, mouse game, graphics card, refreshed water, and GPU.

2. How To Build A PC?

Ans: No time was better to build your own PC, but where’s the best place to start? The first step is to determine what you are going to get out of your new computer. When you know what your computer needs, you will know what your hardware is, which is the source of the performance of your computer.

Get the maximum output by investing from the outset in the correct components. You will need the main components

You may start researching and purchasing the hardware you desire to fulfill your plan once you have determined what sort of PC you are building. The central portions are here:


The first component you want to select is a motherboard. The motherboard controls the physical shape and size of your computer and the hardware that the PC may use.

Central Processing Unit/Processor (CPU)

The CPU is your computer’s engine and establishes the performance requirements for the whole construction process. The processor’s memory and storage fuel regulate all transactions in the PC. Pay attention to the gigahertz (GHz) when you decide which CPU to install – the greater the GHz, the quicker the processor will be.

Memory (RAM)

The addition of memory (RAM) is one of the quickest, easiest and cheapest methods to boost your computer’s speed, given that it provides your system with additional room to store data required temporarily.

Almost every computer activity depends on memory – including opening numerous tabs when surfing the web, typing and creating an e-mail, working several times across apps, and even moving your mouse pointer.


Your data and files are on your disk for lengthy periods of time. This information is stored on either an HDD or solid-state drive (SSD). While hard drives typically provide you more capacity (GB), SSD’s effectively have rendered them outmoded – on average, SSD’s are six times quicker 1 and 90 times more powerful2 than hard drives.

Case, Fans, Electricity

You also have to alter what you need for a chassis and power supply, depending on the type of PC you construct. You need a strong power supply to run all of it, plus an ideal interior airflow casing and fans to evacuate hot air that may potentially harm the system if you’re developing a high-performance workstation.

3. What Is The Advantage of Building A PC?

Ans: Some of the main advantages of PC building are here:

Long-term cheaper. Initially, it is always more costs to build a PC than to purchase a precast machine. However, components are frequently superior to bulk-ordered components that go into pre-constructed computers when they are separately purchased.

That means that the computer has a more significant life lifetime, generally improving build quality. Building a PC really saves you money over time since components are probably not to be replaced or repaired as often as pre-built.

Fix easier. It is easy to recognize when a component falls inside the PC you constructed, as every component is well known. They typically have extra replacement parts not made on pre-constructed computed computers when buying individual computers. These extra parts may save you from expensive repair charges or needless calls to technical support.

Better quality overall. If your objective is to achieve top performance, create a PC. Building a PC lets you select every component that enters your computer by yourself. The end result might have higher overall build quality when you have complete control over the internal components of your computer.

Pre-built PCs generally just focus on a CPU or GPU and add cheaper, less desired components to the remainder of the machine.

Wrapping Up

Well, every component is very convenient and stylish both in looks and performance. Also, compatibility is also an essential factor.

That’s why we have shared every possible detail with you to fulfill the dream of your customizable black and white pc.

Overall, we hope that this complete guide to black and white pc build has helped you a lot. Good luck on your custom build!

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