Is The HP Pavilion Laptop Good For Gaming? [Gaming Laptop Review]

Finding a good gaming laptop can be hectic if you are new to gaming. Even old gamers also fail to find the proper gaming laptop sometimes.

If you’re thinking of buying an HP Pavilion Gaming Laptop, this article will serve you. As hp pavilion laptops are made for your gaming purposes, they can indeed help you in gaming. But the main question is how much it can benefit you.

To sum up, if you want to have limited experience, it will serve you better. But these gaming laptops are not suitable for extreme gaming. Now, let’s know elaborately about is the HP Pavilion laptop good for gaming.

Is The HP Pavilion Laptop Good For Gaming


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Nvidia claims that HP Pavilion Gaming 15 laptop’s mobile RTX 3050 GPUs will considerably increase GTX performance increase over the GTX 1650.

At this precise moment, this Pavilion is still in an intriguing situation. This laptop offers an excellent hardware setup for other chores.

Middle camp guys undoubtedly want cheap ray tracing to improve the rendering of 3D visuals, and that’s just right! Perhaps this laptop isn’t yours. But this gaming laptop still deserves a visit if you fall into the first camp or the latter camp.



AMD Ryzen 5 5600H Processor; 11th-gen Intel Core i5

1x Ethernet, 1x USB-C 3.1, 1x USB-A 3.1 Gen 1,1x USAB 2.0, 1x USB-A 2.0, 1x USD-A 2.0

Speech: RAM 8/12/16 GB

Maintenance: 256/512GB, 1TB PCIe NVMe M.2 SSD

View: IPS 15.6-inch, resolution 1080p, maximum 144Hz.

Headset: 1x 3.5mm

Card Reader: 1x SD

Nvidia GeForce GTX 1650 graphics

Bluetooth: 5.2

 WiFi: 6

Battery Life: 52.5 Hours

Weight: PL 4.37

Sizes: 14.17 x 10.12 x 0.93″

Guarantee: Hardware Limited Guarantee for one year

HP provides an option to have either an Intel 11th-gen Core i5-11300H or the Core i7-11370H for an RTX 3050 if you are interested in a different Pavilion Gaming 15 model.

With either of these CPUs, there is also a GTX 1650 option. HP should also sell up to 7 5000-series processors, but it didn’t show in the webshop of HP when the article was published.

Springy Keyboard Surprisingly

Springy Keyboard Surprisingly

The HP Pavilion has not just a mechanical keyboard to give you a good snap. Its keys are low to boot as well. It has the uniqueness of a cheap laptop, but we don’t grumble.

Furthermore, the essential journey is not sufficient to be a horrible one. Its keys are also spaced equally for a full-scale keyboard, and any size of the hand should soon be adapted for type.

Can Run Most of The Games

Can Run Most of The Games

This laptop has outpaced the Ultra graphics level in overwatch with 116 fps at 1080p and has even reached 55 fps at Far Cry 5 in a similar option.

The staff received the same or comparable control when the graphic configuration is low. In such lower-faithfulness titles, the Ryzen 55600H Processor supports more excellent frame rates.

It isn’t generally a powerful AMD 5,000-series mobile CPU, but this processor is more than enough to do a range of activities outside of gameplay by six cores & 12 threads as well as increase to a 4.2GHz boost clock.

With a multi-core processing score of 9,478 Cinebench, it is not surprising that the gaming laptop Pavilion 15 does many other things well.

It effortlessly handles 4K video transcoding, 3D picture rendering, daily activities such as maintaining a set of Google Chrome tabs open—anything based on the processing capacity to assist your job gets done quicker.

Higher Refresh Rate 144hz

Higher Refresh Rate 144hz

It is essential to look at the refresh rate as well. Its speed is higher than 60Hz. It is more difficult to obtain a similar refresh rate on a cheap gaming laptop. The Pavilion will allow you to consume your cake.

Given this Pavilion, multi-player games may push, where clear visuals are not the primary priority over more than 100 fps, and 144Hz is essential.

Is The HP Pavilion Laptop Good For Gaming?

Valuable Sides of A Hp Pavilion Laptop For Gaming

Hp has made their pavilion laptops, especially for gaming. So, if you want a moderate gaming experience, it can indeed serve you. There are a few reasons why you can choose it for your gaming.

This can answer your question, is the hp pavilion laptop suitable for gaming. Let’s know about those:

HP Pavilion laptops can provide you with exceptional smooth service in gaming. Even if you multitask using this, the user will be effortless.

So, even while you are playing a high-definition and massive game, it will provide you with smooth service. This facility can give you very comfortable usage.

HP Pavilion laptops are made with great design. You will have extraordinary smartness while you use this for gaming.

Though the design won’t serve you in gaming, it’s essential to hold your image before other gamers.

Well, this is an essential thing in gaming. Without high graphics on your laptop, you can’t enjoy your gaming fully. Hp pavilion laptops are highly appreciated for gamers because of the high pictures.

As hp pavilion laptops come with customizable features, you can easily customize them according to your gaming needs.

This specialty provides excellent suitability to gamers. You can customize your preferred features according to your gaming specifications.

The reasonable cost of hp pavilion laptops is another thing to appreciate. Most of the time, gamers are unable to buy a gaming laptop at a budget-friendly price.

If you are a new gamer, hp pavilion laptops will be like a blessing to you. As simple as that!

Wrong Sides of A HP Pavilion Laptop for Gaming

Wrong Sides of A HP Pavilion Laptop for Gaming

As we mentioned above, hp pavilion laptops are not suitable for extreme gaming. So, if you are a pro gamer, these won’t serve you the best.

Apart from this, there are fewer things that are not suitable for gaming on these laptops. Let’s have a look at those.

1. Small Basic Model Storage

1. Small Basic Model Storage

The 256GB of Pavillion’s store is ludicrous now, especially for below $1,000, for nearly every gaming laptop. Nobody playing more miniature taxing games should be concerned about this because they generally do not require a lot of space. It can handle games that take up more than 40GB.

This laptop may be configured with a disk of 1TB. Honestly, it’s not terrible to take into account the cost of SSD storage outside the shelf.

2. At Best, Mediocre Battery Life

2. At Best Mediocre Battery Life

With this laptop, online gaming might be upsetting owing to the poor battery life.

You know that brightness level can grain your battery. By arranging the screen luminosity at 200 nts, we evaluate battery life in the Pavilion. We next switched off screen dimming and energy conservation and performed simple chores, such as Internet surfing and video viewing.

The energy-saving function is set at 10%. It improves the overall battery life to almost seven hours, was then run the same battery test for the second time.

HP offers this gaming laptop with up to 10 hours of battery life, which may be brought a closer minimum of 10% when the energy-saving is set.

3. Odd Bezels

3. Odd Bezels

When corners are cut to keep prices low, laptop manufacturers are practically sure to leave bezels larger. It is not affordable that the display boundary is reduced, and a tiny webcam can be found to suit the sliver of the area over the screen.

Slim bezels are probably an afterthought if you are someone who emphasizes pricing and dependability. But the sumptuous bezels are not excellent.

It is one of the final relics of a past gaming laptop period, and one-day laptop producers will hopefully complete each gaming laptop level with an entire surface.

4. No Extra Features

4. No Extra Features

If you want additional features and additions to your games, you shouldn’t choose a hp gaming laptop. Excellent gaming experience requires a lot of extra features.

But hp pavilion laptops are not to provide the gamer additional gaming features. As a result, the feedback can be lower than other competitor laptops. Because of this, you may not want to get a hp pavilion laptop.

5. Less Gaming Comfort

5. Less Gaming Comfort

As a pro gamer, we are sure that you would want something that will provide you with a great gaming experience. But a hp pavilion laptop can’t work the best in this case.

You will get moderate comfort while you are playing excessively. It’s not that it can’t serve you at all. It can benefit you, but you may not like it because comfort is less than other laptops.


1. Is It a Good HP Pavilion Laptop Cooling Performance?

Ans: For regular chores, it’s safe to place the Pavilion Gaming 15 on your lap. It’ll become a bit warm, but nothing hot enough to warrant putting your skin under cold water.

Our standard Google Chrome internet browser reference has only pushed the plastic chassis down to 43°C (109.4°F), and a fast gaming stress test has brought it to 48°C (118.4 degrees Fahrenheit).

There was a 38 degrees Celsius region around the keyboard (100.4 degrees Fahrenheit). All this is pretty remarkable for gaming machines.

Internally, most of the time, components, notably the CPU, remain at a safe temperature. After almost an hour of running benchmarks and gaming on extreme, the AMD Ryzen 5 5600H had a maximum temperature of 83 degrees Celsius—but the temperature was 68 degrees C.

The lower the average temperature, the longer the CPU’s length, and the larger the laptop can use consistently.

2. Does Your Gaming Laptop Need a High-Refresh-Rate Screen?

Ans: To produce an image on your screen, it must be redrawn several times a second (cooling rate). This means that a high refresh rate screen provides a considerably more fluid movement.

For example, a standard 24 fps (frames per second) film must be redrawn 24 times a second or 24hz to play correctly on the screen. Although this is good for a TV, this refresh rate is too sluggish for a computer or laptop since it will exhibit jerk movement.

That’s why many PCs and laptops often operate at 60Hz to display smooth movement.

Nowadays, most game laptops can reach refresh rates higher than 60Hz with 144Hz, 240Hz, and 300Hz as typical ones. You’d want to invest in a high-quality laptop to smooth the move. The screen resolution will, however, impact the refresh rate.

Most laptops are running at 1080p or 1440p (1920 by 1080p) (2560 by 1440). However, many gamers prefer to play 1080p, often known as full-hard, because it offers a tremendous deal of detail without too high a charge on your graphics card.

Most laptops with 1440p and 1080p resolution may be up to 240Hz in refresh rates, while 1080p laptops can be up to 300Hz.

If you play casual games or AAA titles, a 60Hz cooling laptop will be plenty. The Radeon RX 5500M, the GeForce GTX 1650 series, or the GeForce MX range allows your sets to play well with the low-end graphics card.

They support frame speeds between 30fps and 60fps. However, higher framerate rates, such as 120Hz or 144Hz, will be desirable in sports where response time, precision, and competitiveness are essential.

3. What is the HP Pavilion 15?

Ans: The HP Pavilion 15 is a reasonably competent laptop – I don’t believe you could honestly want any more excellent value for money.

Generally, it’s decent construction quality, and it looks very trendy. Still, it’s flexible in the lid than I like, and you have a bit of additional care with its entire plastic construction and absence of a 360-degree hinge.

The Ryzen processor and the large NVMe SSD are both generic and demanding, making the laptop seem faster in everyday use. You may upgrade the RAM to 16GB if you wish to use it regularly for high-hard tasks.

The AMD Vega 8 graphics integrated even managed light gaming as long as you can adjust resolution and graphic quality.

I found the fan a bit bruising, and the screen reflects quite strongly. It isn’t much you can do about fan noise, but if you believe it bothered you, you may choose a model with an anti-illumination monitor at the price of touch.

It might not be the flashiest laptop around, but it might be the perfect laptop for a student who is a casual gamer and do other light everyday tasks.

Bottom Line

In conclusion, if you are a gamer who is a beginner in gaming, HP Pavilion Gaming Laptop can serve you in the best possible way. But if you want solid gaming performance, it may not be suitable for you.

Thus, these are the best at an affordable price. Now that you have got the answer to, “is the HP pavilion laptop good for gaming” we hope you can choose the best gaming laptop for you.

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