Is 16GB RAM Enough For Gaming? [Things To Know]

System requirements for PC games have consistently increased the need for our machines. As we advance to new generations of components, you will observe more and more RAM seems necessary.

Fortunately, the technology gets more inexpensive as these requirements rise and save us from spending the last dollars on our magnificent facilities.

We noted that new modern games seem to demand more and more Memory, and it is suggested that buyers get 16GB for some titles!

Apart from games created on a console, the GB of RAM is reserved for consoles. Your computer, by comparison, is far more adaptable. For instance, 16 GB of GDDR6 SDRAM is present in the PS5. 16 GB for all games is the standard? Well, it’s a bit more detailed.

What happens if you want to play Death Stranding or Kingdom Come Delivery on your computer visually heavy game? If you’d want to ignore a second graphics: what about the game performance like League of Legend or Fornite without any problems or delay?

Let’s find out is 16GB RAM enough for gaming here:Is 16GB RAM Enough For Gaming

What Does RAM Do In Gaming?

What Does RAM Do in Gaming

RAM (Random Access Memory) is where data and applications are stored during processing in your PC. Take a match. Take a match. For instance, the hard drive saves your game, but it is ineffective and slow to retrieve HDD data continuously.

That’s why RAM is vital since it allows your PC to swiftly access data so that your computer can quickly load the crucial game data to the RAM.

Your PC cannot keep all the game data you need to run, leading to sluggish frames and an awful experience with insufficient RAM.

Note that dedicated GPUs come with a built-in RAM, called vRAM. vRAM stands apart from system RAM because it concentrates exclusively on transmitting visuals to your monitors.

Having played 4K, you would want your vRAM to increase via RAM to eliminate performance difficulties. It is where it becomes interesting.

The days are gone when the norm for Gaming is 4GB of RAM. 4GB of RAM is no longer adequate for the typical game with so many upgrades and advancements throughout the years.

It makes sense to purchase more than 4GB, not only that but with RAM Kit costs falling.

The Xbox One, with the assistance of the AMD “Jaguar,” was run at 8 GB and had 256 MB of visual RAM. While more GB RAM does not necessarily make the game run quicker, Xbox One may run longer without accessing slower system storage resources.

Terminology for RAM

Terminology for RAM

Let’s look at several key RAM components and their significance.



Memory refers to a specific field in which items like data and programs are stored when they are used. Some memory kinds are available. One of them is RAM.



It is the location of the RAM on the computer. While the computer contains additional memory regions, this is the mainframe. As the RAM is greater, more applications and data are available at once for your computer and CPU.

If you play an intensive game, you balance numerous job assignments and more. It’s wonderful.



Crucial elements of RAM and computer memory are SSD SSD or solid-state drives. The SSD is an additional computer storage device.



For gigabytes, GB stands. Basically, a gigabyte for a console, computer, or gadget is your storage measure. The greater the gigabytes supplied, the larger your hardware memory capacity.

Depends on the Game System Requirements

Depends on the Game System Requirements

While certain games may not provide an appropriate gaming experience if you use 4GB RAM, some (newer) games don’t have any 4GB issue.

The graphics below show different RAM use for comparison and assessment when playing at 1080p. 4 GB of RAM, 8 GB of RAM, and 16 GB of RAM.

Such games like Deus Ex: Mankind Divided may run with 4GB of RAM even if recommended in 16GB RAM, as stated below, as per steam system recommendations.

If budget players want to extreme every cent, 8GB may seem superfluous, but the absolute lowest RAM is of little use to really let your machine shine.



Is 4GB RAM Sufficient for Today’s Gaming?

Is 4GB RAM Sufficient for Todays Gaming

While these graphics offer solid evidence that you can quickly run many 4GB RAM games, this corner is not worth cutting.

By contributing to the cheap extra RAM costs and an extra headroom that would bring a better investment of 8GB, Gaming with 4GB RAM would be unnecessary.

Is 8GB of RAM The Perfect RAM?

Is 8GB of RAM the Perfect RAM

Is RAM 8GB sufficient for play? In a word, yes, the new minimum guideline considers by many as 8GB. 8GB is regarded as a lovely place because most of today’s games are running without a problem.

It means for gamers out there that you really want to invest in 8GB or more of your system’s suitably fast RAM. The possibility of a terrible gaming experience will be eliminated, and you will have the headroom for specific games and, certainly, future updates.

With the debut of the latest Ryzen CPU, the attention is mainly on RAM speed, and capacity recommendations are increasing slowly as ever. Indeed, some games won’t use more than 4 GB, but as RAM costs are relatively reasonable, you may invest in what’s coming.

Is 16GB RAM Enough For Gaming?

Is RAM Investing in For Gaming 16GB Worth

The first thing is that there is no drawback to the use of the 16 GB RAM module. While some games state that they need a minimum of 16GB, they frequently need 8GB.

It indeed relies on your construction cost and system power whether you have or are not 16GB installed. Although it might not seem needed for most, establishing at least 16 GB of RAM is a good investment if you have a mighty PC.

With this RAM amount included in your setup, you can rest assured that your system will stand the time test (until the inevitable overhaul occurs).



Many think it overcrowds at 32GB. However, many game consoles don’t utilize 32GB so that you can picture the pure power on a gaming computer.

You might find 32GB to be excellent for decent RAM if you desire absolute maximum speed performance, no problems with stuttering, lag, or any other graphic or performance hooks.

Furthermore, you may save money by not buying or updating new technology by 32 GB of Ram. Unfortunately, you will not be able to save money.

Multiple Modules Versus Single Module

Multiple Modules Versus Single Module

What Is the Amount of RAM That Is Too Big?

What Is the Amount of RAM That Is Too Big

Technically, your machine will not have too much RAM unless you’ve acquired more than your motherboard could manage. As already said, RAM 8GB is great for many games.

If not all, games run well at RAM. While over 8GB is not a waste of your investment, it might take some time to fully use (depending on what you use your PC for).

The cases for 16GB of RAM are special and more suitable for gamers. Higher-capacity RAM kits are an excellent addition for gamers who produce content, stream, and even listen to music.

There are certainly benefits to video editors and 3D models for larger RAM capacity, such as 16GB and more.

Applications such as Google Chrome might need an excellent memory to work simultaneously. With a bit of headroom for such apps, you’re most likely to prevent problems/crashes.

Therefore, 16GB Ram will become the most satisfactory solution if you’re an avid player who casually streams games. 8GB of suitably fast RAM should be plenty for casual and hardcore gamers who do not use the PC for far more than Gaming.

How Many RAMs are Correct?

How Many RAMs are Correct

Therefore, for all job and game requirements, you may not be utilizing a gaming PC. So how much RAM is good for different devices? Let’s take a look. Let us take a peek.



Pills are not hubs for high-performance Gaming exactly. However, you are presumably surfing a tablet that has a ton of activity to handle. In this situation, it is sufficient to choose a tablet with almost every GB of RAM.

The RAM GB is probably not greater than 4 GB of RAM if you only play crosswords and read e-books on your tablet. However, you may upgrade it to 8 GB RAM if you do more intense activities like playing a game, watching Netflix, and generating digital media.



It could vary laptop RAM. For more graphically challenging games, you’ll often see on Steam forums whether their laptop can run a specific game.

When Gaming isn’t the critical item to buy your laptop, it’s a good idea to go for anything like 4GB. But if you’re going to play seriously, go for an 8GB or AMD or NVIDIA GPU.

You should be able to do a lot of what CPUs can on the desktop with this combo.



PCs should have at least 8GB of desktop gaming. If they have anything less, game performance will significantly damage as the computer stops while the game runs to save and fetch data.

How Long Do I Have RAM?

How Long Do I Have RAM



Gamers require their GPU, CPU, and RAM a bit more kick. Gaming PCs usually demand a RAM of at least 8GB. However, gaming setups often require more than 8GB or 16GB, so any option is trustworthy.

But 8GB for most players should be the minimum. Of course, anything is lower, and you will undoubtedly encounter several troubles and challenges.

 Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. What Games Can You Play with 16GB Of Ram?

Ans: Everything depends on just how good the game is. No games in minimal requirements are required, which means what you need to run the game correctly requires 16 GB ram unless you look at the suggested requirements, which will also demand a high-end system.

The result is although 16GB of RAM is a considerable performance boost, it is not required since 8GB of RAM would do very all right.

Very few games really get 16GB of Memory versus 8GB. Yes, 16GB with most games, 1–3fps is greater than 8GB but not just confident specific high-profile CPU-based or highly elaborate games are developed that perform considerably better without any optimization.

Like, but not only. Ark, a citizen of the star, besieged multiplayer battlefield one and just caused 3.

I tested all these with 8Gb and all but 15–20fps worse than the games running at 16Gb on average, except for the star citizen, who’s hot in her right way and can’t spend 50fps on the ram even with 128GB.

But if you have 8GB, you should be okay if you’re just playing your game.

2. What is RAM & How Much Memory Do You Need?


Ans: RAM means “random memory of access.” It is your PC’s physical work memory. For easy access, all your open apps, files, and other data are here.

RAM differs from the hard drive or SSD of your computer, which is significantly slower than RAM. It transfers from the storage to its RAM when you run or access a software file.

Plus, you have RAM. More at once, you can do. If you lack adequate RAM for your open program, your system will slower since the data must be moved into and out of the page file on your system drive by Windows (or another operating system).

If there is not enough RAM, you may even encounter a low memory error. It depends on what you do how much RAM you need to perform. To play the newest PC games, operate virtual machines, and edit 4K films, you will need additional RAM.

The requirement for additional RAM has obviously risen throughout the years. A few years ago, web pages, apps, and games allocated and used more RAM. A few years ago, 8GB for the average use, including Gaming, were released to PC users.

Today, the value might be overshadowed by only one game, a few heavy renderings, or just surfing the web with multiple open tabs.

When you use your existing RAM, your computer will write anything else to your hard drive or SSD’s page file. If you perform anything that regularly needs an exchange, slowdowns and even hitches are possible.

Regardless of how fast your storage disk is, its performance is still tremendously lent compared to RAM running your apps directly.

3. How To Check RAM Speed?

Ans: Follow these procedures to check RAMs for Windows 10

  1. Right-click on the Windows Taskbar and then select Task Manager to open Task Manager. Navigate to the Performance tab — the chosen CPU view will open it, so you’d like to select the Speed view from the left navigation panel.
  2. You may see your RAM speed and other information after you have clicked on Memory.

Another Method

Windows often make it hard to observe the speed of your RAM clock. Therefore, we have to use a third-party program: CPU-Z.

CPU-Z is installed, and the system is analyzed, and a lot of helpful information is provided – including the RAM speed.

Click on the Memory tab for a variety of memory information. The first entry is what you are searching for: ‘DRAM Frequency.’ You may also access the BIOS of your computer and view the RAM speed of your machine.

If you already know the pace at which your RAM should run, you will know if the speed is correct.

If you do not know, you may have to examine the Memory to discover the label and model, then check for the specs online. RAM that should run more quickly than average JEDEC settings typically runs less slowly than it can; thus, you may need to enter the BIOS and change speed manually (and other times) to have it operate at the correct pace.

It’s an excellent idea to obtain matching sticks, if possible when adding extra RAM to the open memory slots. Otherwise, purchase RAM that matches the existing storage specifications.


Then what did we learn? Well, it may look feasible on paper while you are playing RAM 4 GB, but it is not an intelligent investment for you and your money.

The way most gamers should go, 8GB of the RAM for Gaming. Whether you get the greatest DDR4 RAM or a RAM package with pretty high construction rates, 8GB gives you minor problems at very affordable prices.

Of course, you probably bet 16GB of power or greater RAM if you have a very high-end construction, intend to build the top-of-the-line Specific PC, or generate many different video materials.

Most, if not all of the gaming motherboards, enable dual-channel Random Access Memory. Some select motherboards even support four-channel systems.

The significant advantage of numerous RAM modules is that your system provides some security against failures or damaged modules because the others can take care of the fault.

In your Gaming with either single or many RAM modules, you will probably not perceive a difference, but you may continue playing with at least several if something goes wrong. I hope now you get is 16GB RAM enough for gaming.

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