5 Best Subwoofer For 2 Channel Stereo 2022 [Reviews]

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Before discussing subwoofers for 2 channel stereo, let us first have a basic concept of a subwoofer system. What purpose does a subwoofer serve, and how does it work? This article will provide you with a detailed idea about the  Best Subwoofer For 2 Channel Stereo.

Subwoofer systems reproduce low frequencies. In the majority of cases, this happens to be the bottom two octaves that are from 20Hz to 80Hz.

However, you must keep this thing in mind that having a special box that can generate low frequencies does not always equate to good bass in the listening room. The acoustic properties of the room are also an essential factor determining this.

You must always look out for solving these acoustical problems first, before investing any amount on a subwoofer. The additional power handling which accord to the system as a whole is one of the most significant advantages that are offered by the subwoofers.

The acoustic energy in music tends to be the highest at low frequencies. It also tails off when the rate is increasing. Using a dedicated box can help in taking up the power-hungry bass and lessening the burden of the satellites along with providing clarity and overall power handling.

5 Best Subwoofer For 2 Channel Stereo 20225 Best Subwoofer For 2 Channel Stereo 2022

Top 5 Subwoofer For 2 Channel Stereo Comparison Table

Top 5 Subwoofer For 2 Channel Stereo Comparison Table

Which Type of Subwoofer Is Best for 2 Channel Stereo?

A two-channel stereo needs to add two subwoofers. You should have two subwoofers for two channels because it can improve the bass frequency even more.

You will have a flatter bass and a linear bass frequency. It can give you the experience of feeling the sounds more.

But a question comes, which type of stereo is best for the two-channel stereo? Usually, there are two types of subwoofers, and both of them are good for two channels.

But among those two, one type is best. Let’s look at those subwoofers and know which one can work best for your two-channel stereo.

Subwoofers With Ins And Outs

Subwoofers With Ins And Outs

These subwoofers are best for two-channel stereo because they already have the ins and outs options for plugging.

So basically, at first, you need to plug the speaker out from the amp to the subwoofer’s speaker in. Then you need to get your speakers out.

It’s not just easy to use, but also it comes at a reasonable price. So, if having subwoofers for a two-channel stereo, you should purchase this type of subwoofer. Besides, it can add more excellent bass to your sound effects.

Subwoofers Without Ins And Outs

Subwoofers Without Ins And Outs

Another type of subwoofer comes with no ins or outs. These are a little bit difficult to manage. For example, your subwoofers have LR and RCA.

Now using an integrate and a pre-out, you can do it. Just add the pre-out to the integrate back, and then with the use of a Y splitter, split the signals and make them two.

Put the Y speaker into the RCA of the subwoofer inside of the LR. And your two-channel stereo is ready. This kind of subwoofer requires an extra part such as pre-out and Y splitter.

These two additions with the subwoofer will cost more than those subwoofers which come with the ins and outs.

Moreover, trying to split the signals nicely with a Y splitter may not be successful all the time. But with the first type of subwoofer, you don’t have to do a thing.

It is already able to split the sound by itself. Hence in our opinion buying a subwoofer with the ins and outs is the best choice for a two-channel stereo.

5 Best Subwoofer For 2 Channel Stereo Reviews

5 Best Subwoofer For 2 Channel Stereo Reviews

There are numerous brands of subwoofers available in the markets today that can set up in a stereo system. Buying the ideal one can be a confusing thing. Each brand of subwoofers is having unique features with their respective pros and cons.

Here we present before you the top 5 brands of subwoofers along with their specifications. This list can help you in choosing the right kind of subwoofers that will be suitable following your needs and requirements. Lets take a brief look at them.

1. Sonos Sub Wireless Subwoofer For Deep Bass Review

Sonos sub wireless subwoofer for deep bass
Sonos sub wireless subwoofer for deep bass=>

The Sonos sub wireless subwoofers can enhance up your listening experience when you connect the sub to your Sonos system. You just simply have to make it stand upright, then you have to place it on its side, or you can even tuck it under any piece of furniture like a couch or even a bed.

With the Sonos sub wireless subwoofers, you can easily experience pure bass with zero buzzes, vibration or rattle. For enjoying an incredible home theatre experience, you can simply pair them with Sonos beams, play bar, or even a play base. You can also add rear surrounds for getting some immersive sounds.


  1. These subwoofers serve the best in providing deep bass, and you can make them a part of your home audio system.
  2. It is easy to configure and add to an existing Sonos centre channel.
  3. These subwoofers can serve to be a great addition to a combination of Sonos speakers.
  4. It gives you a great kind of acoustic experience too.
  5. It can enormously improve the sound of your studio pair.


Nothing as such.


2.Yamaha 8″ 100W Powered Subwoofer

Yamaha 8" 100W powered subwoofer
Yamaha 8″ 100W powered subwoofer=>

The Yamaha 8″ 100 W powered subwoofer comes up with a new twisted flare port that aids in contributing to a bright and tighter bass. Active servo technology II, the subwoofer used. These 8″ subwoofers can easily be a stylish addition to any room. It produces a dynamic power of 100 watts. The bass response that gets resulted from this is vibrant and tremendously impactful. It can add up to the beauty of a living room or home theatre room. It works well with a wide range of speaker systems too. Apart from being a black box, the Yamaha powered subwoofer can act as the heartbeat of your home theatre system. These subwoofers, along with providing higher sound quality, also offer a more stable and accurate low range response.


  1. These subwoofers provide a tight and precise bass.
  2. They also present themselves as a stylish addition to any room.
  3. In the reduction of extraneous noise which is not present in the original input signal and provides clear and accurate low-frequency reproduction, it gently twists flared shape helps.
  4. It is an excellent addition to the Yamaha soundbar.


  1. The power switch in these subwoofers is placing on the back, which can be a bit awkward at times.


3.Echo Sub Powerful Subwoofers

Echo sub powerful subwoofers
Echo sub powerful subwoofers=>

The echo sub powerful subwoofers deliver down-firing. They produce a 100 W deep bass sound that comes from a 6″ woofer. To enjoy dynamic music that can fill your entire space, you can pair them with one echo or echo plus. If you do the same with two of the same Echo devices, you can get a richly amplified left/right stereo sound. You can simply set up these subwoofers by plugging them in, opening the Alexa app and wirelessly connecting to your echo devices to control music with your voice.


  1. They can use in multi-room setups.
  2. These subwoofers provide great bass.
  3. They enhance the music’s sound quality.


  1. It may face some Bluetooth issues.
  2. These subwoofers cannot be an ideal choice for seamless functionality.


4.Polk Audio PSW505 12″ Powered Subwoofer

Echo sub powerful subwoofers
Echo sub powerful subwoofers=>

The slot load venting of Polk audio powered subwoofer aids in improving its bass response. It’s comprehensive, and long slotted vent can help in lessening the turbulence, noise, and distortion, thereby creating a precise and booming bass. The rock-solid MDF construction of these subwoofers suppresses the enclo panel resonance, which helps provide a distortion-free and accurate response. These subwoofers also exhibit longer excursions and better linearity. Its adjustable low pass crossover, phase switch, and volume control allow its perfect blending with any speaker.


  1. These subwoofers you can get placement safely next to your tv or video monitor because it’s built with magnetically shielded
  2. The vast and long slotted vent dramatically lessen the turbulence distortion the noise coming from the subwoofers
  3. These subwoofers can provide you with the impressive quality of sound with bass.


  1. These subwoofers do not have high-quality amplifiers.


5.BIC America F12 Front-Firing Powered Subwoofer

BIC America F12 front-firing powered subwoofer
BIC America F12 front-firing powered subwoofer=>

The BIC America F12 front-firing powered subwoofer has a 12-inch injection moulded long-throw woofer. With a patented BIC “Venturi” vent that aids in eliminating port noise it equips. It has an adjustable crossover, automatic signal sensing, and adjustable volume control. Between 25 Hz and 200 Hz, it has a frequency response ranging.


  1. These subwoofers provide quality sound.
  2. These subwoofers can serve to be the best choice for a home theatre.
  3. It has a substantial and sturdy construction.


  1. When this subwoofer is switch to higher volumes, it can cause the grills to flex, which can end up making a slapping noise.


How To Choose The Best Subwoofer For 2 Channel Stereo? Buying guide

How To Choose The Best Subwoofer For 2 Channel Stereo Buying guide

Purchasing an ideal set of subwoofers for 2 channel stereo can be a bit confusing at times. Numerous brands present different kinds of features that can serve to be perplexing at times.

To make an ideal choice about the right set of subwoofers for 2 channel stereo, you must consider certain factors before making your purchase. Let us have a detailed view of those factors.


Size 1

The size that you select for your subwoofers can make a big difference. Woofers that have larger surface areas provide more bass to the sound as compared to woofers having smaller surface areas. It reflects by the sub’s frequency response that measured in Hertz.

However, you must also keep this in mind that your subwoofer easily blends with your other speakers to create a realistic and immersive listening experience.

The Size Of Your Room

The Size Of Your Room

If you have a significant and open living room, then considering a large subwoofer can be an ideal choice as it helps in moving more air and thereby producing more bass. On the contrary, if your room is a city and smaller in size, choosing a lower volume of subwoofers will serve you well.

The Amount Of Bass That You Desire

The Amount Of Bass That You Desire

The amount of bass that you wish from your subwoofer is mostly dependent on the kind of stuff that you intend to listen to it. If you want to get a sound quality that can make your room quake, you must go for larger subwoofers. On the contrary, if you are one of those who like to watch animated stuff, a smaller subwoofer can serve you well.

The Amount Of Power That You Need

The Amount Of Power That You Need

A powered subwoofer has its amplification built right in. Talking about the power of your subwoofer, the higher the amp’s wattage, the more powerful and impactful it will be its bass. You must go for a subwoofer having the amount of wattage that suits your budget.

Investing a large amount on a subwoofer that exhibits a higher wattage is not a suitable choice if your budget does not allow you to do so.

The Location Of Your Subwoofers

The Location Of Your Subwoofers

You should decide in advance that the kind of subwoofer that you are going to buy will fit in your desired location or not. You must consider proper guidelines for home theatre speaker placement that can provide you with the intended bass on your sound.



Your subwoofer must be connected to your home theatre to receive a signal. This may result in running and concealing a long cable from one part of the room to the other. However, with specific improvements made in the subwoofers, you can quickly receive signals wirelessly from a transmitter connecting your receiver.

There are also some of the subwoofers that come up with a wireless kit that aids in transforming any subwoofer into a wireless subwoofer. You must keep in mind that your subwoofer will still need to plug into an outlet for power or a power protection device.

Setting Up A Subwoofer To A Stereo System

Setting Up A Subwoofer To A Stereo System

Subwoofers can be easily used in home theatre systems on the one hand and can also help in radically improving the sound of stereo systems. On the other hand, especially when it is the case of small speakers. A firm base to the sound few speakers can gathering on their own subwoofers, help in providing.

Adding up a subwoofer not only adds up to more and deeper bass of a properly integrated subwoofer; instead, a properly integrated subwoofer improves the overall sound of the system. Using subwoofers can add up to the quality of the sound of any stereo system.

A subwoofer can further add up to the deep bass to your set of high-end speakers and amplifiers. The following steps can take to set up a woofer to a stereo system:-

Connecting The Subwoofers Using A line-Out Connection

Connecting The Subwoofers Using A line Out Connection

It sends a non-amplified, low-frequency signal to your subwoofer When you connect your subwoofers using a line-out kind of connection. This Adjusts Perfect for powered subwoofers only. Powered subwoofers are the ones that have built-in amplification that can plug into the power outlet.

The RCA cable or even a subwoofer cable can use successfully subwoofer input jack, to connect the “Sub Out” or “LFE Out” on your receiver, preamplifier or amplifier.

Turning The Subwoofer On

Turning The Subwoofer On

The next step simply involves switching the subwoofer “on” on the receiver or your preamplifier menu.

Connect Using Speaker-Level

Connect Using Speaker Level

After following the steps mentioned above, you should connect the setup using speaker-level connections. all receivers don’t have a sub-out jack and passive subwoofers that why it’s required and external amplification, and therefore a speaker connection gets successfully established.

Connecting Speaker Cables

Connecting Speaker Cables

Now the next step involves connecting the speaker cable to your receiver/amplifier’s main speaker outputs at the input terminals of the subwoofer.

You have to make sure that the corresponding speaker left and right are correctly match to the polarities positive and negative last You need to connect the wires left and right to the speakers from the speaker outputs present in your subwoofer. Here, you again have to take care while matching the polarities. Press off your subwoofer and from of your menu, set the speakers to “large.”


1: Why should I Add a Subwoofer To My Stereo?

Ans: To improve your sound system, you can use a subwoofer with your stereo system. Typically subwoofers are applied in home theaters.

But it is not the only option, using it with stereo has more benefits. It will not just add a bass, but also it improves the whole sound system of the stereo.

2: How to Connect the Subwoofer to the left and right Input?

Ans: There are two options to connect a subwoofer with a receiver. The first option is using an LFE input and the second option is RCA input.

LFE option is for left, and the RCA option is for right. The best option is to use the LFE input cable if it is in your subwoofer. Otherwise, you have to use the RCA option, but it will be okay.

3: Can you Connect Two wireless Subwoofers?

Ans: No. There is no way to do that with Bluetooth. If you have two subwoofers, using one of them at the same time is the only option.

4: Can you run a Subwoofer Without an Amp?

Ans: Generally, a subwoofer expands the bass frequencies and makes a deep sound. It is also applied with an amplifier so that it can boost more sound.

And that is why most times, subwoofers come with an amplifier in a pair. But it is optional. If you don’t have the budget to buy a subwoofer with an amplifier, you can buy a subwoofer alone. It will still run.

5: How to Connect a Passive Subwoofer to a Receiver Without a Subwoofer?

Ans: You can see the subwoofer as another speaker if your receiver doesn’t have a preamp output. Then, use the wire for the speaker with terminals of the receiver speaker.

It is made for left speakers and right speakers. And now you have to connect them with terminals as a level of subwoofer’s speaker.


We expect that this article would have provided you with sufficient information and guidelines which you can take into consideration while purchasing the most suitable subwoofer for a 2 channel studio. If you have any other queries that you want to get answered before making a new purchase, you can let us know about them in the comments section.

I hope now you know the best subwoofer for 2 channel stereo. It would be a pleasure for us to guide you well. Thanks for reading.

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