What Will You Do If The Subwoofer Not Working, But The Speakers Are?

Before going into this article’s depth, I should undoubtedly have to answer your queries if you have very little knowledge of Stereo Audio System instruments. Going through this blog, let’s learn from the very beginning what is Subwoofer and Speaker and why you need both.

Additionally, you need to know if any of this equipment does not correctly work how it affects your total sound system. Relax, I will let you gain knowledge of the pre-mentioned queries, including the Subwoofer not working but the speakers are.

Subwoofer not working but the speakers are

Do You Want To Hear The Sound Of Any Tune?- Go For Speaker:

Do You Want To Hear The Sound Of Any Tune

Well, all tunes, music, or any audio or video clippings have their sound. But trust me, if you don’t use a speaker or not integrated into your music system, you can’t hear any tunes as they renovate electromagnetic waves into sound waves.

Do You Want To Hear All The Sound Of Any Tune?- Go For Subwoofer:

Do You Want To Hear All The Sound Of Any Tune

I think by reading the caption, you will get the full answers. Yes, you are needed subwoofers to hear each bit of sound of your tune. Let’s think; any music is a perfect combination of the sound of several sorts of instruments like kick drum, bass guitar, piano, or pipe organ.

All of their twisted sound frequency is not the same. You can differentiate them from numerous ranges, either low to high frequency, and a good tune is a perfect unification.

To make the music polished, full, and rich or get a three-dimensional effect, you need to simultaneously catch high and low frequencies.

What Will You Do If The Subwoofer Not Working But The Speakers Are?

What Will You Do If The Subwoofer Not Working But The Speakers Are?

We have assembled some grounds for Subwoofers to discontinue working and the possible methods of fixing them.

Method 1 –  Stir In The Air:

Stir In The Air

You might have already known that to get the music’s original vibe and rhythm, and you need a woofer and Subwoofer jointly with your speaker. Not only that, to get the precise frequency, you have to ensure that they are capable and active in motion in the air.

When I feel that my subwoofers are not working, I stir them in the air two or three times and move them into another place; until I’m contented and realized the best possible performance. I generally allocate at least an hour by ear.

Method 2 –  Wipe Away Any Dirt:

Wipe Away Any Dirt

Subwoofers might stop functioning due to deep layer grime, grease, or else dirt. I habitually love to use a lint-free and piece of hygienic cloth to gently clean and wipe away any dust. Otherwise, that would tarnish the rubber and RTV silicone bond.

Method 3 –  Take Precaution For The Short Circuit:

Take Precaution For The Short Circuit

One of the most natural causes of subwoofer failure is short-circuiting. The unpredictable short circuit in the wires might be bequeathing the signal; thus, it put off the electrical current and signal from ever reaching the Subwoofer.

It also significantly trim down the amount of power and might not depart sufficient ability to drive the cone and causes malfunctioning of Subwoofers.

As a result, when you see subwoofers are not working, I would suggest you ensure either the short circuit occurs or not. If you use a voltage stabilizer to keep balancing the frequent voltage ups and down, I think you can get rid of the short circuit.

Method 4 –  Renovate Subwoofers Rubber Enfold:

Renovate Subwoofers Rubber Enfold

Firstly, you need to evaluate the damage to your Subwoofer. It depends on the cut’s sternness about how much you are required the scaffolding substance to encircle the hole.

I have seen that if a portion of the rubber bits and pieces is entirely misplaced from the rubber encase, then Subwoofer is not working, but speakers are.

So you have to coat up the tear with RTV silicone due to formulate the Subwoofer that might be occupied approximately as delicate as fresh.

Tip: Don’t make an additional hole in the rubber encircle either unintentionally or with a tool.

Method 5 –  Beware Of Power Licking:

Beware Of Power Licking

It’s needed to exceed an adequate amount of amperage to the Subwoofer’s electromagnetic coil to interact lucratively with the enduring magnet.

Otherwise, Subwoofer might not be working correctly. Make a guarantee that the power supply is not licking somehow of the subwoofers.

Method 6 –  Verify The Subwoofer’s Cone Might Not Be Broken :

Verify the Subwoofer’s Cone Might Not Be Broken

I observed the Subwoofer’s cone is sealed to the enclosure by choosing materials in my personal experience. When the seal is out of order, the speaker cone might not be able to shift suitably.

Push down the Subwoofer on the centre to make certain that the RTV silicone doesn’t fortuitously block the sub’s moving. To secure your running of Subwoofer’s issues in detail, you may go for another article, How to Fix a Subwoofer with No Sound: One Hand Solutions Guide.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why Is Subwoofer Significant With A Speaker For Music?

Ans: In general, Subwoofer’s amplifier is nicely blending with your primary speaker, as nearly all speakers in your stereo system might not be proficient in imitating all the frequencies your auditory source sends to them. As a result, you surely are heard a partial part of the sound.

2. Is It Worth To Use A Subwoofer With Your Loudspeaker?

Ans: Conversely, many critics may assume that a loudspeaker can engage in recreation without a Subwoofer just very well. They might be ideal for using either a nightclub or a cinema.

According to them, the enormous majority of stereo systems or TVs don’t necessitate extra subwoofers. Because of their built-in sound system is adequate to perfectly entertained of music.

On top of that, they might adjoin plenty of cost and bulk, and in most home situations, they aren’t indispensable.

Final Words :

To attain an eminence sound system, particularly for use by Bands or  DJ, the renowned musicians commonly organize a setup of speakers, woofers, mid-ranges, tweeters, and subwoofers to grip a versatile range of sounds and notes.

Some times you might face a problem like your Subwoofer not working but the speakers are. When all the structures work together, the complete range of sound is enclosed and will offer you a heavenly experience.

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