Adding Subwoofers To Two-Channel Stereo [Like An Expert]

In my opinion, subwoofers are underrated and underused. These subwoofers greatly improve the overall sounds of our stereo systems.

Not only do they give you fullness and depth of sounds, but they actually also give you a background sound that balances the sound your home theaters can muster up.

Adding Subwoofers to two-channel stereo isn’t so much of a deal, we will consider that shortly.

Connecting your subwoofer to a two-channel stereo is not the same as connecting it to your home theater. This is because, naturally, your AV receivers have what is called “bass management feature”.

This helps them to direct to your sub the low bass sound and to your speakers the mid-range and treble. This happens when you do the connection with a single interconnect cable.

If you know your speakers well, you’ll know that integrated amplifiers, stereo receivers, and preamps hardly ever come with any output Jack or bass management so it’s going to be advisable to use the subwoofers’ high-level inputs.

When you arrange it this way, all the speakers, including the subwoofer will get the bass, mid-range, and treble. No sharing.

The question becomes this. . .

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Adding Subwoofers To Two-Channel Stereo – In 4 Step

Adding Subwoofers To Two-Channel Stereo-In 4 Step

The simple answer to that question is yes. Imagine being able to get all the richness and fullness from your speakers by Add Subwoofers To Two-Channel Stereo. This is also very easy to do and we will deal with that right away.


  1. Connect the wires from your amp to your subwoofer
  2. Connect another set of wires to your speakers. When that is done you will notice that your sub doesn’t really talk up much current from your signal
  3. Connect a line-level signal that will run from your integrated amplifiers to your subwoofer
  4. To do this, you can use a subwoofer-output


It is quite a straightforward process. I hope this adding Subwoofers to two-channel stereo discussion helps you solve the problem.

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