USB Microphone Buzzing: 7 Dreadful Reasons and Their Effective Solutions

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A USB microphone buzzing is one of the essential instruments for our laptop, iPad, Mac Books, etc. The USB microphone contains all types of recording facilities. We can easily record something and communicate with someone so easily. The USB microphone buzzing is a seriously annoying issue.

It is a sign that indicates that it doesn’t work smoothly. Wireless interference, noise, software are the root of this problem. In this article, we are going to discuss 7 possible reasons like and their ultimate solution to get rid of this problem.

USB Microphone Buzzing

What Are The Troublemakers of USB Microphone Fluttering?

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What are The Troublemakers of Microphone Buzzing

There can be various reasons that can cause Your microphone buzzing. Sometimes, it can cause by technical issue or the USB microphone has some internal or external issues.

1. Power Supply:

Power Supply Issue

The power supply can be the main issue for USB microphone fluttering. The power supply connection of your laptop may be creating a humming sound that is super annoying. There may be a problem with the cable of a microphone too.

2. Hardware Issues

Hardware Issues on USB Microphone Buzzing

If there is any problem with your electrical device’s hardware this buzzing problem can happen. There can be a problem in your laptop’s port where you plug in your microphone or any other hardware that is related to your microphone.

Another issue could be the headers for the front USB/audio jack. Check and see if you have the buzz when running on battery, if happen then there is a problem in your cable of the mic.

3. The Noise Level In The Room:

The Noise Level In The Room

The place where you use your USB microphone if it is a noisy place, you might have to face the buzzing issue. We do many activities in our home so it is a noisy place naturally.

4. Wireless Interference:

Wireless Interference

Wireless interference can be another trouble maker.  Wireless interference, signals or airwaves cause a problem like buzzing. Because the microphone catches these types of signals unconsciously.

Some devices may also cause interference like telephone, tv signals, etc. The airwaves can create wireless buzzing also. Non-interference signals come from cables of power supply too.

5. Ground Loop:

Ground Loop

If it has an external sound card and a separate power plug it has, they may get power from different openings, and it can create a ground loop, 60 Hz AC sounds like a 60 Hz buzz.

6. Software Issues:

Software Issue or Operating System Issue

There might be your drivers are not updated that are related to your USB microphones. Or operating systems bugs can also create problems like buzzing grounding.

7. Worse Quality:

Worse Quality

Sometimes, You may knowingly or unknowingly buy bad quality microphones as you get it at the cheap price. Or you buy the expensive one but there somehow the quality is low because you might get the bad batch or maybe it’s your bad luck!

How To Fix USB Microphone Buzzing Issues – The Ultimate Solutions:

Where there are problems we can find solutions for the problems too. Let’s discuss all possible solutions. 

1. Power Supply Issue:

Power Supply

  • Check the power supply.
  • If you can fix then fix it or,
  • Just plug your power adapter directly into the wall, and you’ll be fine.

2. Hardware Issue:

Hardware Issues on USB Microphone Buzzing

  • Check the laptop USB port.
  • Then check the microphone jack and cable.
  • If there is no problem then, The only thing you will need is one copper wire,
  • Strip the 2 ends of the wire, revealing the bare copper.
  • Partially unscrew one screw in the back of PC somewhere, ( metal screw that is touching metal ).
  • Wraps one end of the wire around the inside of the screw and screw the screw back into the computer case.
  • Now take the other end of the wire and attach it somehow to something large and metal that can absorb electricity ( not dangerous ).

3. Fix The Ground Loop Issue:

Fix The Ground Loop Issue

If it’s an external sound card and it has a separate power plug, make sure it’s plugged into the same outlet/power strip as the PC.

4. Software Issue or Operating System Issue:

Software Issue or Operating System Issue

There are also some solutions if you have software issues or operating system issues.

5. Check The Noise Level In Your Room:

The Noise Level In The Room

Check the noise level of your room before plug in the USB microphone. If the buzzing is happening because of the noise in your room then try to stop the sources.

When you use your USB microphone during working, keep the room noiseless and calm.

6. Check The Reviews:

Check The reviews

You should check the reviews before buying any USB microphone. Reviews are available on the internet.

Just simply search on the web and you will get a lot of reviews. You can also get reviews about USB microphones from your friends and relatives.

7. Remove Wireless and Non-wireless Interference:

Check The reviews

Vacant the space around the USB microphones if the devices cause wireless interference. Shift and replace them in another room if not possible.

For Windows 10 Operating System:

For Windows 10 Operating System

  • At first check updates of sound drivers.
  • Trying to use other speakers.
  • Changing the fan of the CPU or the power supply.
  • Then disable the settings of sound effects.
  • Changing the audio format.
  • After that Run the settings, Audio Troubleshooter.

For Windows 7 Operating System:

For Windows 7 Operating System

The steps of microphone solutions:

  • Firstly, go to the Start > Control Panel.
  • Then click just on the Hardware and Sound > Sound > Manage audio devices.
  • When the panel box appears, click just on the “Recording”
  • Ensure the microphone you are using has a green checkmark next to it.


So we are at the end of the discussion and hope you will find the actual problems and solutions for USB microphone buzzing. If any of the mentioned problems do not happen with your USB microphone then change the microphone and don’t waste your time with this faulty USB microphone.

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