How To Record A Podcast From Two Different Locations | Best Methods

Over the past few months, this has been one of the most trending questions that have been asked by podcasters. As many will say, The show must go on, whether there is a global pandemic or there is a total lockdown or not.

The joy of being able to record a podcast From Two Different Locations is going to be overwhelming especially when you have a great show that you are trying to kick-off but you can’t meet with your co-host or your interviewers or interviewees.

In this article, we’re going to be looking at how to record a podcast from two different locations. You just have to sit tight and follow the steps correctly and you’ll be home good in no time.

Before we get into the job you must know that when you record in the same location the recording quality and volume are actually a lot higher because you are together and you can see and change any effects that you want together that is if you’re doing it with a partner.

Record A Podcast From Two Different Locations

How To Record A Podcast From Two Different Locations In 4 Ways

How To Record A Podcast From Two Different Locations In 4 Ways

whether you are choosing Skype, zoom, zencastr, squadcast, or any other possible means, the following is going to be helpful to you:

1. Record The Audio Locally

As opposed to using Skype where both of you have an interactive session that looks like a call, you can actually locally record your own end of the conversation. This is going to create a zero distortion in audio quality.

The only thing that can reduce the quality when you’re recording locally is either because one of the both of you have recorders that record in very low quality. To get rid of this issue will have to get a recorder which offers you high-quality audio

2. Computer To Computer

Computer to computer recording podcast

This is life with using Skype, you start a recording session as if you are making a call, a video call, you are speaking directly into your computer and the other person is speaking directly into his computer.

A downside to this is that as earlier mentioned, one side of both locations is going to be getting or receiving low quality. Another downside is that the applications which can be used for this feature are not yet on mobile. You can only use them over the computer.

3. Using phone calls

Using phone calls


This may be the lowest impactive, but it is still going to carry out a podcast just as great. It depends on your guest and whether or not you have been able to communicate to them that you are going to be able to get the call in yourself.

The downside to this is that the audio quality is going to be low in fact is the lowest of all and is going to cost you your airtime.

To carry out this task with ease and using your phone, you would need some or all of the following:

  • A handheld recorder
  • A microphone
  • A headphone
  • A cable for connecting all these to your phone.

4. Doing The Same Thing With Skype

Doing The Same Thing With Skype

You can decide to do your podcast over Skype. This is in fact more fun because you can actually see the person you are recording with. There are several other advantages with recording your podcast with Skype and they include:

  • It is the most familiar with people: both podcasters and people who view or listen to your podcasts are going to be able to easily understand what is going on. It is simpler to use, all you have to do is put on your Skype and get to work
  • You can actually see each other: it is much better when you’re recording with your partner and you can see them make eye contacts and gestures. This is going to help to make your podcast a lot more fun and flexible

The only downside to this is that one person is going to be having great audio quality while the other is going to be having a little bit lower.

This should not be a problem, there is a simple way to solve it. You simply have to make the podcast host the one using the better microphone.

There are so many other ways you can do these things, these are just a few ones that we have tested and are sure will give you exactly what you want.

Don’t forget that using video recording software will make your podcast a lot more interesting and fun. It’s also going to help you make proper communications and hand gestures with your partner or your guest.


I hope these tips were helpful to Teach you how to record a podcast from two different locations. You will find more information here about some of the trending and the latest gadgets that you can use for recording,  always come back to check some more.

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