Headset Mic Vs Standalone Mic | Who’s Better?

Do you need good audio streaming for your music recording or gaming? And are you confused between headset mic and standalone mic? So, we have come here with a solution to this problem.

Headset mic and standalone mic are both commonly used for audio streaming. People who like gaming or record music may certainly want good audio streaming. So they get confused at which one will work the best for them.

Here we will briefly discuss headset mic vs standalone mic. If you are willing to know this, keep reading our article.

Headset mics and standalone mics offer almost the same functions. So users need to know the differences between these mics. It will help them choose the perfect choice for them.

Headset Mic Vs Standalone Mic

Headset Mic


A headset mic is a simple device wearing around the head. It includes a headphone with a microphone.

Moreover, it can have a single earpiece or even a double earpiece. Headset mics are famous for keeping the user’s hands-free.

Key Features Of Headset Mics

Key Features Of Headset Mics

1. Styles & Sound

1.Styles Sound

Which headset mic do you want? Professional or Compact? Mono or Stereo? All options are available in headset mics.

Mono headsets include a single earpiece, providing sound in only one ear. On the other hand, stereo headsets have a double earpiece. HD (High-definition) types of headsets offer the best sound quality.

2. Pairing With Multipoint

2.Pairing With Multipoint

Headset mics can pair with different devices. They can easily get connected to laptops, tablets, or smartphones at the same time.

3. Eliminating Background Noises

3.Eliminating Background Noises

Headset mics can easily avoid the background noises that come from typing or others. It’s because they are kept nearer to your mouth.

Besides, they include unique technology. It helps them to notice the unwanted noise and suppress it.

4. Advanced Features

4.Advanced Features

Headset mics also offer you some advanced opportunities. You can play or pause audios & videos, answer or reject calls by using the headsets. It makes your work easier.


is super easy. You have to plug in the connector or USB plug. And your headset is ready.

  • Headset mics are so good at not picking up the keyboard noise or background sounds. So it will help you not to get distracted while gaming or for a smooth recording.
  • They are very cheap and available at an affordable price.
  • They don’t need any space to place upon while you will be wearing them. Moreover, it will keep your hands free.
  • Headset mics are also preferable for moving around with the mic. You don’t need to get stuck in one place.
  • You can get a mute button available in the headset mikes. So, you can mute the microphone whenever you need it.
  • Headset mics can also be used in call centers. They can be used for answering or rejecting calls.


  • If you are willing to get a high-quality sound, you need to buy some expensive headsets.
  • Headset mics can pick up your breathing sounds. Besides, you can’t turn off your head while coughing. You always need to remember the mute option.

Standalone Mic


Standalone mics are also famous for use in live performances, voice recording, or gaming. Many people choose it for their professional recording.

Key Features Of Standalone Mics

Key Features Of Standalone Mics

1. Types


The two main types of standalone mics are Dynamic & Condenser. Condensers are mainly used for recording music. Also, dynamic microphones are generally used in live performances.

2. Polar Pattern

2.Polar Pattern

One notable feature of standalone mics is they use polar pattern. That means you can choose what your microphone will record. These patterns are not even complicated and so easy to read.

3. Frequency Response

3.Frequency Response

Standalone mics have an excellent frequency response. They can entirely convert the sounds into electrical signals. Also, it can significantly affect your sound and music.


  • Standalone mics offer a high-frequency response and great sensitivity.
  • They don’t pick up your self-noise like breathing noise, coughing, etc.
  • They will record the sounds you want to record using the polar pattern. You can restrict or widen the area of audio to pick up by the microphone.
  • Standalone mics can undoubtedly give you the best sound quality.
  • They can cover a broad dynamic range.


  • Sometimes, standalone mics highly pick up the keyboard or background noise. It can negatively affect your gaming or recording.
  • To avoid unwanted sounds, you may need to buy an adaptor separately.
  • You can’t move around while using standalone mics. It often feels uncomfortable for users.
  • They are quite expensive compared to the headset mics.


At A Glance: The Comparison Table For Headset Mic Vs Standalone Mic

At A Glance The Comparison Table For Headset Mic Vs Standalone Mic

Headset Mic

Standalone Mic

1. Setting up a headset mic is easy. Users need to set up the mic correctly before using it.
2. They don’t occupy any unnecessary space on the desk while you are wearing them. You have to set them at a suitable place.
3. They have less sensitivity compared to the standalone mic. They have better sensitivity.
4. Headset mics are relatively cheaper. They are relatively costlier than headsets.
5. The audio quality is not so high as the standalone mics. Standalone mics have a fantastic audio quality.
6. They are good at eliminating background noises and vibration. Standalone mics can pick up the background noise.
7. It’s easy to move around with them. Sometimes, it’s not possible.

Headset Mic Versus Standalone Mic: Which One To Buy?

Headset Mic Vs Standalone Mic Which One To Buy

Thus we have briefly discussed here headset mic vs standalone mic. If you have read our full article, you might have got the differences between them.

So it may have been easy to decide which one is the right choice for you. Both mics have their advantages and disadvantages.

If you are not a professional and want to buy a cheaper one, then headset mics can be the best choice for you.

And if you wish to have a high sound quality, then standalone mics will be the best one. So, think about your preferences and buy the right one for you.

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