How To Fix Turtle Beach Recon 70 Mic Not Working

You bought the best turtle beach recon 70 headset after considering your budget and extensive research.

But once you start using it, you’ve noticed that your turtle beach recon 70 mic not working properly on your computer console! So irritating! Right?

Don’t worry about this situation. We will happily help you with the issue.

The turtle beach 70 headset is famous for being an affordable gaming headset. Despite being budget-friendly, it possesses premium features and a boom mic. The mic is popular for its bold and clear sound production ability. This feature makes it an excellent choice for the gamers.

Now, you must feel frustrated and losing sleep seeking the solution everywhere, right? For that, you must be patient and read the article. We promise here you’ll find what you are searching for and more!

How To Fix Turtle Beach Recon 70 Mic Not Working

Why The Recon 70 Mic Is Not Working?

Why The Recon 70 Mic Is Not Working

The turtle beach 70 headset’s build is focused on PS4, Nintendo Switch and Xbox One consoles. However, you can use recon 70 on all types of consoles as well.

Now, why isn’t it working? Most probably the issues lies with the device or its configuration settings. It features different configuration settings depending on different devices’ OS system.

Or it may have some hardware issues as well. In such a case, the support centre of Turtle Beach will help you out!

See how to fix it when it is not working on your consoles in the next section. So, let’s get started, shall we?

How To Fix The Turtle Beach Recon 70 While It’s Not Working?

How To Fix The Turtle Beach Recon 70 While It’s Not Working

Due to this reason, we will first teach you how to configure recon 70 on your console in a proper method. It is a step-by-step guideline created for your disposal.

So that you can understand well, we will talk over in details on Mobile, PC, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PS4 configurations and their troubleshooting procedure. Hopefully, our discussion will help fix your device ASAP.

Solution For PS4


Guess your buddies can’t hear you while you are playing on the ps4, then what? Then you might need following some simple steps to fix it.

  • First, properly plug in your headset into the controller. Then observe the mic’s level adjust panel to check whether it is working.

What if it’s properly connected, yet not working? Then you have to make sure it isn’t muted. Don’t forget to set the output-to-headphones to all available audio options.

  • In position no. 2, where your microphone is in a muted condition. Therefore, make sure your mic is in the number 1 position. The headset’s mic has 3 modes.

So what if the microphone doesn’t work after trying all these methods?

What if the microphone fails to appear in the ‘adjust-microphone level’ settings despite multiple efforts? Then probably your device is faulty.

In such a situation, don’t worry.  It is the retailer and the turtle beach company who will take the necessary steps.

But, if faces no issue with other devices then you better check your internet connection and games’ settings.

Solution For Xbox One


The combination of the Xbox and turtle beach recon 70 is an excellent one. The only device to have a surround sound feature is the Xbox One. However, there is also a small drawback to it-

  • This headset needs a 3.5mm headset jack-attached Xbox One controller. Get a headset audio controller to use with it for an amazing experience.
  • Properly configure it. Set the microphone monitoring on your chosen position and the headset chat mixer into the mid-level.
  • Keep your controller and Xbox’s firmware properly updated. With updated features, you should not face any technical glitches.
  • You may try changing the battery of your controller with a rechargeable battery of high quality. In case you are using an old or broken adapter, better replace it.

After applying each of these cures, please start. If any of these doesn’t work out, then reach out turtle beach and seek a solution from them through the helpline.

Their dedicated customer service is bound to help you with your problems if you ask them.

Safety Precaution

Safety Precaution

Never connect your controller into a USB port of the Xbox One. It harms both the headset and the microphone.

It is best to recharge when it is not under usage. You can avoid audio misrepresentation and connection problems by using a separate USB adapter as well.

You most probably have questions about how to set up the surround-sound while using the headset. Open the audio output from the display and sound settings going into the setting option. Lastly, set up the headset format to windows sonic for headphones and you are set!

How To Fix Turtle Beach Recon 70 Mic Not Working On Nintendo Switch?

How To Fix Turtle Beach Recon 70 Mic Not Working On Nintendo Switch?

Before we begin, let’s make one thing perfectly clear. Only the games haveing in-game chat ability can support the audio chat.

In some circumstances, you should re-enable in-game chat and disable the push-to-talk option. Go for the following options if you can’t use the microphone even after doing all these.

  • Go to the audio settings. You’ll notice two options there. They are called the voice chat, and the voice chat methods.
  • Turn on the voice chat option. You will be unable to hear the chat or be heard if it’s in a turned-off condition.
  • Earlier, we have talked about the push-to-talk. In the setting of it, choose open mic. With the turned on setting, you’ll need to push a specific button for being heard.

Done? Start testing the mic. All the best.

If nothing happens even after doing all these, go and ask the support system for assistance.

Solution For PC


The mic of recon 70 isn’t working on your PC, right? Well, don’t worry. Here is your solution-

  • If your pc doesn’t have a separate pink/green coloured audio connector, you will need to purchase a splitter cable for the PC. If not, you will fail to use the device.
  • You should keep your mic on position one. Why? Because as per our prior discussion, position two refers to a muted setting. Is it still not working? Follow the next step, please!
  • Make the headset default by going to the recording device settings.

We hope now it’s working. If it’s not, contact Turtle Beach’s support center!

Another thing, some services like Skype has their own particular audio settings. You need to ensure that the service’s settings are properly configured regardless of the PC settings.

Solution For Mobile

Solution For Mobile

Usually, no such technical problems are reported. Generally, people use it on phone for making a call or testing the mic’s functionality.

Its universal 3.5mm audio jack makes it versatile indeed! Acquire a headphone jack adapter, if your phone does not support a 3.5mm audio jack.


Turtle Beach recon is a great and hype-creating headset indeed. Yet, some user face difficulties using it and complain that the turtle beach recon 70 mic not working. That is why we have tried our best to figure out some solutions for you. We hope our effort has helped you.

Still facing difficulties? Then try communicating with Turtle Beach’s super-fast customer service to solve it ASAP!

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