How To Fix Turtle Beach Stealth 600 Issues By Yourself

Gaming has evolved from a long way and continues to get better every day. This is now the media for relaxation and favorite leisure time.

The most common gadget tagged along with a gaming a device is a headset. Gamers have been using Xbox and PS4s for video games and the headset designed especially for these is the turtle beach stealth 600 issues.

Gamers love cool gadgets to make gaming easy and comfortable, but what they hate is the issues that arise with them. Similarly, it has raised several issues that need to be fixed.

Indeed, nobody likes the trouble to go to an expert for every problem they face, so here we have tried to highlight some significant issues and provide the solutions.

Turtle Beach Stealth 600 Issues

Reasons Behind Turtle Beach Stealth 600 Issues

Turtle Beach Stealth 600 Issues [Main Reasons & Way To Fixes]

1. Disfunctioning Microphone

Disfunctioning Microphone

This is the top listed problem with this headset. People have complained about how the microphone doesn’t work correctly.

Sometimes, the other party is unable to hear the user. The microphone often distorts the audio as well. We understand clearly the frustration with this issue.

2. Problems With Audio

Problems With Audio

 There are complaints of how the audio is nearly inaudible even after changing the volumes. The audio may also distort at times creating difficulty in communication. This is very much hated in intense moments.

3. Charging


Sometimes the headset doesn’t charge thoroughly. Mid-way of use, it may simply stop working. Since the headset is wireless, we understand the concern of this issue as it won’t work without being charged.

4.  Connectivity


This might be a minor issue among users. Yet every wireless electronic device has this issue with the connection. Of course, the headset is of no use without being connected to the console.

These are the most commonly said issues with the headset. As much as it sounds that the device doesn’t suit the needs, the good news is that the problems are easily fixable.

Usually, most of these problems arise due to mistakes in settings or troubles in the ports. Some users connect the headset using wires rather than Bluetooth for higher latency and prevent losing charge.

In other words, some clicks in the settings window and some simple techniques will fix almost all of the issues.

Now that you know the root of the problem let’s look down to see the methods to solve them. Gaming will soon return to a peaceful and relaxing environment.

Troubleshooting Turtle Stealth 600 Issues


a) Microphones

a Microphones

Sometimes, the console may not detect the microphone when the headset is plugged in. In this case, the problem happens due to the connection. The option for device settings needs to be changed.

Click on the control panel and go to sound. Check if the microphone is disabled or disconnected. Click on enable to connect the microphone.

You can also click on the properties option to change the levels of the microphone. This also fixes the problem. The problem may also occur due to overcharging so charge the headset well.

If the connection isn’t the issue, then the audio jack might be causing the problem if the headset is plugged in. Remove the wire and plug it again till the headset works.

You can also check the headset with another console or pc to see if there might be a problem with the console being used.

After using all these methods, do a test to see if the problem is solved. Also, this is done with a party test in the party tab or by recording a text message.

b) Audio

b Audio

Same to the microphone solution, go to the control panel and click on device manager and then sound video and game controllers. There you have to disable the HDMI audio output.

After this delete, the Xbox wireless adapter from the network. This is done to install the adapter again after reconnecting it.

Simple unplug and replug also fixes the audio problem. Also, if the device is connected with a wire, check the port to see if it’s working.

c) Connection

c Connection

The problem with the connection of wireless devices is widespread. For this, go to the device settings in the control panel and check for connectivity of the device.

If it doesn’t connect, forget the device and reconnect it. If the console detects the wireless device, this will allow connecting to it.

Then, if it still doesn’t work, then the problem might be inside the headset or the console. In that case, the headset can be connected using the wire.

d) Charging

d Charging

Often we fail to check the charge of the headset. We might undercharge or overcharge it, which results in some of the problems mentioned above.

However, the problem might also be inside if the battery or charger is damaged. First, check if the port is alright and try to remove any dust inside.

Also, try a different cable to charge the headset. Check for the connection of the battery. In case none of these work, you might consider changing the battery or charger.

e) Turn To An Expert

e Turn To An

Well, this is unavoidable in the most unfortunate condition. When none of the diagnoses heals your headset, that means the problem is more complicated. So go the nearest technical support and fix your headset.

There you go! Hopefully, the above solutions have been helpful and saved your worries. There is a reason why the Turtle Beach 600 headset is so widely used, and the company launches a new one frequently.

Having a gadget means you have to face some technical issues. But still, the problems are entirely fixable and worth to go through the troubles. In the end, the gamer gets to enjoy a quality environment.


So, these are some of the simple fixes to Turtle Beach Stealth 600 issues. Remember, all of them may not work specifically, so try to use them one-by-one and see which one works for you correctly.

That’s all we have on this guide. Do you have any queries to ask? Then let us know by commenting below!

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