How To Fix Beats Wireless Headphones Problems – Step By Step

To use beats wireless headphones, you may face a different issue. When you encounter an issue to use, you need to identify the exact problem.

Because the sooner you can find out the problem of headphones, the sooner you can fix it. If you are looking forward to learning about the problem and how to fix Beats wireless headphones problems. the article is for you.

Today I will share with you the beats wireless headphones problems. Let’s know more discussion about it.

Beats Wireless Headphones Problems

Types Of Headphones Problem


types of headphone problem

Usually, we are to face some common issues. No matter what the problem is, every problem has a solution. Some problems can be fixed by resetting, and some need to fix physically or technically. The common Beats wireless headphones problems are:

Reset Method: The only problems that can be fixed by rebooting are:

Sound Argument: If your beats wireless headphones ever make strange sounds or occasionally create unwanted crack sound, then you should reset it. To get a clear and smooth sound and beats, the reset system plays a vital role.

Bluetooth Issue: If your Bluetooth system does not work with your device, you should reset it to get a Bluetooth connection.

Charging Issue: To reset the beats wireless headphones, the charging issue is the major problem. If your charging port does not work correctly or plugin problem, you urgently need to reset it.

Wireless Issues: Make sure that your beats wireless headphones and your device distance within 30 feet. Within 30 feet, your headphone does not work; you should reset it.

Setting Issues: If there is a problem with the setting, then give a reset either.

How To Fix Beats Wireless Headphones Problems?

Reset Method Of Different Types Of Device

As the field of reset is different, the reset method is different due to the device’s variations. Now I will share with you about the different types of device reset method:

Reset Solo Pro: to reset solo pro; press the mode button and the volume down button for ten seconds. After the LED flashes red, give up the two buttons, and now your device is fully reset.

Reset Solo Wireless: to reset the solo wireless; firstly, you need to switch off the headset. For only 8 seconds, hold on the volume down button and multifunction button. After flashes of blue and red indicator lights blink three times, then your device is fully reset.

Reset Studio Wireless Or Studio: to reset the studio wireless or studio, you need to press and for 10 seconds in the power button. After releasing the power button, the fuel gauge LEDs are white.

After on white, the fuel gauge LEDs are red. These LEDs processes continue three times. Your device is fully reset after stop the LED’s flashes.

Reset Solo2 Wireless: to reset solo2 wireless; you should plug it out to your USB charging ware then press and grip on the power button for only 10 seconds. After giving up the power button, the fuel gauge LEDs are on white, and then it turns on red three times. After finishing the flashes, the headset is fully reset.

Reset Solo3 Wireless: to reset the solo3 wireless, grip down the volume down button and the power down button for just 10 seconds. After flashes the fuel gauge, you can give up the two buttons. here your headset already reset.

Technically Problem

Technically problem

Error configuration: due to error configuration, the beats wireless does not work. If you correctly set the configuration, you can use the beats wireless headphones.

Change audio routing: due to change audio routing, the beats wireless may not working.

Device problem: the beats wireless headphones will not work if there is technically a problem with the device where you play the music.

Not selected output: if you are not selected the output device as an audio player or your output device has technically defaulted, your beats wireless headphones not work.

Out of date operating system: if your operating system is not updated or out of date, your beats wireless occurred problem to work.

Wares are curved back: behind the audio jack, sometimes wares are bent back; as a result, the beats wireless headphones not work.

Physically Problem

physically problem

Disorganize plugin: if your jack is not correctly plugin, your beats wireless headphones do not work.

Folder or file manager issues: if you have problems with the file manager or the folder with which you play the music, then your beats wireless headphones will not work.

Broken the cable: if your headset is broken, it would not work.

Incidental problem: accidents can happen at any time. somehow your headset is broken by accident, this time it will not work.

Location issues: The location issue is a significant problem for a wireless headset. Remember to place your beats wireless headset and the paired device within 30 feet distance. If their distance is of more than 30 feet, your wireless headset won’t work.

Changed device: if any reason you changed your old device, your beats wireless will not work.

Beats Wireless Headphones Problems To Your iPhone Device

The problem of Beats Headphones to your iPhone device

It is very simple to connect your beats wireless headphones on the iPhone. iPhone users face some issues. The problems are:

  1. The cable of under the right earphone may not work due to the curved cable.
  2. If there is any other device running next to the headphone, then the Bluetooth connection may be problematic.
  3. If your earphone is connected with another device, you may face problems with the power on/off button.
  4. Select new beats or power beats to avoid any problem with the iPhone.


I hope now you get the solution of headphones problem and how to fix beats wireless headphones problems Are Solved if you anything face Complex make comment on out site I will assist you further. Thank you

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