How To Solve Subwoofer Not Working Amp Has Power?

A woofer is a type of speaker that reproduces low to mid-range frequencies. A subwoofer is typically designed to reproduce low sound frequencies.

But the subwoofer not working amp has power properly due to various technical issues. The sound quality does not work properly and the sound explodes. The audio could not be heard clearly, was tied up and made a mess. Due to these problems, the subwoofer becomes the cause of your annoyance.  That’s why you want to change your subwoofer.

However, I would suggest you check the problems before removing the annoying subwoofer. Find the problem and follow these steps to solve it. If you think the subwoofer is in bad condition, you will change it.

Before checking the problem, make sure that all the equipment of your subwoofer is turned off. I warn you that all types of electrical connections must be disconnected before checking the cable connection of such electrical devices. Because any kind of damage can happen due to your negligence.

You need to follow some procedures to find out the problems of Subwoofer Not Working Amp Has Power. I hope that by following the methods you can eliminate the problems of your subwoofer.

Subwoofer Not Working Amp Has Power

Solutions Of Your Subwoofer Not Working Amp Has Power

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4. Lack Of Power

Method-1: Check The Connection And Speaker Wires

Check The Connection And Speaker Wires

Primarily, whether all types of connections and wires of the device are working properly and are connected to the device. Check that all connections to the amplifier, receiver and speaker are properly connected to the subwoofer. Also, make sure that the wires are tightly and properly connected to the port.

When designing a subwoofer, its inputs are connected to the backport of the amplifier or receiver as the output of the subwoofer. So you have to test it for a long time while checking its wires. Because if the output of the subwoofer is connected to the receiver or amplifier speaker,

it is often seen that its loose connection, damaged, or not getting the right bit. Resulting in the subwoofer not working properly.

If your receiver has no problem with the amplifier speaker, then your subwoofer has no problem. Now you must check the other systems to see which one has the problem.

Method-2: Find Out And Fix The Problems Of Outlets, Power Cable

Find Out And Fix The Problems Of Outlets, Power Cable

Almost every amplifier has an LED light that indicates active power. If you see that a power light is not on after turning on the subwoofer, check that the subwoofer is properly connected to the socket. If for some reason the plug is not properly blogged with the socket then power will not be supplied. So how do you connect the cable?

  • So first plug the wire into the socket properly and make sure that it is not disconnected for any reason.
  • Then check that all the switches connected to the device are on.
  • If you see that the subwoofer is not running even after plugging in, then it is best that you try to connect another outlet with a little effort.

Method-3: Fix The Problem Of Fuse

Fix The Problem Of Fuse

  • You must turn off the power supply before checking for any problems with your subwoofer’s fuse. Be sure to turn off the car’s engine before checking for car amplifier problems.
  • You must turn off the engine before checking the fuse or any cable.
  • The fuse has to be lifted to check if any of the amplifier wires are broken. How do you recognize the fuse? You can usually see it behind the amplifier or you can get it by following the ground wire.
  • The location of the fuse will depend on the amplifier of the entire device.
  • You can use a multimeter to check the electrical current between the fuse and the cable of the device. Check the fuse with a multimeter. If 0.6 ohm comes in the meter while checking the fuse, then there is no problem with your fuse.
  • If the multimeter shows the number 100 and there is no change then the fuse is broken.
  • If there is any problem with the fuse, it needs to be removed and replaced with another fuse. When buying a fuse, ensure the amperage rating as the same of the previous fuse. In most cases, it is seen that in amperes there are 25-30 rated fuses used. So I would suggest you use the perfect rated fuse on your device.
  • Which type of fuse is acceptable will depend on your amplifier.
  • Check if the amplifier is working after replacing the fuse. To connect the device to the electrical circuit and turn on the amplifier. If the amplifier works then the fuse problem of your device is solved.
  • If you see that the fuse blows before it is turned on in the US, you have a problem with the power supply.

Method-4: Monitor If There Are Any Issues With The System And Menu Settings

Monitor If There Are Any Issues With The System And Menu Settings

If your device does not detect a problem between the wires and the fuse, then it is certain that there is a problem with your device’s system. To do this you need to check the input in the menu settings to see if they have the correct input and permissions.

If the subwoofer’s audio systems are not properly input, it will not work properly. Moreover, I would say check that the output of the subwoofer is adjusted correctly. So go to settings and choose the correct input of the audio system.

Method-5: Check That The Subwoofer Is Working Properly

Check That The Subwoofer Is Working Properly

After fixing all types of connections and issues with different settings, you need to check that the subwoofer is working properly. I suggest you check the receiver and speaker volume before turning on any type of audio in the subwoofer.

Keep the volume of the subwoofer at zero and increase it slowly. When you see that the subwoofer is working without any interruptions then all the problems of your subwoofer are solved. And this is definitely good news for you.

Note: If the subwoofer does not provide proper input even after solving all kinds of problems, then the subwoofer is no longer effective at all. You need to remove it and need a new subwoofer.

I hope you can find out the reason behind your Subwoofer not working Amp has power. Let me know if your subwoofer works properly. If you think that my article will help you, then you must be by our side and I assure you that I will be by your side with better articles in the future. Thanks for reading this article patiently.

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