How To Fix Lenovo Laptop Not Starting Up Black Screen

Screen blackout is a common problem in laptops. If you face this problem with your Lenovo laptop, you may be confused about what to do next.

In this article, you will know about how to fix Lenovo laptop not starting up black screen problem.

Usually, a hard reboot can solve the problem initially. But there are more things to know. You have to know the actual reason.

Otherwise, your laptop won’t work correctly. So, to let you know about those things, this article will serve you. Now let’s dive into the details.

How To Fix Lenovo Laptop Not Starting Up Black Screen

Reasons For This Problem

Reasons For This Problem

The problem of laptops not starting and showing a black screen can happen for many reasons. Here are a few that can be the reason behind your laptop’s problem:

1. A Problem In The Battery

1.A Problem In The Battery

If the battery life expires, then the screen may not start and show blackout. Moreover, a damaged battery can cause your laptop to illustrate this problem too.

Battery problems can cause a total blackout on your computer. Moreover, in the case of battery problems, your computer won’t recharge. As a result, it won’t open.

2. Problem In The Charging Port


When there is a problem in the charging port, the battery will not get enough charge. Because of this problem, your laptop can show the mentioned problem.

Any problem in the charging port can create a problem in your laptop’s battery too. However, it’s hard to identify where the actual problem is.

3. The Display Problem


When there is a problem in the display or battery, your laptop may not start and show a black screen. Showing a black screen is normal if your computer has a problem on the screen or display.

But in most cases, your laptop will still work. Only the display will remain black if the problem is in the display. But as the display becomes black, it’s hard to tell if your laptop is working or not.

4. Hardware Errors

4.Hardware Errors

Internal errors can cause your Lenovo laptop not starting up black screen problem. Hardware errors can show when there is a problem with the internal cables.

Moreover, external connections into your computer can also create hardware errors.

5. Operating System Abnormality

5.Operating System Abnormality

Often, the operating system of your laptop may show problems. The operational system abnormality can also cause this blackout.

In the case of functional system abnormality, your computer is more likely to show the not starting up problem. But if the reason is in the operating system, it’s easier to fix by yourself.

6. Overheating Issues


When you use your laptop frequently, it may show some heating issues. Overheating can cause your laptop’s screen blackout. But this reason is sporadic to cause your laptops total blackout and powering off.

Solutions On How To Fix Lenovo Laptop Not Starting Up Black Screen


If you see that your Lenovo laptop is not starting up and showing a black screen, you can follow a few steps to fix it on your own. Let’s get to know about those:


The first thing that you should do is to reset your laptop’s display. Usually, if the problem is because of your operating system abnormality, resetting it instantly solves the problem.

When you reset your computer, your operating system automatically connects with your display and then solves it. All you have to do is to press on the windows + control + shift + B keys repeatedly.


If the problem still occurs, then the problem is not about your operating system. The problem can be of your display. To test the display, you have to connect an external display with your laptop.

If your laptop’s data shows in the external display, then the problem is in your laptop’s display. You have to change the display to fix this problem.

If you cannot see your laptop’s data on the external display, then the problem may be because of other issues.

In the case of display problems, you can’t solve it by yourself. You have to change the whole display to make your laptop work again.


If step 2 doesn’t work, you have to check if your internal devices are the reason for the problem. Remove the hardware and any connected internal device and then check if your laptop works or not.

Sometimes internal parts can cause your laptop’s disability. Moreover, if you have added any external device to your computer, you should remove that too.

For example, if you have a printer connected with your computer, try to remove it and check your computer.

If the problem is in your internal or external devices, the problem will be solved after eliminating those.


If the problem still hasn’t been solved, you have to do a hard reset. This is the final thing that you can do by yourself. The problem in hard is it can erase all the data that you have on your laptop.

But there is nothing else to do. To hard reset your laptop, you have to shut down your laptop first. After that, remove everything that is connected to your laptop.

You have to remove the laptop’s battery too. Keep your laptop idle for up to 40 seconds after removing everything.

After 40 seconds, press the power button for one minute. At this moment, put the battery inside the laptop again. Afterward, let your laptop to start.


If you have read until now, you know how to fix your Lenovo laptop not starting up black screen problem. Now you know how to fix Lenovo laptop not starting up black screen by yourself. You don’t have to panic even if this occurs.

We have given multiple solutions to this problem. But even after following the four steps, if your laptop still doesn’t start, you have to seek expert help. We hope that this article will serve you in crucial moments!

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