How To Set Up A Boom Mic Stand? [6 Pro Steps]

You are probably thinking about it. Well, let’s be clear about the Boom mic. The boom mic is a directional microphone that is joined to a boom pole or arm. You can see it in every film shooting or making marketing videos.

Nowadays, it is used for making YouTube videos and streaming too. Many people don’t know how to set up and hold a boom mic or are confused. But if you know, it is excellent. Or if you don’t know how to set up a boom mic stand, it also great. Cause we are here to guide you on how to set up a boom mic in detail.

How To Set Up A Boom Mic Stand

How To Set Up A Boom Mic Stand? Best 6 Easy Steps

How To Set Up A Boom Mic Stand

To set up a boom mic stand, you need some equipment, or you can call gears. Remember that you can compress your budget to set up a boom mic stand. But if you increase your budget, your set up will be more quality full.

Key Gears:

Key Gears

  • Stand
  • Grip head
  • Boom pole
  • Boom mic
  • Cable
  • Boom pole holder

We will explain all of those details in the step.

We will give you some tips and will answer some FAQs after the steps, so read the full content to get those.

Step 1. Set the Stand:

Step 1. Set the Stand

Setting the stand is the first step to go. Place it anywhere you feel comfortable. But you must be aware of the legs.

Put any of the legs of the stand in the direction you want to set your mic. By doing this, your stand will be a little strict about falling.

Also, there is a limit to the capacity of the stand. A heavy stand can bear such amount of weight & if you need to add plenty of gears with it, you have to the stand that can keep those gears. Otherwise, your stand can break or fall.

Step 2. Attach the Grip Head:

Attach the grip head

Now, you have to set the grip head with the stand. Grip head helps connect the boom pole with comfortable If you are thinking, what is this grip head? What are the uses of it?

Well, the grip head is that attachment that allows the boom pole to move in an entire 3D space. It not only moves 360° horizontally, but it will also enable the pole to move vertically. The length of the boom pole only limits it.

Step 3. Attach the Boom Pole Holder:

Step 3. Attach the Boom Pole Holder

After attaching the grip head with the stand, this time is to attach the boom pole holder with the grip head.

Maybe you already understand what boom pole holder is by reading the name.

The boom pole holder connects the boom pole with the grip head. Also, the Boom pole holder Prevents the boom pole from shaking.

Step 4. Set The Boom Pole with The Holder Well:

Set the Boom pole with the holder

We are in the middle of the setup. This time, you have to join the boom pole with the boom pole holder.

Boom pole is also recognized as just Boom. It is designed to reach the sound far from the stand. The metaphor uses a Boom pole as a shotgun microphone. So, the boom operator stays away from the shot.

Also, by using a boom pole, you will get better-quality recordings. Cause it stays close to the head.

Step 5. Set The Boom Mic:

Step 5. Set The Boom Mic

Now the time to set the mic with the boom pole. It’s not a tricky part. And also, I guess I do not have to explain more about the mic.

Attach the boom mic with the boom pole. You will find an adapter to hang the mic. Put the mic there and tight it with the boom pole.

You can use any boom mic, though the quality depends on the price.

Step 6. Set The Cable:

Set the cable

You have to choose a good cable & connect the mic with your camera. A suitable cable can give good performance obviously.

The length of the cable depends on how far from you are recording the video or on the size of the boom pole.

Now you know all the basic setup for a boom mic. But you can add some more gears for your setup to make it perfect or for your needs. It’s upon you.

Tip’s Time:

  • Use sands bag on the stand legs so that it will not fall. Otherwise, a disaster can come at any time on your setup. It usually uses for extra safety.
  • Always place the mic out of the frame during video shooting. Again, not place it too far from the head.
  • Connect the cable with the microphone and camera, and also rap the cable with a boom pole. So, you will be safe from messing up with the cable.

Factors To Consider Before Purchase Vocal Microphones Stand

Factors To Consider Before Purchase Vocal Microphones Stand

Maintaining The Balance

Maintaining The Balance

The type of boom mic stands you would decide the microphone weight. This helps to limit the option because the weight of the microphone should be heavy enough.

Recall that the stand’s arm would be stretched to reach the sound source, and it would fall if the base is too light. There is no risk if it does not have to be extended so much.

Some boom micro supports are equipped with an adjustable counterweight to ensure stability on the shaft or legs.

Surely Take It

Surely Take It

With a heavy-duty clamp with high-quality screws, the microphone is positioned at a specified angle with the required protection. It should have a tighter grip to grasp the microphone and avoid swinging securely.

Regardless of how nicely a stand looks manufactured, the clamp can take the sort of boom microphone you use. However, it is still best to know. During slip screws, you don’t want a dropped mic or to rush out.

One of the advantages for boom micro stands is that it offers a lot of space freedom instead to standard microphone stands.



Most of them are relatively inexpensive. For example, the cheapest and cheapest boom weapons cost could range from about $10 to $100 for the top category.

Installation of Mic

Installation of Mic

The mic configuration is essential. Every additional item to the stand increases the weight of the boom arm.

You will find a more long-lasting and high-quality arm stand with a stronger foundation and heavier holding capacity if you attach various lighter attachments like pop filters, windshields, and shock mounters.



Must you carry your microwave arm on the move and put it on as needed? Portable arm microphones for booming are unforgivable, but with a lighter weight handle.



You better choose the high-end, durable, heavy-duty, and portable stands when you utilize them for band shows or live-on-stage performance conditions.

If, however, you want this to be used in your studio or in places where you rarely set it up and constantly rip it up, the simple, cheaper ones are done.

What Kind Is More Appropriate for You?

What Kind Is More Appropriate for You

A strong base stand, for this reason, will be more suited if you use this only for solo vocal performance. If you want to utilize them for musical instruments, where a longer stretchable boom arm needs, a micro tripod stand is essential as the tripod’s legs may extend to hold capacity better.

In truth, the robust foundation stands are not so suitable for applications where its boom arm must extend far too far from its core. It is because the core of the microstructure, which compounds towards the end of the bracket, cannot withstand the weight.

The tripod stands are better suited to heavier mics that require a long boom arm extension compared to their tripod stand. The tripod legs can be extended to increase the center of its platform to hold the larger arm microstructures for the boom.

In addition, its tripod legs adjust quickly and conform to any floor without being very voluminous.

 Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. How Do I Operate My Boom Mic?

Ans: Like other technical areas of filmmaking, boom mics operations are a very diverse talent that requires an extensive understanding of the appropriate technology and instruments available to get better results consistently.

The boom operator can gain top-quality sound in almost any setting by practicing and honing your mic selection/positioning skills, cable management, and having an inborn feel of the cinematographer’s frame.

Another highlight is that the boom poles with internal cable are the diable (albeit I have only used cheaper varieties). The interior components of these poles can create some pretty disconcerting audio devices when the pole moves slightly.

Whenever it is practical, the higher-priced pole manages to avoid this malfunction from what I have heard, but a solid and sliced down pole in the cable always does the same thing.

2. How To Setup A Microphone Stand?

Ans: The reality is One of the best investments for any studio or live platform is quality mic stands.

  1. Insert Suspending Arm
  2. Insert Mic Holder
  3. Pop Filter Installed
  4. XLR Input RCA Output Setup
  5. Microphone Stand kit
  6. Kit Content
  7. Clamp to Desk
  8. Ready to leave

3. What Is the Best Boom Stand?

Ans: Many think they are only an accessory, but it cannot be denied the necessity of choosing one of the best mics. An essential aspect of any stage or study setup is the microphone stands.

There are many variations accessible, and it is necessary to know the different types in and out to find the greatest one for you as someone.

  1. Ultimate assistance MC-125
  2. Professional Microphone Stand 90′′
  3. Gator Cases Heavy Duty 90′′ Frameworks of GFW-ID-MIC
  4. Auray MS-5220T Short Tripod Micro phony Boom ID Series Tripod Mic Stand

4. What Is A Boom Arm Stand?

Ans: Similar to the standard floor microscope with an adjustable shaft vertically, but with a further horizontal boom arm on top of the vertical shaft to hold the microphone. With a more flexible adjustable angle, the boom arm can provide you longer horizontal reach.

One of the necessary instruments in the multimedia industry is the boom microphone or boom mic. TV or filming or even personal vlogs without using this mainly developed microphone would be challenging to record noises.

Therefore, the microphone is cut down or fitted to a boom microphone stand in order to make the audio recording more efficient.

Various varieties of micro stands for the sound engineer or film producer are available. Some are sufficiently versatile for use in locations, while others are built only for studio applications.

It is particularly excellent for audio quality vocal, singing, audio tracks, and audio recorder instruments whenever you must place a microwave a few feet away from sound sources. You can also look for EJT Multi-Accessories Adjustable Boom Arm.


The boom mic stand can be a perfect device for you if you use it properly. You definitely need a perfect stand with sound quality Mic. For that, setting it up is an essential factor, and if you follow this guide correctly, you will understand what you need to do.

So, that’s all on How to setup a boom mic stand. It’s a straightforward & easy method to know how to set up a boom mic stand. Furthermore, if you have any queries, you can join us in the comment section below.

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