How To Hold A Boom Mic | 5 Step To Hold [Like A Pro]

One amazing thing about holding a boom mic is that you don’t really need to be an expert in movie direction or cinematography or even interview videoing. You could just be an extra on set, an actor whose help is needed, or just friends with the cameraman.

What is sure is that you would want to be able to properly hold the microphone so that you don’t ruin the video. In this article, we’re going to look at simple ways  How To Hold A Boom Mic comfortably and without having to disrupt the video or even the audio.

Hold A Boom Mic

Holding The Boom Mic

Holding The Boom Mic

The main goal of holding a boom mic is to make sure that you are able to record the audio at a very comfortable volume. You must do this without interfering with the video.

You’ve probably seen some interview videos where the boom mic is sticking out or into the video from the top, that is because the person holding it is doing it wrongly.

What To Look Out For When Holding A Boom Microphone-3 Things  To look Before Holding

What to look out for when holding a boom microphone

When you have been given the task to hold a boom microphone, there are certain things that you need to be sure to keep in mind.

These things are going to help you better hold a microphone and who knows, you could just be added to the team. Some of these include:

1. Your Body Posture:

1.Get The Microphone Off The Video

holding a boom mic you look like an easy task when you’re holding for the first time. However, when you have held it for up to 10 minutes, you would feel the impact on your body if you are not well-positioned.

You must ensure that you’re standing or if you’re on the high table, sitting in a position that makes you comfortable while at the same time able to raise the microphone high enough so it does not appear in the video and low enough so that you can get the sound.

2. The Wires:

The Wires

one thing I can make your boom microphone holding experience a lot more difficult than the plan for is having two adjust the wires every now and then. That’s not the only problem, you could even mess up with the video while you are trying to arrange the wires.

It’s advisable that you call the wire around the boom pole and stay in front of The wire so you don’t step on it if you have to move.

3. The Boom Pole:

The Boom Pole

the majority of the work you’re doing is going to rest on the boom pole. How you hold it, how high or low you hold it, and how comfortable you are when you’re holding it.

The pool needs to be stretched high above the head of the person whose voice you are trying to capture.

How you hold the pole is what determines whether you’re going to have the boom microphone showing in the video or you are going to be able to capture the voice of the interviewer or the interviewee.

With all that already said you should also know one last thing which is the fact that there is no particular known way to hold a boom microphone.

Different people hold it in different ways as long as they can get to record the audio successfully without having the boom microphone show in the video.

5 Step For How To Hold A Boom Mic Properly:

5 Step For How To Hold A Boom Mic Properly

The Procedures:

How to hold a boom mic properly

The following simple steps are going to help you hold a boom mic properly. This information is going to help you a lot even if you’re not a professional microphone handler.

1. Get The Microphone Off The Video

1.Your Body Posture

It is the first and most important thing that you must-do if you are trying to hold a boom microphone properly.

You must make sure that you are holding the microphone a little bit higher to a point where the

video cannot capture it and low enough so that you can get the voice of the person who is speaking.

2. Reduce Tripping Hazards

2.Reduce Tripping Hazards

As mentioned earlier, if you do not hold or maintain the wire properly you could end up tripping

over it and end up interrupting a live video or an interview that may not be rewindable.

You must do all you can to reduce any risk or anything that might lead to you tripping over

anything like wire or any other things in the environment where the shooting is taking place.

3. Stay Off The Video

3.Stay Off The Video

You are the microphone man, you are not required in the video so you have to try as much as you can to stay away from the video.

By this, I mean that you should not allow yourself or anything you are wearing to appear in the video.

This would make the video look mediocre and it’s the last thing that you want to do.

4. Direct The Video Of The Person Who Is Talking

4.Direct The Video Of The Person Who Is Talking

One good quality you must possess as a boom mic holder is the ability to move the video from one person to the other seemlessly.

This means that if there are three people in the video who are supposed to show in it, you must ensure that you move the microphone from one person when they are done talking to the other person when they are about to talk.

5. Reduce Handling Noise

Reduce handling noise

When you’re holding the boom microphone, the more you try to properly hold the microphone the more you are going to fumble with it.

you have to make sure that you are holding it properly and stay that way until the director says cut. Failure to do this is going to lead to tiny screeching sounds as were typing.


In conclusion, remember that there is no perfect way of holding a boom microphone.

I just have to follow the above steps and considerations and most importantly don’t forget to get yourself and the boom microphone out of the video.

I hope these tips were helpful How To Hold A Boom Mic. There’s more information on this site for you.

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