Where Is The Power Button On A Lenovo Laptop? [Lets Findout]

Facing problems with powering on your Lenovo laptop? Is it on dealing with the power button? Well, it sometimes happens to find out the control in many of the fancy modeled laptops.

Because, laptop designers nowadays are trying to masking and hiding the power button for aiming the latest design. So, where is the power button on a Lenovo Laptop?

It can be placed around the keyboard or maybe on the side of the lower section. There are exceptions too, isn’t it?

Though it depends on the laptops model you have, you may sometimes face difficulties finding out switch for lacking complete guidelines. Therefore, let’s have a deep look into it:Where Is The Power Button On A Lenovo Laptop

 Where Is The Power Button On A Lenovo Laptop?


Where to adjust the power button system is depends on the laptop designers. Even in the same brands, they set the power button system differently in each model of laptop. The same thing is for the Lenovos’.

Different models of Lenovo’s have it distant location. You may notice most of the older laptops have the front side’s power button, left or right side even on the backside.

But the most recent trend of locating this switch is under the laptop’s lid. That means you must open the laptop lid to turning the computer on.

As we mentioned, the power button’s location depends on the specific laptop model; it’s effortless to find out what you are looking for.

Do a quick Google search as “Lenovo (model name) power button” or go through the laptop manual; surely, you would find it there.

Is there any other way?

Well, we have added here the list of most common Lenovo laptops along with their power located system.

  • Lenovo Flex series: the power button is on the laptop’s lower section’s right side. Slide your figure from the left edge to the right; the second one, besides the Novo button, is the power on switch.
  • Lenovo X220: Power button is just above the f8 key.
  • Lenovo IdeaPad L340: Novo button is on the left side of the laptop. The 1st right one of the left side is the Novo button switch, and then comes the power LED.
  • Thinkpad X1 Yoga: On the lower section’s right side, the second button from the left edge beside the pen pro is the power button.
  • Lenovo YOGA 710: the button is also on the right side as its ThinkPad.
  • Think Pad X1 Carbon: same as X1 yoga, but here, the 1st one is the power-on system as there is no pen pro button.
  • Lenovo Ideapad 100S: on the upper left corner above the keyboard.
  • Lenovo T420: Above the keyboard that is easily noticeable.

All other Lenovo laptops have a more or less same manual to locate the power button. Check the manual comes with the computer you have.

What’s In The Manual?

Whats In The Manual

All the manuals come with a perfect guideline for the handing of the computer. You will find all the hardware systems and their functions, even the power button indicator, are given with a simple numbering system. Most probably, you would find this onto the first 3-5 pages.

What Does Power Light Mean?


The power button lighting indicates whether your laptop is on or off and in sleep mode. You may find the light on some of these laptops blinking in a different manner.

Those have several meanings. See the status of your computer with the power light meaning-

  • If the light is on, it indicates your laptop is on.
  • Light is off meant yours’ is also off
  • Blinking (slowly) of light means it’s in sleep mode.
  • Rapidly blinking indicates it is entering sleep or in hibernation mode.
  • Blinking three times show your computer is initially connected to the power.

The Power Button Is Not Working?

The Power Button Is Not Working?

If your Lenovo laptop is not powering on even after pressing the power button, that seems it is on a problem that can be battery or display related.

Sometimes its happen your laptop is not getting power, and that’s why the power button doesn’t work.

So at first, make sure it is getting power.

How To Check?

How To Check?

  • Plug the ac power adaptor on your laptop.
  • Look for the ac power indicator light (if any), if it turns on or not.
  • If it’s not, then check the other device where the outlet is plugged in. make sure the adaptor is suited with the outlet
  • Also check for any physical damage to the Lenovo- authorized adaptor. Sometimes the cable can be twisted, and you will notice burnt marks or smell from it.
  • So, ensure the power cable is correctly attached to the system.
  • After all, is okay, press the power button. It will on if the battery was drained at all.

Still, It’s Not Working?

Still, It's Not Working?

Then you can do a power-draining. How?

  • Press the power button and hold it at least for ten seconds. This system will remove all the battery power, and by newly plugging in the charger, the problem may be solved.
  • Another way also there. Firstly, unplug the entire device attached to it. Then remove the removal battery if there any.
  • If your laptop includes an internal battery system, there must be an emergency pinhole button. Put a paper pin on this pinhole and press the button; that can perform the power drain.

Haven’t Find Any Battery-related Problem?

Haven't Find Any Battery-related Problem?

Then you can try the Novo pinhole button. It will let you access the recovery mode. If your computer power on after using the Novo button, be sure that there is a problem with the power button.

If it’s, you should contact Lenovo support.

Want To Change The Power Button Status?

Want To Change The Power Button Status?

You can change the power button function if you want. Find out the Windows notification area and select the battery status icon.

Then click the power option, then choose the power button status and change the setting as your need.


Hopefully, you have found a solution on finding the power button on Lenevo laptop. Well, it’s not such a tricky task. But yes, all the jobs have needed more or fewer guidelines, even if it’s a tiny one.

If you have any difficulties, you should inform the Lenovo support. Maybe you have brought a faulty displayed laptop; it happens sometimes! I hope now you get about the discussion of where is the power button on a Lenovo Laptop?

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