Gaming Headset Vs Headphone And Mic [Which Is For You?]

Every gamer confronts a familiar gaming conundrum. Will they go right for a gaming headset with a microphone or get a gaming headset? We always had this Gaming Headset vs Headphone & Mic scenario playing video games.

It is up to you whether you need a gaming headset vs. headphones & mic based on your need. Each has its benefits and issues. So, it would help if you weighed your choices and the advantages you’re benefiting from before you make the decision.

I gave a few helpful facts in the article, which will allow us to determine whatever you need. I am sure it will provide you with a broader perspective within your scope. Let’s get to the gaming headset vs headphone and mic discussion.

Gaming Headset Vs Headphone And Mic

Gaming Headset Vs Headphone And Mic Discussion

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Gaming Headset Vs Headphone And Mic Discussion

The built-in microphone is the key difference among gaming headsets and headphones. Here we are going to identify the most excellent alternative for a headset against a headphone.

We discuss the distinctions between a regular headset plus a play headset in this procedure. We will also indicate the advantages and disadvantages of those audio peripherals.

Game Headset Differences Vs. Mic Headsets

Game Headset Differences Vs. Mic Headsets

The Progress

The Progress

Firstly, there is now a distinction between the two. The phrase headset is headphones, including a microphone attached to this record. You can see the microphone, and you can navigate around it.

In certain situations, the microphone can even be removed and reconnected according to the headset type. Secondly, there are headphones with no extra microphones.

Several companies released different headsets referred to as “game headsets” and feature distinct aggression designs. It doesn’t imply you only have to play this sort of headphone, or you can’t use it except for games.

Instead of selling additional headsets to some group of customers is a marketing effort.



You know by now that a decent audiophile headset is more expensive than a playing headset would be costly. But that does not say that every headphone is costly compared to the same game headset.

If you get a game headset, make sure to get a microphone as well. You will not get an adaptable microphone on a headset.

A single microphone might even be purchased. So, it ultimately costs you more than a playing headset with a microphone connected.

A gaming headset’s charge offers some additional advantages over a headphone. If you would like an exceptional headphone and microphone with your tight budget, your best choice is to use a game headset.

On the other hand, if you have a good budget, you can go on a “headphone” with the finest audio quality.

Find Your Purpose

Find Your Purpose

Both headsets are comfortable and easy to use. But depending on the performance, one is more likely.

So, if you are a heavy gamer and often play online games, you will need a microphone because multiplayer online games need communication through the mic.

And for other purposes like listening to music, you will not need a mic for that. So, it’s all about your use.

It is an essential element when you compare a game headset with a headset. It would help if you first chose how your new headset is to be used. Some gaming headsets have a very low-quality sound quality than regular headphones.

As a result, a headset allowing you to edit, record, or listen to audio can have the most excellent audio quality with the conventional headphone.

However, a gaming headset could be helpful for gamers who desire a bundle agreement (headphone + microphone). But remember, there will be a game headset with a microphone connected.

If you think about traveling regularly and a headset, you must take the headset because this is small and portable, not like game headsets.



The maximum headphones usually with a 3.5 mm connector. Otherwise, two single headphone jackets. It will help if you connect it to your PC’s microphone slot.

The majority of game headsets include a USB connection. Consequently, it works even if your PC does not have a good sound card.

Based on their unique sound processor, these gaming headphones are produced. The latest gaming headsets have significant benefits.

Sound Quality

Sound Quality

In terms of sound quality, most music headphones are better than gaming headsets. You can instead discover several decent sound-quality gaming headsets. However, the cost of such headsets is more than the headsets.

You must be wondering why? It is because regular headphones are built for excellent sound quality. It has so many settings and functions.

Moreover, when it comes to a game headset, the makers prefer to emphasize overall esthetics and look at the sound quality. If you want the finest sound quality, the best way is to choose a predictable headphone through a game headset.

Products Selection

Products Selection

There are so many broad selections of manufacturers that produce game headsets as well as traditional headsets. Any audiophile knows that most popular brands do not have specific “Gaming” headphones.

Instead, it is their goods that focus on sound quality. Some of the brands are Sony, Sennheiser, Audio-Technica, and Bose are among the brands.

There are certain brands of computer gear that produce headsets for gaming. Razer, SteelSeries, Corsair, HyperX, and Logitech are some of the most important firms.

The first thing is that these are not headphone makers. For gaming headsets, they provide the most significant discounts. Therefore, it varies on the choice of the brand on which you must rely.

Quality of Headphones and Microphones

Quality of Headphones and Microphones

You need to purchase both mic and headphones separately if you want the most excellent audio and microphone quality. Several brands present these gadgets. In this scenario, select these gadgets very carefully.

It enables you to discover the optimal output plus input balance while playing. Numerous expert gamers use this setup with a separate headset and microphone.

But if the audio and microphone quality is none of your primary concerns, a game headset is the most convenient alternative.



Check where the audio and microphone controls are situated when purchasing gaming equipment. They are often put on the earring or the wire.

Again, given each player’s taste, there is no uniform solution for simplicity of use. But you know your gaming habits; it is essential.

Requirements For Software

Other brands require quick and easy software installation. Given that certain software requires specific device settings, system compatibility should be checked to prevent returns.

Connectivity and compatibility are also crucial for continuous gaming for extended hours. On wireless devices, double verify the dongle. It must be user-friendly, tight, and well-built to prevent interference.



Gaming headsets or headsets are usually more comfortable than usual. They are ergonomically built for longer durations of comfort.

However, not every piece of audio equipment is equivalent. So, try the headsets and verify whether they fit well before purchasing them—also, quality control. When moving about, well-built audio equipment should not crack.

Battery Lifespan

Battery Lifespan

Wireless headphones or headsets for simple control are likely to be invested by the gamer during raw gaming. Usually, for 15 to 20 hours, a single charge powers a battery. If the game’s length, the battery reserve is preferable for you.

Or you can take intermediate recharge pauses. The longer the battery lifetime, the better. If you do not have a problem with wires, select a cabled audio headset to remove charges.

Gaming Headset Pros

  • The headset and the mic are both available.
  • It isn’t too expensive in comparison with high-end headphones.
  • Game headsets include a distinctive and attractive appearance.

Gaming Headsets Disadvantages

  • Most typical ones have a lesser quality of construction.
  • Ordinary headphones do not achieve sound quality.
  • Not very good to listen to music, record, or edit audio regularly.

Headphone Pros

  • Excellent sound compared to game headsets.
  • For improved audio quality, you might use a dedicated microphone.
  • It can be excellent to hear a song than just playing.
  • Suitable for routine usage

Headphone Disadvantage

  • The cost could be somewhat higher.
  • Not a glamorous ‘game’ pattern.
  • You may require a further microphone.
  • Not perfect for playing.


1. Gaming Headset vs. Headphones – What Is the Difference?

Ans: A microphone with a headset that allows you to talk is attached. It is used mainly in video conferences or video conversations you are making.

In contrast, the headphone includes a built-in microphone that is not connected or visible and usual to listen to audio files. Let’s compare headphones and headsets quickly.


Headsets have earpieces that are linked to the band and mic with embedded speakers. Usually, a headset with a large microphone is available near the lips.

Call center or calling managers to utilize headsets mainly. Headsets usually produce a mono sound or stereo sound due to their construction.

The type and brand you pick to rely on it too. Mic headsets make it seem distinct from headphones, and possibly you can see the difference.

It is connected by two coiled earpieces and a band when speaking of headphones. Most of the headphones are roomy and comfy, so your ears won’t be under strain.

Headphones in all sizes and colors are now available. Choose your favorite color for a headphone simply. Yes, there is also a red and yellow hue.

Headphones contain significant drivers that provide you with excellent quality stereo sound. Big headphones assist in giving your music a better sound on the spot.

Compared to headsets, headphones are broader. The music mix artists and DJs commonly utilize open-top headphones since their sound Quality is outstanding. Closed-back headphones are suitable for mobile travel requirements.

2. Should I Buy A Gaming Headset Or Headphones For PC Gaming?

Ans: Many individuals refer to headsets as headphones often erroneously and vice versa. This is because the two of them are, in fact, somewhat similar. The only noticeable difference between the headset and the built-in microphone is the inclusion.

However, it might seem uncomplicated and straightforward to choose between headsets and headsets. However, it is a complicated subject.

Headphone Type

Headphones may all be categorized into three separate categories:

Headphones Mainstream


  • Minimum and elegant design.
  • Simple to use.
  • Good sound and diverse.

The disadvantages:

  • The quality might be subpar.
  • Overall quality variable.

Headphones for Studio


  • the precision of audio playback.
  • Easy to fix Strong build.


  • On the costly side.
  • Made for experts in particular.

Headsets for Gaming



  • Microphones and other characteristics are more costly.
  • Not extremely flexible or mobile.

You have to know everything before you choose the type of headphones to buy. In conclusion: In short:

  1. Get a game headset if you play several multiplayer games and want to use it for fun.
  2. Get the most excellent audio quality headphones for your money and want to use them in activities other than gaming.
  • Get headphones from the studio if you plan to edit audio.

3. Is the QC35 II Gaming Headset Worth it?

Ans: The Bose QC 35 II continues to be one of the most acceptable alternatives, even though it offers improved technology.

The Bose QuietComfort 35 II is top-class among the best active noise-canceling headphones. But if it’s better for you, you’ll have to decide for yourself.

With the inclusion of the Assistant and active noise-canceled profiles, the Bose QuietComfort 34 II are the same headphones as before but are just a bit better. It’s still fantastic as it used to be.

Because they are among the most popular headphones, you may find them in many various forms. All shops, nevertheless, have their benefits and limitations online or physically. Before purchasing, make sure you do your homework!

Naturally, we always want more outstanding sound quality, but they are hardly the worst Bose headphones I’ve ever heard. The music sounds okay, but all the exciting additional features are what you pay for.

The hefty price tag will undoubtedly discourage most people, yet they will fly away from the shelves; let’s be serious. There is simply no reason why you would already buy the original Bose QuietComfort 35.

So if they do it only for you, the Bose QC35 II is still an excellent collection nowadays, especially if you discover it cheap.

4. Is the QC35 II Gaming Headset Wired or Wireless?

Ans: The Bose QuietComfort 35 II game headset is mainly a 3.5mm or USB cabled gaming experiment. The headset supports the PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch. However, likewise, the previous Bluetooth headphones of the QC35 II are still in use in 2017.

It supports Bluetooth codecs from the SBC and the AAC, meaning that Android users will not have a fantastic choice for streaming high-quality music since AAC does not play well with other goods from the non-Apple.

The game module is attached to listen to each detail in games that they play with other players, such as teammates, using the QC 35 II game headset.

Bose noise cancelation is used to reduce any sound that might distract players from their best performance in any game. It then employs genuine sound to enable gamers to hear every detail necessary – such as footprints, rifle shots, enemy movements.

The Discord and TeamSpeak certified boom mic is also intended to suppress noise to communicate with other players as clearly as possible.

The gaming module enables gamers to connect the headset through a wired connection to their controllers or consoles, resulting in reduced audio latency.

Final Thoughts

So, this is all about on-Gaming Headset vs. Headphone & Mic. Sometimes you become so puzzled while choosing the suitable pair of headphones.

But before buying any of these, think of your preferences and the features you want to have in your headphones and also the price range as there are many choice of gaming headsets.

Also consider the mic quality. Thank you all for reading this gaming headset vs headphone and mic article!

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