Fortnite Audio Issues [Step-By-Step Quick Fix For Windows]

Although the game is compatible with almost all the systems, a few users have complained about Fortnite audio issues. If you face the same and find the in-game audio is not working on your windows, today, we took this chance to address this problem.

Well, the error might come from two main reasons.

  • in-game bug
  • general windows problem

Fortnite Audio Issues

So, How Can You Fix The Fortnite Audio Issues?

So, How Can You Fix The Fortnite Audio Issues?

Here, we’ve compiled a list of all solutions that you can use to resolve this audio issue. You just need to find the right one to do the job for you.

  • Set the default playback device
  • Update Your game
  • Check the sound option for Fortnite
  • Run Fortnite as an administrator
  • Disable Visualize Sound Effects
  • Adjust in-game setting
  • Reset your PC to factory setting
  • Install DirectX
  • Reinstall the game

1. Set The Default Playback Device

Set The Default Playback Device

Your microphone or speakers won’t work unless you set them as the default playback device in the system. Therefore, first, you have to ensure if you have issues with your headphones or external microphone settings. Below are the steps to follow to set your sound device as default in Windows.

  1. First, close the game & unplug your sound device
  2. then plug in the sound device again
  3. open the control panel and press the Sound Icon from the menu
  4. next, you have to select the Playback tab
  5. press the sound device’s icon you use & then press Set Default at the bottom
  6. now open the Recording Tab & right-click on the sound device you use
  7. choose Set as Default from the menu

2. Update Your Fortnite Game

Update Your Fortnite Game

In case the game bug causes the problem, this solution is a good option. The updated versions usually deal with the previously broken patches to improve the Fortnite Android Crashes gaming experience.

So, having the latest version of the game installed can effectively address the in-game sound issues.

3. Check The Sound Option For Fortnite

Check The Sound Option For Fortnite

You might know that the operating system already has sound settings for individual apps. And, in this step, we are going to check that Fortnite is not muted there.

  1. open the game and
  2. then press (Windows + M) key to minimizing it
  3. now unlock the Settings app pressing (Windows + I) key
  4. next, you need to press System, and
  5. then looking at the left panel select Sound
  6. now we need to check the input and output devices and ensure they are not muted there
  7. you can run the troubleshooter in case they don’t work
  8. next, navigate to the Advance sound option
  9. you should find Fortnite from the list. Check and ensure it is not muted.

4. Run Fortnite As An Administrator

Run Fortnite As An Administrator

The audio problem might arise from the lack of proper administrative permission as some users have noted. It could also happen if the game is blocked by the system.

In such instances running the Fortnite and Epic Games Launcher as an administrator could resolve the Fortnite audio issue.

  1. find the Fortnite desktop icon & select it
  2. next, open the Properties
  3. then press the Compatibility tab
  4. now find “Run this program as an administrator”, and press the checkbox to enable it
  5. confirm your submission pressing OK at the end
  6. finally just follow the exact process for Epic Games Launcher

5. Disable Visualize Sound Effect

Disable Visualize Sound Effect

“Visualize Sound Effect” feature is accessible inside the game settings menu. It is available for hear-impaired gamers to improve their gaming experience.

Despite being a nice addition, enabling it has more good than bad for a regular gamer as it can completely disable audio sound.

Here is How to Disable Disable Visualize Sound Effect:

  1. Open the game
  2. Open the settings
  3. Press the Accessibility tab
  4. Now turn off “Visualize Sound Effects”

6. Adjust In-Game Setting

Adjust In-Game Setting

If the Fortnite audio issue is not fixed after you followed the above instructions, it is time to check the in-game audio setting and adjust it before going for other options on the list.

  1. start the game and click the Menu Icon
  2. now select the Settings & press the Sound Icon
  3. you will see Voice Chat and Push To Talk under Voice Chat section; turn them on
  4. in Voice Chat Input Device and Voice Chat Output Device check that the devices are the ones you set as default in the solution 1 above.
  5. save the changes by clicking on Apply at the bottom
  6. head over to Fortnite and check the sound issue now

7. Reset Your PC To Factory Settings

Reset Your PC To Factory Settings

For users who have updated the Windows 10 could find issues with the audio in Fortnite game.

It could be due to faulty sound driver implementation incorporated in recent windows updates (according to Microsoft). To resolve this simply uninstall the Windows update or reset your PC to factory values. The steps are pretty straight forward.

  1. open the Settings app pressing (Windows + I) key
  2. go for Update & Security section
  3. now find Recovery from the left pane and select it
  4. press Get Started from Reset this PC option

8. Update DirectX

Update The Game

If you are operating an old version of DirectX, it could not handle the games’ heavy multimedia processing and interact with your video and audio cards.That’s why it is vital to check that you have the latest DirectX installed.

But, how to update DirectX? Don’t worry. It’s a piece of cake only.

Step1: press the Windows Key, type check in the search icon

Step2: click Check for updates

step3: now just follow the on-screen instructions for windows update; following this latest DirectX will be downloaded and installed automatically

9. Reinstall The Game

Reinstall The Game

If the Fortnite audio problems are still present, you could reinstall the game. That is our final solution on the list.

To reinstall:

  1. open Control Panel
  2. click Uninstall a program and uninstall Fortnite Game

Now, you have to re-download the setup files and install the game again via the Epic Games Launcher. So, that’s it for today.  Following our hands-on solutions, hopefully, you are now equipped with the necessary information and can handle the Fortnite audio issues.


I hope now you get rid of the issue.

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