Do I Need A Mic Preamp With An Audio Interface? [Explained]

This issue has been a bother to people who want adequate quality from their audio. You don’t just want to play your video or your music or even your games without getting the complete aural feel.

What makes music interesting to us is the fullness and richness, the fact that we can hear every single instrument that the producer intended for us to hear.

In this article, we will be looking at whether you need a mic preamp with an audio interface but first, we will look at a few things like what a mic preamp is, what it does, and why you probably need it.

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Do I Need A Mic Preamp With An Audio Interface

Why Do I need A Mic Preamp With An Audio Interface?

Why Do I need A Mic Preamp With An Audio Interface

If you want to get a great sound quality from your mics, you’re most probably going to need a mic preamp, this is because most mics don’t have enough signal strength to provide the exact quality that you need. This is why most people use a mic preamp.

Mic Preamp (What It Is?)

Mic Preamp What It Is

You have probably heard or even seen the word so many times, actually this is what it is. It is simply the circuit inside your mind or your audio Interface. It can also, sometimes, be external, this simply means that it is attached to your mic or audio interface.

What Does It Do?

What Does It Do

Since the signal strength and quality of mics are actually too weak when being transmitted into the device you’re recording with, a preamp device is added to boost the signal strength and also the audio quality.

It is great to note that any audio interface you have will surely come with a built-in preamp. This is what helps to boost sound quality. However, some people who have great taste in aural experience usually want more.

They want every sound to be as detailed as possible and to be represented exactly how the producer intended. Because of this reason, an external preamp is required.

Most often you will see that instruments such as guitars, electric keyboards, and basses are attached to an external preamp to increase the sound and the quality.

Here Are Some Benefits Of Using An External Preamp

Here Are Some Benefits Of Using An External Preamp

As I mentioned earlier, every audio interface you get will usually come with a built-in preamp. However, for those who know the quality sound when they hear it, there’s a longing to get something extra that helps make the sound even better. Here’s what you get.

The Gain-level Will Be Boosted:

The Gain-level Will Be Boosted

most mics don’t come with enough output power and as such will not be able to produce enough sound. Powering them with a preamp will boost how much sound they can produce as well as the strength.

Improvement Of Sound Quality:

Improvement Of Sound Quality

due to the sophistication of external preamps, you can easily improve the quality of sound that comes out from your audio system through your mics. Using the built-in preamp may not be able to give you that quality.

Noise Reduction:

Noise Reduction

talk about a silent worker. Audio preamps help you to minimize the external unwanted noise when you’re recording. Even if you’re using really low budget audio interfaces, an additional preamp will quiet down every possible external disturbance that can alter your audio quality.

Gives You A Clearer And Crisper Sound:

Gives You A Clearer And Crisper Sound

aside from adding gain level and increasing the sound quality, I think this is the most important reason to get an external preamp.

Remember, it all depends on the quality of sound that you’re looking for. An external preamp will ensure that everything that comes through the mics will be clean and smooth.

The Different Types Of Preamps You’ll Find

The Different Types Of Preamps You'll Find


Before going through this list, it is important to note that you cannot actually find one preamp which is better than the other. They all come with the same purpose and that is to give balance and quality to your mic’s output level. However, here are some that you could try out.

Tube Preamps[

Solid-State Preamps

Digital Preamps

All these are made specifically for microphones. They give clarity and fullness to your sound. However, if you’re looking for some that will help you boost your instrument’s sound quality, you would need to enter a different search.


That’s all we have for you on whether you need a mic preamp with an audio interface. I hope you have carefully considered the quality benefits you stand to get and I hope this article helps you.

Good luck.

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