Best Microphone For YouTube Singing 2021 [Reviews & Buying Guide]

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With the rampant usability of the internet, YouTube has become an excellent medium for showcasing various skills and talents of individuals. In today’s era, we see a lot of people who are showcasing their various art forms on YouTube and gaining much-needed popularity and fame. YouTube has even been a supporting platform for multiple singers.

But when it comes to singing, along with your voice quality, the audio quality of your music-related videos should also be pleasing to your potential viewers.In this article, we present before you the best microphone for YouTube singing.

The kind of microphone that you use for your singing related videos has a massive impact on the audio quality of it. Depending on your personal preferences and desired results, your selection of microphones can vary.

We have come up with a much specific content that will provide you various information about the microphone that will be the most suited for improving the audio quality of your YouTube singing. Let us proceed.


Top 5 Microphone For YouTube Singing Comparison Table

Product Name=>




#1 Rode SmartLav+ Omnidirectional Lavalier Microphone

Cambridge Audio DacMagic
  • The foam pop shield minimizes its vocal plosives

  • Kevlar assisted cable does not let you snap

  • Works well with any audio app

#2 Blue Yeti USB Mic for Recording And Streaming

 Pro-ject Pre Box S2 Digital 
  • It offers excellent sound quality.

  •  simple set up it has got.

  • It does not require any SD card,

#3 Rode VideoMic Pro Microphone

Pyle PHONO Turntable Preamp
  • In the occurrence of unexpected spikes, its safety channel ensures that the signal does not clip.

  • Its built-in battery door makes replacing the battery much more comfortable.

  • Its digital switching feature enables the user to capture the audio signal.

#4 Rode NT-USB Versatile Studio-Quality Microphone

Pyle Rack Mount Studio Preamplifier
  • The output produced by it is excellent, and it sounds smooth and bright.

  • It does not require too much tweaking to get the vocals matching up to the industry standard.

  • It provides crystal clear voice recording.

#5 Audio Technical AT2035

SUCA-AUDIO Tube-T1 Preamplifier
  • It works best for home /professional/ project studio functions.

  • Its mic can provide you with the quality of professional voice overs at home.

  • It has got a higher proximity effect.

Different Types Of Microphone That YouTubers Use

When it comes to presenting quality content, the audio quality is of great importance. Generally, the established YouTubers do not rely on built-in camera microphones. This happens because the built-in camera microphones are lower in variety.

Apart from this, the built-in camera microphones capture every single sound around you, which can further deteriorate the audio quality of your content.

If you are looking out to produce quality content for YouTube, you should always go for unidirectional microphones until and unless the situation calls for an omnidirectional microphone. Talking about unidirectional microphones, their most common type is the cardioid.

They are made specifically for speech, and they can record the sound that is coming only from one direction. Unidirectional microphones can be your best choice for vlogging. It is further categorized into three kinds which are as follows:-

Condenser And Dynamic Microphones

These microphones help in converting acoustic sounds into electrical signals. Condensers can be used both for recording music as well as speech. They capture delicate sounds, and thus, they serve to be an ideal option for studio music recording.

Dynamic microphones, on the other hand, serve as a better option for the voice recording of live events. They simply cut the background noise and capture louder sounds. Dynamic microphones can help you well if you are doing your record in a noisy environment.

Lavalier Microphones

Best Lavalier Microphones are smaller in size, and you can easily clip them to your clothing. They are omnidirectional, but at the same time, the noise is easy to suppress as the lavalier microphones are attached closer to your mouth.

You can clip those to your clothing, but at the same time, you will have to avoid moving around as it can capture the sound of your clothing rubbing against it. The best way to prevent this problem is to clip the lavalier microphones to the outer part of your dress.

Shotgun Microphones

Best Shotgun Microphones can be easily connected to your DSLR. With a narrow area to capture the sound in the front, they cancel sound waves that are coming up from other directions. It is a myth amongst many people that shotgun microphones help in amplifying sound.

However, the truth is that the shotgun microphones have a narrow sensitive area that captures the sound waves approaching the front end. When it comes to recording from a long distance, shotgun microphones are a better option.

Top 5 Best Microphone For YouTube Singing Reviews

18 Best Microphones for YouTube Content Creators of All Levels

Out of all the different kinds of brands that specialize in making microphones, we have selected the best five, which can serve you in the best of your interests. Let us have a detailed review of top 5 best microphone for YouTube singing Reviews.

1.Rode SmartLav+ Omnidirectional Lavalier Microphone (editor’s choice)

Rode SmartLav+ Omnidirectional Lavalier Microphone
Rode SmartLav+ Omnidirectional Lavalier Microphone=>

The Rode smartLav+ is a broadcast-grade wearable microphone. In a wide range of television, broadcast scenarios, and film, it can be used adequately and instantly. It aids in providing quality audio in a discreet and portable format without the need for complicated additional wireless equipment.

By quietly arise the microphone on the talent and connecting it to a smartphone or tablet headset jack, you can easily use it. You can get your desired audio recorded through the RØDE Rec app for either iOS or other audio apps of their choice.


  • The foam pop shield minimizes its vocal plosives and wind noise.
  • Under normal usage situation, its Kevlar assisted cable does not let you snap or expanse your microphone.
  • This microphone works well with any audio app that obtained input from the headset connection.


  • You need to download the Rode’s app specifically to make it work.


2.Blue Yeti USB Mic for Recording And Streaming (Runners Up)

Blue Yeti USB Mic for Recording And Streaming
Blue Yeti USB Mic for Recording And Streaming=>

The blue yeti USB mic features a tri-capsule array, including 3 condenser capsules that can record any situation. A multiple pattern selection and a frequency response ranging between 20Hz-20kHz, it has got. It exhibits a power output of 130mW, thereby facilitating ease in its usage and application. For recording vocals, musical instruments, voiceovers, field recordings, and many more it is perfect.


  • It offers excellent sound quality.
  • Only four simple options it has got, which make it much easier to be used.
  • A simple set up it has got.
  • It does not require any SD card, and its mic records the audio clip straight into your computer.


  • It is quite bulky and heavy.
  • It is not portable.
  • The dial to switch among the modes is tough to turn.


3.Rode VideoMic Pro Microphone Review (Best Audio Quality)

Rode VideoMic Pro+ Microphone
Rode VideoMic Pro+ Microphone=>

It comes up with a 3-stage gain control having a +20dB function explicitly designed to improve sound quality on DSLR or mirror-less cameras. It has got the best in class Rycote Lyre suspension system onboard, which enhances the Video Mic Pro capsule/line tube and windshield along with bringing a host of new features too. Enhancing clarity and detail in the recording with its high-frequency boost boosts up high frequencies.


  • In the occurrence of unexpected spikes, its safety channel ensures that the signal does not clip.
  • Its built-in battery door makes replacing the battery much more comfortable.
  • Its digital switching feature enables the user to capture the audio signal.


  • Of sensitivity directly behind the microphone, it holds an excessive amount.
  • The user, at times, might face troubles regarding quality control.
  • It has got a below-average charge capacity.


4.Rode NT-USB Versatile Studio-Quality Microphone (Most versatile)

Rode NT-USB Versatile Studio-quality Microphone
Rode NT-USB Versatile Studio-quality Microphone=>


The Rode NT-USB versatile studio-quality microphone is an ideal choice for recording singing and musical performance along with spoken applications including podcasts, and voiceovers. When it comes to mainstream recording applications, it is compatible with all of them.

It’s premium pop-filter fits comfortably at the base of the mic and minimizes plosives during singing or speech. You must take care while setting its gain. If it is set too high, the microphone will be picking up room noises. When it is set low, the microphone will not be audible at all.


  • The output produced by it is excellent, and it sounds smooth and bright.
  • It does not require too much tweaking to get the vocals matching up to the industry standard.
  • It provides crystal clear voice recording.


  • It is not the right choice for entry-level streamers.
  • This microphone has got a terrible design.


5.Audio Technical AT2035  (Best Choice For Professional Use)

Audio Technical AT2035 Cardioid Condenser Microphone
Audio Technical AT2035 Cardioid Condenser Microphone=>


The Audio Technical AT2035 cardioid condenser microphone is capable of handling high sound pressure levels with ease. Its cardioid polar pattern curtails the boost of sounds from the sides and rear, to improvise isolation of the desired authority.

It has got a switchable 80 Hz high pass filter and a 10 dB pad. It provides a higher amount of versatility to you as it comes up with high SPL handling and a wide dynamic range.


  • It works best for home /professional/ project studio functions.
  • It has a large diaphragm for providing smoother and natural sound along with a low voice.
  • Its mic can provide you with the quality of professional voice overs at home.
  • It has got a higher proximity effect.


  • It has got an excessively sensitive microphone.


The Best Microphone For YouTube Singing Selecting Up? Buying guide

Out of the previously mentioned microphones, you need to select the one that serves you the best. But at the same time, you also have to consider other factors to make your microphone purchase an effective one. Let us discuss those factors.

Variations In Pickup Patterns

Condenser microphones are generally characterized with selectable pickup patterns. The microphone picks up the sound which, the pickup pattern refers to the sound field in. Omnidirectional microphones capture sound, for instance, somewhat in the front and the back of the microphone.

This serves well to record a small group of musicians. Along with the natural sounds that you are recording, you can use it to record the natural characteristics too.

A microphone that has a cardioid picking pattern rejects sounds coming from behind it and only records sound coming from its front. These kinds of microphones serve well to users who may have a home studio but don’t have the construction and control over their recording environment.

A microphone that has a selectable pickup switch can also serve you well in picking up various patterns in various situations, which provides you with great flexibility.

Sensitivity Regarding Proximity Effect

Individual microphones keep on providing an even result irrespective of the positioning of the source. While doing a professional voice over, podcasting, or working with singers who tend to drift away from the microphone while singing, these microphones can work exceptionally well.

Power Supply

The power supply to your microphone is a factor of significant consideration when it comes to purchasing a power supply. Some high-end microphones arise with a power supply. Buying a microphone with a required power supply can be cumbersome if you are going to put that microphone in a vocal booth, and you did not wire it for power.

Noise Floor

Noise floor simply refers to the sound in the background, which comes up when you just switch on the microphone. Your audio devices, the electricity/grounding in your studio, your choice, and even the cables that you choose have a significant force on the overall noise floor. You should be cautious about the microphone as it can primarily affect your noise floor.

Dynamic Range And Headroom

Dynamic range refers to the lowest level and the loudest level of sound you can record at. Specific microphones respond well across their entire dynamic range, whereas others do not. At various levels, many microphones tend to lose bass response or gain unwanted frequencies. A high-quality condenser helps in providing you with an even response all across its dynamic range.

Frequency Reaction Curve

A microphone’s frequency reaction is the analysis of the magnitude in which it produces an answer for any given frequency range. Having an idea about how a microphone responds to specific frequencies can have a significant influence on your decision to purchase a microphone. A microphone that complements your needs will help in saving a lot of your valuable production time.

Voice Clarity And Perfection

 While singing on YouTube, your voice clarity and Digital sound reproduction are vital to reach the audience.

The smoothness and authenticity of your voice depending on the microphone’s quality. So try to pick up the microphone that will ensure the uniqueness of your voice permanently.

The Advantages And Disadvantages

When singing is your passion, it can lead you far along through a beautiful voice on Youtube. The pros and cons of a microphone should be tested with great care so that it could serve you the best while singing for your youtube channel.

Sustainability of the Microphone

A journey of singing on youtube brings success, but it is not a matter of a single day’s prayer. You have to continue it to improve your excellence when a microphone becomes your best mate. So, while buying, you should look for the long durability of a microphone.

Cost of Purchasing

Budget and its purchasing price are always crucial for all sorts of products. You must consider the budget also while choosing a microphone for you.

To select the most suitable microphone for your daily use, you should focus on these facts. A microphone will make you roam in the vast arena of singing, and you will be able to explore yourself in a new world.


Question: How does the beginner select a microphone for Youtube singing?

Many microphones are available in the market that promise to serve you with quality and clear voice recording.

However, if you are a beginner, you have to trace the clearance of voice through the mics and the final output after recording. It will lead you to be established as a youtube singer.

Question: What should be prioritized while purchasing a microphone?

An inexpensive, high-quality, and easily accessible Mic can be the best partner of lifetime success. For the user’s convenience, some microphones never compromise their quality, from which you can effort a lot of features.

Therefore, product qualities with essential elements should always be prioritized while buying a Microphone for youtube singing.

Question: What are the features of dynamic Microphones for voice recording?

A dynamic microphone is the most valuable investment when you have the mind to set up your career in music.

You can use such types of the mic to serve multi-purpose like voice recordings, singing vocals and guitar amplifiers, etc. If you have it, you don’t need to buy particular mics for each musical instrument.

Question: Do you need Phantom Power for your Microphone?

You can use Phantom Power for your standard Microphone, but it is not important all the time. It has its best use in condenser mics. If you have a dynamic mic, you don’t need to use pathname power unnecessarily.


When the talks are about social media channels, YouTube undoubtedly holds the first position. A poorly recorded audio can simply persuade the viewers to switch to some other video. To avoid this, the quality of the sound that is going to be captured by your microphone becomes immensely talented. Even when it comes to videos about product descriptions and product reviews, clarity of sound becomes an essential factor.

The sound quality should be equally crucial following the video quality. Our product reviews and a buying guide can help you in providing you with the Best Microphone For YouTube Singing that you can use for your upcoming podcasts and other videos. If you have any queries and want to have different information related to microphones,

you can mention that in the comments section. We expect this article would have provided you with a much elaborative idea about microphones that can serve you well while making YouTube videos. Thanks for reading.

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