Beats Won’t Charge Problem [The Way To Fix It]

How do you use your headphones without charging them? Impossible, right? Well then, how do you make sure it is charging? We will find out a few ways to make that possible. But first, let’s look at the few reasons why your beats Won’t Charge problem.

Beats Won’t Charge Problem

Reasons Why Your Beats Won’t Charge Problem

1. Bad Battery:

1. Bad Battery

Like all headphones, beats headphone is installed with rechargeable batteries. It is possible that they suffered damage while in the factory or during the transfer procedure. If you just bought your beats and find out this problem, you should take it back or follow the steps mentioned later in this article.

2. Abandoned Beats Not Charging:

2. Abandoned Beats Not Charging

If you have left your headphones unused and uncharged for a very long time, the battery would slowly drain until the headphones die entirely.

The battery could also over-discharge. If this is the situation you are facing, you can check the steps, which will be discussed in later parts of this article.

It is expected that whenever you purchase any gadget, whether headphones or computers, you should use the specified chargers. Usually, these come with the device.

However, these cables can become faulty along the line. Using a defective USB cable doesn’t only stop your beats from charging but also destroys your battery.

You should know that this usually happens to devices like phones, laptops, and tablets. Your charging port could be faulty, and that would stop your beats from charging. If this, however, began the same day or week you bought your beats; you should take it back to the store for a replacement.

And They Way To Solve Beats Won’t Charge Issue

beats Won’t Charge problem

If you have any of the issues mentioned above with your beats, you can solve them using one or a combination of these suggested solutions.

1. Reset Your PC


Reset your PC if you are using your PC as a power source to charge your beats which, of course, is not advisable; you should check if the PC is on.

If it is, try switching it off and turning it back on. It could be a software problem with your PC. Once it is on, your headphones should start charging again.

2. Other Power Sources

2. Other Power Sources

Before you raise an alarm that your headphones aren’t working, first, you have to investigate the reason behind it. It may be socket you have them plugged into is functional.

Sometimes the problem isn’t from your headphones or the USB cable. Instead, it could be from your power source.

3. Use Another USB Cable

Use Another USB Cable

It is easy to detect if the problem is coming from your headphones or an external source like your cables if you consider using another source. If you notice that your USB cable could be faulty, you should try using another one, see if it fixes the problem.

Sometimes the USB cable may work for another gadget but not your headphones. That is normal. It simply means that they are not compatible, and prolonged use could result in more significant problems.

4. Ensure The Charging Port Is Working

Ensure The Charging Port Is Working

You can experience charging problems with your headphones if the charging port is wrong. Thankfully, it doesn’t take up so much stress to get it fixed. However, you could also decide to take it to a specialist who will do the job for you to don’t get to face the same problem again.

5. Charge The Headphones For A Very Long Time

Charge The Headphones For A Very Long Time

As mentioned earlier, your beats may not be charging because it has been left unused and uncharged for too long. It may have caused the battery to be over-drained.

If this is the case, you do not need to worry. Your beats aren’t faulty yet. You need to plug it into a suitable power source and leave it there to keep charging until the indicator light comes on.

It is advised that when you’re charging your headphones, and sometimes any gadget at all, you should ensure that the temperature of your surroundings falls between the range of 5 °C – 35 °C (41 °F – 95 °F). If the temperature in your environment exceeds this, you should know this is a significant reason why your headphones aren’t charging.

Dry the Device

Drain the Battery

Firstly, the Powerbeats must not ever be immersed. This is one important thing to keep in mind not to let these came across as any liquid. As we know that Powerbeats Pro is well sealed and not water-resistant. So just stay cautious when touching fluids. When this occurs, it may produce a short-circuit inside your gadget.

Secondly, let us talk about after the powerbeats get into the water. There are ways to repair. Therefore, you need to dry it. To begin, clean all exposed water from the device using a soft microfiber cloth. After that, leave the equipment in a dry area for at least seven days.

If you think seven days is long then, another effective way to dry your device in two to three days is to bury your device in a stack of dry rice for another day or three. Just wait for the dry rice to do your work.

After these, you need to clean your gadget with a brush or use that microfiber cloth. Lastly, see if it charges or not. If it starts charging, consider yourself lucky and let it charge fully.

Drain the Battery

Dry the Device

So if your battery is not charging at all, then we have a momentary solution. Firstly, drain the battery charge to make it charge effectively. In order to do so, you need to place the Powerbeats in a warm environment for at least ten days.

Secondly, let it charge entirely and attempt to run the device. It may help momentarily. So, if this issue remains, move to the final approach for replacement choices.

Try Out Force Restart

Try Out Force Restart

So, to repair your device problem, you need to force restart it. We have listed the instructions to force restart each variation of the device. Here, you just need to select yours and go along with it.

Reorganizing Powerbeats

Reorganizing Powerbeats

  • First, you need to press and hold the Power switch and Volume down switch together.
  • Second, just let go of the buttons after seeing flashes of the LED indicator light.

Change Around the Powerbeats Pro: Put both earphones in the casing and leave it open. Now press and keep holding the System button on the case while waiting for the LED display light to flash. Let go of the system button.

Update Powerbeats Firmware with Beats Updater

Update Powerbeats Firmware with Beats Updater

Look for the damaged file. It could also explain that the Powerbeats aren’t charging or working correctly if it’s a firmware issue. Here, you may delete the damaged folder as well as restore it. You may do this by changing the firmware of the gadget.

How can you do it? Here is:

  • Download and install the Update software first.
  • Then start the Updater application along with ensuring to enable Powerbeats earphones.
  • Now. Use a lightning USB cable to connect Powerbeats to the workstation.
  • Next, click the Menu button from the application and then the Status symbol.
  • Next, you will be sent to an updater website by clicking the matching Powerbeats. Simply click the “update” button.

You must be able to activate powerboats now that you have workable firmware properly. Nevertheless, keep in mind to use a genuine loader and connect it to a functional outlet.

Ignore The Device and Pair Again

Ignore The Device and Pair Again

The connection profile gets corrupt after the upgrade and modifications to the settings.

It would help if you reconstructed your device’s link outline. It ensures the transmission of data to the appliance on your Powerbeats.

How can you do it? Here is:

  • Open your device’s settings first and hit Bluetooth.
  • Press on your Powerbeats’ I symbol, hit “Forget This Device,” then confirm.
  • Turn off and start your gadget, indeed, and wait a minute.
  • Now you have to press the Power button for a few seconds and hold it in the exploration mode.
  • Go to your Apple device’s Settings and hit Bluetooth.
  • Tap your power beats in the list to finish the combination procedure in this list.

Reach Out for Support

Reach Out for Support

For a faulty battery, you may search alternative choice. Even if you do so, the battery will fade off due to regular use. Remember to look into the device’s warranty—the benefit from the nearby Apple Store.

Nevertheless, when your region is under lockdown, you may elect to ask for help online and ask for device information. Find out furthermore about other facilities online.

If any of the above-listed solutions don’t help you fix your Beats Charge problem, you should endeavor to contact Beats and report the problem to their customer service. The problem could be due to a software glitch or something more internal than you think.


I hope now you get the solution of beats won’t charge problem.

 Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. Do Beats Charge Themselves?

Ans: No, they cannot charge by themselves.  The battery power is crazy; you have to admit that. Some software bug maybe shows it could be charge by themselves. But actually, they have to take energy from the power source.

2. Why Are My Powerbeats Flashing Red?

Ans: If it is blinking red, it implies your Powerbeats need a charge. Related to this, if your Powerbeats will not charge, then also make sure that: Make sure that your charger or cable is operating correctly. Make sure that your USB cord has no physical damage.

When your earphones are switched on and set up, the LED indicator light on the left earphone displays how much listening time remains: White: Up to 12 hours remaining. Red: Less than one hour remaining. Blinking red: Needs to charge.

3. Is It Harmful to Keep Headphones Charging Overnight?

Ans: It is not a very pleasant sensation and may potentially lead to health complications. A battery is no different eventually. So, to put it simply, continually charging your headphones overnight may result in permanent harm to the batteries themselves.

When it surpasses the minimum voltage of the protection board, it stops discharging. The charging concept is the same. There will be no difficulty with overcharge and over-discharge. If the Bluetooth headset battery is overcharged, you cannot charge it.

4. Can Bluetooth Headphones Overcharge?

Ans: AnsThere will be no difficulty with overcharge and over-discharge. If the Bluetooth headset battery is overcharged, you can’t charge it. So feel free to use your Bluetooth headset. If you unintentionally leave them on charging at night.

In past times, nickel-centric batteries employ in most electronics; however, lithium-ion batteries are usually utilized these days. If your headphones likewise use lithium-ion battery power, you may not have any problem at all, even if you overcharge them by accident.

Most gadgets these days construct in such a manner that they can solve this problem on their own. So, if you are afraid about overcharging your headphones by accident, you may breathe a sigh of relief.

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