What Is Soundstage And The Difference [Pro Guide]

If you’re a headphone lover and a lover of great sound, you must have realized that soundstage seems to be one unique thing that you look for. You don’t want to just drown yourself in the sound, you want to also get every detail that comes out of the headphones.

In this article, we will look at what is soundstage and why it seems to be a very important factor for those who actually know the difference between great sound and just any sound.

What is Soundstage

What Is Soundstage?

What Is Soundstage 2

You can have a really wonderful headphone but the Soundstage is pretty poor or just isn’t present. You want to be able to hear music like you were there with the producer when he was making it. want to feel the distance of every instrument.

You want to know where the flute sound is coming from, where the drums are sounding from, and even as tiny as the tambourine sound. This is what makes the experience of listening to music completely awesome.

A Soundstage

A Soundstage

is the production of a clear 3D image with high quality that your headphone will provide you with. If your headphones have Soundstage built-in, you can be sure that you’ll get something like a visual experience of the music you’re listening to.

Imagine watching an opera, the conductor in front directing the instrumentalists, the drummer is with his drum at the back making it’s sound a bit distant to the audience, the violinists at the forefront and the cello players sitting right behind them.

If you were to close your eyes, you would still be able to clearly tell where the sounds are coming from. This is exactly what Soundstage in headphones will do for you.

The soundstage will distinctively select and filter out each sound. You can clearly hear the vocals without any interruption, you can hear the piano without any form of muddiness, you can hear it all just as if you could see all of them on stage.

If you are deep into headphones and have been searching for some that have Soundstage, then you would have seen some headphones with descriptions that would convince you that they are able to offer you those same features. If you purchase any of those kinds of headphones, you would be misled.

One important thing you must be aware of is the fact that most headphones actually come with amazing features and benefits that you’ll enjoy whether it has Soundstage or not.

However, the Soundstage is for the really few sound enthusiasts who want something extra. Explaining this little extra thing to a layman may be pretty difficult but if you can show them what it really is and what it does, they’d love it.

What Differentiates Headphones Soundstage From Speaker Soundstage?

What Differentiates Headphones Soundstage From Speaker Soundstage 1

With headphones Soundstage, the visual image of the music is completely real. You can hear it as you see it. This is majorly due to the fact that the headphones are actually closer to your eardrums.

The headphones either have it or they don’t. In the case of speakers, when you place two speakers close to each other, one speaker sends sound waves to the other and the other one sends it right back.

During the process, an effect is created. You hear the sounds like you can actually feel where it is coming from when actually it’s just the waves.

For a speaker to be able to create good Soundstage, it needs to be paired with another speaker and together placed in a compact room, or a room that matches its size and the level of sound it produces.


If you don’t already look out for what is Soundstage in your headphones, then it’s time to start doing that and take your mental sound capture up a notch. You would be glad that you did. I hope this information was helpful to you.

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