How To Live Stream Your Camera To A Computer? [Like A Pro]

Are you thinking of putting a live video online through your computer? Have you tried several means but to no avail? Well, when you try these steps, you would know how to live stream your camera to a computer.

Sometimes we don’t just want to post an already made video of our works online. Especially if we get a feeling that the viewers might think the video is adulterated.

If you are a trickster, you would understand this. Which is why live streaming is better. In this article, we will know exactly how to do it and also a few tricks you can do with your camcorder.

These are the steps. . .

How To Live Stream Your Camera To A Computer In 5 Easy Steps

how to live stream your camera to a computer

1. Open A Live Stream Account


Before you begin to do your Livestream, you need to, first of all, ensure that you have an account that makes it possible to live stream a camera to a computer.

Some platforms that offer that service include Ustream, Freedocast, Livestream, and a few others. As a matter of fact, almost every social media platform now lets you do a live video. Platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and others.

These platforms sometimes offer free service but, of course, you know that there are always more benefits when you have a premium account.

2. Connect The Camera To The Computer

Connect The Camera To The Computer

Now you have downloaded the live stream software, the next thing to do is to create a connection with the camera and the computer. To do this, you will need a USB cable.

3. Start The Software

Start The Software

The best thing to do is to launch the software and get it kicking. You will have to click on ‘record’ to start the process. One thing that you also need to note is that your live stream video will be stored in the database of the streaming software. You may not find the video on your own PC.

4. Go Live


If you’re using social media platforms like Instagram or Facebook, you would see the button “go live”.

When you click on that, your camera will instantly begin to capture the moment and send it directly to the software or social media through your computer. Remember, as was earlier mentioned, that you may not find this video on your computer.

5. End/Stop

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When you’re done with your video, you would be required to press the end button. If the video was done on social media, you should already see reactions and comments as you go.

When the live stream ends, you should be able to see the video in your social media gallery or in the software that you used. It is automatically stored there.

You have to remember that you need to be completely prepared for the video before you click on ‘go live’. You must check the lighting of the room where you’re doing the live stream (that is if you’re doing it indoors).

As a matter of fact, it is advised that you first record a normal video to test the waters. If you have so many followers who are watching your videos, you should know that they already got notified that you’re doing a live video and are already watching.

So you must make sure that the environment is properly put in place. If this isn’t done properly. The video might become and joke and not pass the right information that you intend to send.


There you go, you have successfully learnt how to live stream your camera to a computer, I hope this helps you make better use of your camera as well as your computer. Good luck.

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