Lenovo vs HP Desktops Review | Which Is Best?

As computer enthusiasts, it’s not uncommon to go through a long facade of choices when deciding between the best desktop computer brands.

In that scenario, Lenovo and HP are both able contenders with strong suits in terms of brand reliability, device performance, computer design, and price.

While each brand has its pros and cons, it’s not a battle of merits but rather a comparison of facts and data. Here, we try to break down a few crucial factors that might end your mental debate about which of the two brands is better.

We don’t explicitly choose between any of the two but try to consider the categories in which they can be judged. So, let’s jump right into our take on the battle between Lenovo vs HP desktops without further ado.

Lenovo vs HP Desktops

The Lenovo Story

The Lenovo Story

Established in China as a computer accessories manufacturer, Lenovo is now a leading computer developer and innovator. It holds a vast majority of the national and global computer sales market.

The company offers over 30 different setups under three desktop computers under their brand name – Lenovo, Erazer, and Think Centre.

The standalone Lenovo line emphasizes the audio-visuals with a slight budget-cut while the Think  Centre setup is business-oriented, offering premium features and hardware.

The Erazer desktops are more high-end for home use with a focus on Gaming compatibilities.

The HP Story

The HP Story

Hewlett-Packard, or HP for short, is an American company that started off manufacturing computer parts. It soon gained a worldwide reputation in technology innovation and decided to tap into the global desktop computer market.

The company offers more than 70 diversified setups under three products: Essential, Advanced, and Elite. The HP essential desktops are light on the budget with average consumer featured built-in.

Moreover, the HP advanced series offers business-oriented setups with professional-grade hardware and compatibility, whereas the Elite series focuses more on security and expansion at a higher price range.

Brand Reliability

Brand Reliability

Comparing both brands under the reliability banner puts them almost on the same grounds. Lenovo and HP both have a strong and rich history dealing with the consumer pool of desktop computers.

Although different countries from opposite sides of the world originated from other countries, both companies have somewhat dominated global desktop computer sales.

A critical factor in judging reliability is how the brands have retaliated to hardware issues in the past.

HP has a name for providing world-class service and dependable hardware with pre-configured chips that are hassle-free and simple to use.

You can even order a custom build under their Read-To-Ship program, and you’ll get it delivered within 24 hours to you.

All these magnificent features come in exchange for a slightly higher price point than the competitors.

On the flip side, Lenovo has an impressive product regime with desktop computers and All-in-Ones. They make separate devices that are specially catered towards students, business-professional, and gamers.

While it is true that some consumers have faced an inevitable delay in the performance of the hardware after a couple of years of heavy usage, it’s nothing too major.

Nonetheless, it’s a fair trade-off for the cheaper and affordable price tags in their products.

Warranty And Support

Warranty And Support

Interestingly, Lenovo is a bit lagging when it comes to customer support. Although there are no major complaints with their overall program, the limited warranty only exists for 1-year after the product purchase.

The extended warranty program is a bit cumbersome but can be availed through their official website.

A good thing about HP desktop computers is its dedicated online customer support program called HP Care Pack.

Depending on the product line you choose, you’ll get a 1-year to 3-year full-service warranty with their home or business-based desktops.

A comprehensive extended warranty program is also available through their official website.

Ultra-Slim Desktops And All-In-One Touchscreens Comparison

Ultra Slim Desktops And All In One Touchscreens Comparison

In our genuine opinions, a spec sheet comparison to judge the winner in the Lenovo versus HP desktops battle is not the wisest way to go. But here’s an analysis, nonetheless.

Lenovo ThinkCentre M73


HP EliteDesk G1


Lenovo C260


HP EliteOne 800


Weight Under 3 lbs. About 3 lbs.
Screen 19-inch 23-inch
USB ports 6 6 6 (USB 3.0)
Display ports 2 2
RAM 16 GB 8 GB 4 GB 8 GB
Storage 1 TB HDD 1 TB HDD or 120 GB SSD 500 GB HDD 256 GB SSD
Pricing 550$ 650$ Under 500$ 1300 $
Preinstalled software Microsoft Office Suite HP BIOSphere

Head-To-Head Comparison Between Flagship Models Lenovo vs HP Desktops

Lenovo Vs HP Desktops Which One Is The Best

1. Lenovo 310S

Lenovo 310S Lenovo 310S =>

This towering desktop model from Lenovo is made with all-around home use and business needs in mind. It’s priced affordably while not compromising on performance.

The sturdy device houses an AMD A9-9430 processor with speeds up to 3.2 GHz and an AMD Radeon R5 graphics card along with 8BG RAM. Whether it’s work or play, the Lenovo 310S has you covered in all sectors.


  • Multiple USB ports for connectivity
  • Wired Accu Type keyboard include with the packaging
  • Large storage capacity
  • The sizeable form factor for easy portability and storage
  • Overall value for the price


  • Not well designed for power management
  • Visible lack of air ventilation features


1. HP Envy 750

HP Envy 750 HP Envy 750=>

Hailing from HP, this stylish desktop tower is cost-effective and suitable for professional business people and light gamers alike for casual use.

The 12GB RAM and Intel Core i5-6400 Quad Core 6th Gen processor does a great job managing speed up to 3.3 GHz with 6MB Cache. If you’re looking for an impressive specs sheet, the HP Envy 750 will blow you away.


  • Stylish design with modern architecture
  • Large storage capacity with 1TB Serial ATA HDD
  • Wide compatibility range with peripheral devices
  • Multi-DVD burner and 7-in-1 media card reader
  • 2 HDMI outputs
  • 11ac next-generation wireless LAN connectivity
  • Good portable form factor with brush metal finish


  • Housed with slightly outdated DDR3 motherboard rather than DDR4
  • Display Monitor not included in the packaging


2. Lenovo Think Centre SFF M700

Lenovo ThinkCentre SFF M700 Lenovo Think Centre=> SFF M700

If the only factor to consider here was the price’s performance, this flagship from Lenovo with sweep away all competition.

The economically priced desktop holds some high-end hardware and offers superb performance. Other than blazing-fast processors and RAMs, the device also comes packed with expandable storage.

It’s merely a risk-free investment for a student, business professionals, and gamers alike.


  • Robust internal architecture
  • Expandable storage capacity
  • The slim form factor for easy storage at 13.31 x 3.46 x 14.05 inches
  • Exclusive 3-year company warranty
  • User-friendly interface


  • Visible lack of air ventilation features


3. HP Slimline 270

HP Slimline 270 HP Slimline 270=>

With extensive RAM and powerful processing capabilities, this ultra-slim desktop tower from HP is simply a wise choice. It’s the flagship model that defines HP desktops.

It’s fast, it’s efficient, and suited for home users and business professionals alike. It has an Intel Core i7-7700T quad-core processor reaching up to 3.8 GHz speed under max turbo boost and 8GB DDR4 SDRAM.

Boasting massively powerful in-house hardware, the HP Slimline 270 can handle anything you throw in its way!


  • State-of-the-art internal hardware with 1TB SATA HDD writing at 7200 RPMs
  • Built-in 3-in-1 memory card reader for extensive media capabilities
  • Bluetooth 4,0 support along with 4 USB ports
  • Both HDMI and VGA display ports
  • Latest DDR4 technology used in a motherboard with 8MB CPU cache
  • Stylish slim form factor weighing 9.7 lbs.


  • Not well designed for power management
  • Display monitor not included in the packaging


Lenovo Verus HP Desktops: Which One Is The Best?

Lenovo Vs HP Desktops Which One Is The Best 1

Among the four flagship models we reviewed above, all of them have their specialties, and you can’t deny it regarding the specs they are offering.

As we have shown, the Lenovo 310s has some unique features within a reasonable price tag.

On the contrary, Envy 750 is a suitable one for both gamers and professionals who are looking for a desktop at a low price.

And same goes for the Lenovo Think Centre SFF M700 as it comes with high-end hardware and superfast RAM management.

But, for its impressive specs, the HP Slimline 270 is our winner as the best desktop among them. Why?

Well, as described before, at a reasonable price, this high-end desktop has excellent RAM management, and powerful processor that offers you with a superfast experience doesn’t matter if you play games or run heavy software. As simple as that!

Final Verdict

As you can probably tell by now, both brands are equally good competitors in the battle between Lenovo vs HP Desktops.

When it comes to a final verdict from us, it’s hard to choose between the two brands. If you are going for a more business-oriented setup, long-term customer service and reliability can be crucial.

Therefore, it’s wise to go for HP desktops in that case. Otherwise, you’re perfectly fine choosing a Lenovo desktop if you’re a casual home user or gamer who’s looking for an affordable solution.

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