How To Clean A Sound Bar? 9 Best Methods!

So, how to clean a sound bar? Like everything else in your home, speakers build up dust and filth. Remove the front grill or cloth from a soundbar speaker and dust carefully from the cone.

Clean the grill with lint or wet wipes to prevent the storm of dust and debris and maintain a fresh and clean appearance of your speakers!

You don’t want to appear excellent when you invest in your favorite technology, like speakers, so you don’t feel ashamed. And it’s so favorable to you when you wait a long time to have the device.

So, it is pretty normal to have questions in your mind regarding how to clean a soundbar efficiently and adequately. But there is nothing to get so worried about cleaning a soundbar. However, if you are looking for the correct answer, then you are in the right place!

However, improper cleaning damages your soundbar – so that correct cleaning procedures and materials are so necessary to hold the bar in such condition that for a long time and even more than your expectations, you would like to use it perfectly.

The nice and significant thing is that you don’t have to have costly appliances or cleaners, but simply the proper ones. So the appropriate technique enhances the life of each item we use to some extent. The correct technique Grab it, then, to get the best out for a perfect audio experience!

How To Clean A Sound Bar

Why Should You Consider Cleaning Your Soundbar?

Why Should You Consider Cleaning Your Soundbar

Every daily usable thing needs proper care, which is not different in the soundbar. You should aim to give your soundbars a good cleaning a few times a year to ensure that they sound fantastic and perform just as you want them to when you’re about to listen to music or watch a video.

Fortunately, it is easy to do with the proper process and will take just a few minutes of your precious time. So, what are you waiting for then, buddy? Go ahead because it is time to get those speakers cleaned for stunning sound.

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How To Clean A Sound Bar: 9 Effective Steps

How to Clean A Sound Bar

Here are some steps where I will explain how you can clean your soundbars most effectively:

  1. Remove the soundbar from all power sources and disconnect it. If the soundbar has any on/off switch, turn to off power. Next, remove all electrical outlets from the power wires. If you will have red and black cords connecting your speaker to the rear of the sound system, push the levers and take the wires out.
  2. If feasible, remove the grill or fiber from the soundbar front. Many barbecues peel off the soundbar face. To carefully pull out a thin flat thing and place it on a level surface, in the end, to clean it. Some grills can be linked to screws and must be removed with a screwdriver.
  3. Fill the soundbar with a can of air with any loose dust and grime. Keep the air can fully low to avoid the spray of chemicals. Push the trigger off the speaker and out of any crevices to blast dust and grime. Make sure you utilize an air duct, which specifies it is intended for electronics cleaning.
  4. Do not hold up the tube or sideways, as you can sprinkle chemicals and go into your speaker.
  1. Wet a water microfibre. Hold a cloth of microfibre under clean water until it is wet. Then, squeeze it out until no more water is squeezed out. When the fabric falls, it is too moist. Remove all the surplus water to a little watery.
  1. Wipe off the whole microfibrous cone and the whole soundbar. Remove any leftover dust and grime, wiping all exposed surfaces with a moist cloth. Next, remove both the outside of the speaker box. Speaker cones may be particularly sensitive so that sufficient pressure is applied to wipe off any dust and debris, or the speaker cone may be pinned down.
  1. With a dry microfiber cloth, dry any excess water. Wipe with a dry clean towel across all places cleansed. Just use sufficient pressure to wipe water from any drop. Ensure that a microfibre tissue is used. Traditional textiles will leave the speaker behind lint. Don’t let the soundbar dry while you have a second towel with a microfiber.
  1. Roll a roller over the grill for dust and grime removal when it’s made of fabric. First, remove the new adhesive piece from the first layer of the lint roller. Then, roll the roller lint from top to bottom or side to side until you cover the whole grill surface. You may have to apply more fresh adhesive layers of the lint roller depending on how big or unclean the soundbar grill is. Remove the soiled adhesive if it appears not to collect other dust.
  1. If it is metal or plastic, wipe the clean grill with a moist wipe. Use wet wipes for dust removal or electronic cleaning. Remove from the grill any filth and dust and let it dry air.

In the cleaning section of a supermarket, you may obtain wet wipes for cleaning electronics at an electronics store or special dusting wipes.

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Essential Tips to Follow:

Essential Tips to Follow

I agree with what they are doing for peace of mind. But she would NEVER have abrasives in it, pure carnauba wax. Polish is available in different grades to prevent scratches (which add scratches ironically).

Either wax or detailer, I would not hesitate. However, for nearly 30 years, I have been finishing and polishing and have to experience.

I recalled finally telling SVS to get polished the speakers, and he connected me to this page.

Follow the steps mentioned above and add then, if you can, remove delicate swirl marks, a high-end automobile polishing protection for transparent coatings. Hold with little friction to polish the edge or side.

Using an industrial cleaning spray for clearcoats and spread it softly with a microfiber fabric to preserve this shiny appearance.

For handling rubber surround components, an automobile cleaner is certified safe for rubber and vinyl. Do not spray too much on the surrounding surface or cone. Always spray on a towel and delicately wash just every cone.

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How Frequently Should You Clean Your Sound Bar?

How Frequently Should You Clean Your Sound Bar

Soundbars are not like other appliances. They do not collect dirt and dust as severely as other gadgets do. And you’ll want to sweep them up. Honestly, every time I dust my home, I clean my soundbars for stunning sound and a good audio experience. If they do not seem to need it, I often skip weekly cleaning.

It, to some extent, depends on how fast dust builds up at your home or room. You know that every house is different. Just do test them out with proper observation and see if they need it, and do it as need.

While your soundbars probably won’t get as dirty as your laptop, giving them a bit of tender love and care wouldn’t hurt either. You can ensure that your soundbars remain in perfect shape for several years to come depending on how you clean the soundbars.

 Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. How Do You Clean Speaker Mesh?

Ans: Cleaning your mesh speaker covers regularly allows them to last longer and to minimize dust and allergens spreading. In addition, clean talker covers help the speakers to deliver the sound more precisely and lessen the stress on the mesh at high volume playing music.

  1. Vacuum Bathtub Soap Shower covers the speaker.
  2. When the coverings are ready for cleaning, take the time to remove dust and waste from the interior of the speaker.
  3. Take off the lid of the speaker. Tighten the speaker lightly from all sides until the cover is speechless.
  4. Use the padding of the vacuum to suck the cover completely.
  5. Fill the bathroom with warm soapy water and turn the speaker into soapy water.
  6. Drain your bath. Drain your bath. Draw the shower and hold the speaker panels in the spray to spray the soap out of the panel.
  7. Stand through the night in the bathroom to dry the speakers.
  8. The speaker calls the speakers back. Ensure that they are safely snapped in.

2. How Do You Clean The Foam Of A Speaker?

Ans: You have to remove the original pieces to prepare your speaker for reforming. Using a blade, insert it (if it’s one) and circle 360o underneath the original gasket. Take away the gasket and scrape all residues on the edge of the speaker frame using the same blade. Use your thumb to push the blade aside and keep the blade away.

Then use the same blade or straight raspberry blade to scrape the foam off the speaker’s cone. No solvents or other chemicals are recommended.

3. How Do You Clean Plastic Speaker Grills?

Ans: Typical stereo loudspeakers are either timber or elastic enclosures with indoor speaker components. The producers typically install textile grills on the front for decorating and keeping the dirt and additional debris from collecting on the rear speakers.

However, these grills may become a ma In addition; many clothes attach to a frame which can detach from the speaker. While this makes cleaning simpler, in most circumstances, this one isn’t essential.

First Move

Put your vacuum cleaner stuff, scrub extra on the pan, and lightly aspire to remove dirt off the exterior of the loudspeaker fabric. Then, down through a dried-out cloth, wiped the material.

Second Move

Take tough animal fur or more big debris rolling over your speaker cloth by spinning the pet fur roller.

Third Move

Get rid of stains by lightly wiping on the marked surrounding a somewhat moist tissue. Do not let water flow into the components of the speaker. Please take off the stain as well as let it cure before connecting it back to the speaker when the speaker allows to grill.

Remove leftover particles of dust. Instead, you can use a can of condensed air.


Often, we forget that our soundbars can also become dirty and need regular cleaning to perform the actions correctly. On the other hand, some people worry about thinking about how to clean a soundbar properly. Of course, we often clean the outside carefully, but how often do you give it a truly deep clean? But remember, it is essential. I hope now you know how to clean a sound bar.

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