How To Clean A Speaker Cone? [Important Things To Consider]

Speakers are building up dust and dirt in your home just like anything else. You can clean your stereo speaker cone easily. All you have to do is remove the speaker grille and dust the speaker cone off with a brush.

After that, you take a lint roller or a wet wipe (cotton fibre can be useful too) to swipe off the rest of the dust particles and your speaker is as good as new!

You can also clean other types of speakers in electronic equipment such as laptop or smartphone speakers with household cleaning materials.

Wondering about how to clean a speaker cone? No worries! Just go through the article and explore the process of cleaning.How To Clean A Speaker Cone


Why Is It Important To Clean A Speaker Cone?

Why Is It Important To Clean A Speaker Cone?

When you’ve dusted easily go on. Take off the audio barbecue. If you don’t know exactly what the barbecue is, it is just the external net.

It can cover individual speakers made of plastic or steel. The grill always falls high. But it doesn’t come off if you’re confused, don’t click it. Certain cones may be fitted.

You’ll find that it is dusty when you get off the cones. It can also be!

The grilling is like our fur on the nose. It is primarily built for dirt capture. To make dirt of the grill is to smooth the grill with your connector.

If your grill is dusty or not, wash with hot water gently. Enable them to dry on your devices before replacing them.

How to Clean A Speaker Cone- with 4 Steps:

How to Clean A Speaker Cone

1. Turn The Speaker Off The Electrical Power And Unplug It

Turn The Speaker Off The Electrical Power And Unplug It

The speaker could be seen by a click and control is disconnected. Unplug all power cable electrical sockets.

Evaluate where the wire is attached if your speaker has the red and black coloured wire. When it’s attached to the rear of the speaker, press the button down and drop it at the edge of the platform.

2. Join The Speaker’s Grille

Join The Speaker's Grille

Many grids with little intensity can be quickly opened. A thin, flat metal or another hard tool (i.e., a flat head screwdriver) may be used to extract it. Set that aside for more washing.

If the grille is fitted with screws, you will need a screwdriver.

3. The Airflow From The Speaker Will Bloat Dirt And Particulate Dust

The Airflow From The Speaker Will Bloat Dirt And Particulate Dust

Hold the air horizontally to prevent the contaminants from escaping out. Press the tube to blast the dust particles out of the speaker’s face and spaces.

Make sure you use the ventilation that alerts you that the ventilation is being cleaned electronically. Do not hold the air up or down, chemicals can spray out and then run into the sections of your speaker.

3.The Airflow From The Speaker Will Bloat Dirt And Particulate Dust4. Dispose Of The Small Particles If There Is No Breeze

Dispose Of The Small Particles If There Is No Breeze

If you have no air, you should wash the dust off your cone and some other accessible sections by using a smooth bristle paintbrush or make-up brush. Be very careful as you clean the tip because it’s sensitive.

Please ensure it’s sterile and was not used for makeup before using a makeup brush!

Cleaning The Speaker Cones Easily And Effectively?

Cleaning The Speaker Cones Easily And Effectively

There is not much strength needed to punch a hole through a journal cone. Steel, wood, kevlar or aluminium cones are safer, but bumping can cause harm to fragile drivers. Take more caution when dealing with delicate cones.

You ought to just use a dust bucket (or a duster for the washing of camera lenses) instead of just a cleaner or cloth. A dusting wall (for example, Swiffer) will work, but it can mix outcomes.

You’re going to be able to exercise the opportunity to sweep the cone unintentionally then using point. Dissolve any soil or dust that sticks to any part of the speaker cone and linked gasket cautiously together with all the brush.

Keep a tight grip on the brush, however, use mild strokes for the lowest pressure you need. When you work outside, the compressed air or duster will blow off the cone comfortably and free of matter.

Cautions To Maintain While Cleaning:

Cautions To Maintain While Cleaning

Be careful that you prevent the air from being sprayed vertically and several inches from its foot. Blow the cone off the dust, not to it. When washing the tweeters, be twice as sensitive. It may sometimes be beneficial to bypass tweets and listen to compressed air.

For several purposes, never use any solvent when purifying cones. It is advised to contact the maker for cleaning guidance in cases of dirty or soiled cones.

Dry Off  Excess Water With A Dry Microfiber Cloth While Cleaning A Speaker Cone

Switch off the speaker and unplug it from the power source

Wipe with a dry clean cloth over the places you’ve washed. Only use ample pressure to clean up any drops of water.

Make sure a microfibre fabric is used. Standard fabrics on the speaker would only leave lint behind. You need to let it dry for several hours if you do not have any spare microfiber clothes.

Now your speaker cone is dry and clean like before! And you have learned how to clean a speaker cone. Make sure you mount your speaker carefully after drying and cleaning.

Use small, flat head screwdrivers to mount the speaker if necessary. You have to be extra careful when you handle the speaker cone.

Bottom Line

Hopefully, you got the answer of how you can clean a speaker cone properly. So, guys just are simple and strategic while cleaning the soundbar. A proper cleaning just adds more longevity in your product day by day.

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