6 Best Vlogging Lenses 2023 [Best Options For You]

A camera is of no use without a suitable, best fit lens in it. Therefore the selection of compatible lens for a camera is very crucial as well as important.

With evolution of technology, various cameras lenses have been introduced in the market but people strive to search for the best vlogging lenses for their camera.

Various companies like Sigma, Nikon and many more compete with each other in introducing high quality lenses which offer sharp, auto focus and bright images. Various lenses have been designed to meet demands of Vlogging which is a popular profession now days.

So the lenses which offer best video qualities are in high demand. Although these lenses and DSLR cameras are quite expensive but photography lover consider it worth buying.

In our website you can check reviews of superb vlogging lenses from renowned brands to find the best fit lens for your DSLR camera.

All lenses have different feature to work with. Some lenses are for daily usage for example to make Vlogs and take pictures for social media of you, while other is for professional works.

In my reviews I have made sure that you find both types of lenses reviews. Some basic functions are present in every lens. Now by looking at my list everyone can decide for their desired lens.

6 Best Vlogging Lenses 2022

Top 6 Vlogging Lenses Comparison Table

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Product Name=>




#1 Cannon E50mm f/1.8 STM Lens

Cambridge Audio DacMagic
  • Focal length: This stunning lens gives 50mm focal length with view of 40 degree.

  • Light control: This gives sharp images without using flash during low lights.

  • STM: This allows capturing videos without sound of focus motor.

#2 Sigma 18-35mm F1.8 Art DC HSM Canon Lens

 Pro-ject Pre Box S2 Digital 
  • Wide angle: Its wide angle lets you capture large aperture of 1.8

  • Special low glass: The SLD glass compensates for aberrations and curvature.

  • Hyper Sonic Motor: This feature gives smooth, accurate and fast AF.

#3 Sigma 10-20mm Lens For Nikon Digital Camera

Pyle PHONO Turntable Preamp
  • Sigma optimization pro is the special software develops by sigma to update firmware of lens and to adjust its focus.

  • Its diaphragm has 9 blades with filter size of 72mm.

  • Its compatible camera mount is canon EF-S.

#4 Sony E 50mm OSS portrait Lens

Pyle Rack Mount Studio Preamplifier
  • This product has the feature of optical steady shots and image stabilization.

  • It weighs only 7.1 ounces.

  • This lense ranks at number 6 in best seller mirror-less camera lenses.

#5 Toking 11-16mm Digital Zoom Lens

SUCA-AUDIO Tube-T1 Preamplifier
  • It weighs 1.2pounds and is not much light weight.

  • It is formed with super low dispersion glass.

  • Its diaphragm consists of 9 Blades stopping down to f/22.

#6 Yonghuo 50mm F1.8N Standard Prime Lens

6 1
  • Adopts gold plated metal

  • Light weight

  • Multi coasted glass

Types Of Vlogging Lenses

Types of Vlogging Lenses

One thing you should know before buying a lens is its variant. Not just any lens will suit your needs, and so that’s why proper knowledge about it is a must. In the vlogging community, two types of lens are widely recognized:

  • Prime
  • Zoom

1. Prime Lens

1.Prime Lens

A prime lens is also called the fixed lens. Mainly because you can capture video to a fixed extent. In this lens, there is no zoom ring for focus.

So the focal range always remains the same. If you want to zoom in or out in any part of the video, you must physically move yourself to do so.

There is a wide variety of prime lenses available in the market. For example, wide-angle prime lenses 20 mm or 14 mm, Long and medium-range telephoto prime lenses like 300 mm or 600 mm lenses.

One of the main advantages you will get with this lens is that you can use a wider aperture. Like f/ 1.4 or f/2.8. This means that more light will enter into the camera sensor. So you will have an excellent video quality even in low light.

This lens offers excellent control over the depth of field, which creates a striking bokeh effect. This means that your subject will be the main focus in the vlog, and the background will be blurred. In addition, these types of lenses are compact and as well as lightweight.

If you are not a travel vlogger who shows stuff closely, then this sort of lens is the right choice for you.

2. Zoom Lens

2.Zoom Lens

Zoom lenses come with a zoom ring. So you can shoot videos from different angles and lengths. So you can stand on a hill and capture the whole scenery beautifully.

The plus point is that you won’t have to move around as much. Like prime lenses, there are many zoom lenses available. For instance, a wide zoom lens, telephoto zoom lens, multipurpose zoom lens.

Though you shoot your video in various focal lengths, this lens won’t perform well in low light. This is because it doesn’t have a wide aperture like the prime lens.

Some companies have made zoom lenses with a wide aperture, but as of this date, they are costly. But in the future, we can hope for an update in this section.

This lens is compact at its widest focal length, and as you zoom in, it extends. You will find some lightweight zoom lenses in the market. For a travel vlogger, this lens can be a life savior.

6 Best Vlogging Lenses List That Are Perfect F0r A Vlogger Let’s Review

6 Best Vlogging Lenses List That Are Perfect F0r a Vlogger Lets Review

1. Cannon E50mm f/1.8 STM Lens:

1. Cannon E50mm f/1.8 STM Lens:
Cannon E50mm f/1.8 STM Lens=>

The Cannon E50mm f/1.8 STM Lens is new entry in EOS prime lens category. This new lens gives less motion blur with shaper images without using too much flash.

It gives you opportunity to capture amazing images in low light conditions. You can fill the frame from a fair distance with your subject by its 50mm focal length.

If you are the person who loves to shoot portrait pictures and videos than this lens is must try. For social media users who make videos for YouTube like Vloggers, the Canon EF 50mm f/1.8 STM is one of vlogging lenses.

With STM new technology it lets you capture smooth movies without the sound of focusing motor. This lens gives you opportunity to capture stunning photos with its silent motor.


  • Focal length: This stunning lens gives 50mm focal length with view of 40 degree.
  • Focus: It has a very narrow focus ring that accurately focuses all the time during video recording. Focus is both Auto and fully manual.
  • Light control: This gives sharp images without using flash during low lights.
  • STM: This allows capturing videos without sound of focus motor.


  • STM technology allow silent captures
  • Fixed focal length
  • It has metal mount
  • Speedy AF for stills
  • Minimum focus of 1.15ft


  • Auto focus not so fast for video capture

For buying this amazing lens for stills and Vlogging, do click on the website link below.


2. Sigma 18-35mm F1.8 Art DC HSM Canon Lens Review

Sigma 18-35mm F1.8 Art DC HSM Canon Lens:
Sigma 18-35mm F1.8 Art DC HSM Canon Lens=>

The sigma 18-35mm F1.8 Art is an amazing wide angle zoom lens for large aperture. It allows capturing good indoor shots with low light.

It has great built quality and feels wonderful. Its focal length is amazing that covers 3 prime lenses. It has amazing built quality with its focus rings and zooms.

This gives you focal length just like a full frame camera. If you shoot video and do Vlogging then this lens is must have. Due to its focal length it gives amazing video quality not compromising on the frame. With its amazing video capturing I can say it’s one of the vlogging lenses.


  • Wide angle: Its wide angle lets you capture large aperture of 1.8
  • Special low glass: The SLD glass compensates for aberrations and curvature.
  • Hyper Sonic Motor: This feature gives smooth, accurate and fast AF.
  • USB dock: This sigma USB dock allows more customization by updating lens with latest software.
  • Auto focus and fully manual focus


  • This lens works great for movie and Vlogging due to full frame.
  • Amazing focusing distance of minimal 28cm
  • Software update available for lens
  • Comes with sigma hood
  • Sleek zoom and focus rings help easily working on Zoom In and Zoom Out.


  • Very heavyweight
  • Focus motor is not very quiet

For buying this amazing lens for stills and Vlogging, do click on the website link below.


3. Sigma 10-20mm Lens For Nikon Digital Cameras Review

3. Sigma 10-20mm lens for Nikon digital cameras:
Sigma 10-20mm lens for Nikon digital cameras:=>

It is highly suitable for indoor photography as it comes with aperture of F3.5 and hence can work in low light also.  It produces sharp images with wide angle of view which helps photographers to emphasize the subject.

This lens has all the qualities to attract customers and that its demand is also very high. Almost everyone is fond of photography so having a camera with a low quality lens is of no use.


  • Sigma optimization pro is the special software develops by sigma to update firmware of lens and to adjust its focus.
  • Its diaphragm has 9 blades with filter size of 72mm.
  • Its compatible camera mount is canon EF-S.
  • The material used for making this lens is aluminum which makes is rust free, long lasting and durable.


  • This lens is of high quality and it provides super-fast and super accurate results.
  • so this lenese not only provides clear and focused images, it also controls distortion very well.
  • It has features of internal focusing and zooming which further adds to its value.
  • its  light weight and stylish in design which appeals customers to buy it.
  • Various customized features are also available within this lens when used with sigma USB dock.
  • Its super multi-layer coating produces high quality images and reduces flare.
  • With different camera models, the angle of view within the lens, changes which is also a good feature about this lens.
  • It’s an autofocus lens.


  • It fits only on 6D body.
  • This product is not much speedy as compared to various other lenses available in market.
  • and its comes with just a case and hood and no dock is available with it.
  • This camera works best for crop sensor cameras and may cause Vignette on edges.

For knowing details of guarantee of this product and any further information, please visit our website. Link is as follows.


4. Sony E 50mm OSS portrait Lens Review

4. Sony E 50mm OSS portrait lens:
Sony E 50mm OSS portrait lens=>

It is a mid-range telephoto lens with focal length 1.8. This focal length enables it to take sharp and focused images.

There are built in gyro sensors within this lens which detect even the slightest movement that is why it is mostly used in movie centric cameras rather than just for photography. It is made especially for APS-C sensors.


  • this product has the feature of optical steady shots and image stabilization.
  • It weighs only 7.1 ounces.
  • this lense ranks at number 6 in best seller mirror-less camera lenses.
  • Overall draft of lens does not change because only middle group of the optical system move to achieve focus.
  • Use of linear motor and high end technology by Sony professional camcorders makes this lens extraordinary special.


  • It is very light weight so it can be carried anywhere easily.
  • It is great for shooting movies as it provides excellent features in such small and easy handling packages.
  • If you are using polarizing filter, the filter thread at the front of lens does not rotate.
  • This lens has an option to produce beautiful bokeh images but it needs camera settings.


  • It will not fit in canon cameras as it is designed only to fit in Sony E-mount cameras. So an adaptor is needed to make it work with Canon cameras.
  • Although it’s good for video making purpose because  it’s very quick and detail  slight movements as well but it is not very sharp for photography  like food photography  where much detailing is required. Because you will need macro lens for that.

Buy this stylish canon lens and check guarantee details by checking our website. For any further queries, please click on the link below.


5. Toking 11-16mm Digital Zoom Lens For Nikon Review

5. Toking 11-16mm digital zoom lens for Nikon:
Toking 11-16mm digital zoom lens for Nikon=>

This lens with focal length of 2.8 is designed for aps-c sensor cameras. this is compatible with all Nikon DSLR cameras. It flatters out at longer end and distorted barrel at shortest end. lenese looks stylish and eye-catchy and is also reasonable in price, compared to many other lenses.


  • It weighs 1.2pounds and is not much light weight.
  • Its minimum focal length is 11mm with a photo filter thread size of 77mm.It has a wide angle lens type with auto focus facility.
  • It is formed with super low dispersion glass.
  • Its diaphragm consists of 9 Blades stopping down to f/22.
  • Its focus ring consist of metal and rubber cover.
  • It consist of two aspheric lens elements and two super low dispersion lens elements.


  • It works better than comparatively expensive Nikon lenses.
  • It comes with ultra-wide zoom facility which means even smallest objects can be captured through it with complete focused details.
  • For small format digital cameras it is world’s fastest ultra-wide lens and it is very sharp as well.
  • By pushing focus ring forward and backward, its focus can be switched between auto focus to manual.
  • It has feature of internal focusing as well which adds to its overall worth.


  • It does work on fix or full frame formats, and only works properly on DX.
  • Serious vignette issues can be faced if cropping to 5:4
  • The front cap of this lens is not like original Nikon lenses.

This device with such reasonable price is a must buy. For details and queries do visit the website given below.


6. Yonghuo 50mm F1.8N Standard Prime Lens Large Aperture Review

6. YONGHUO 50mm F1.8N Standard Prime Lens Large Aperture:
YONGHUO 50mm F1.8N Standard Prime Lens Large Aperture=>


The YONGHUO 50mm F1.8N Standard Prime lens is an affordable option for everyday photography. This lens gives you 8 times more lightly than standard kit lens.  YN50mm F1.8 can be considered a good choice as one of lenses for vlogging.

This lens allows you to take low light pictures, portraits, and record vlogs with amazing quality. Its large aperture helps to take picture by separating it from background.

Its build quality can be compared with Nikon lens. The YN50mm has both auto focus and manual focus for shooting according to your desire.

It gives a nice focal length for taking portrait indoor and outdoor. This is light weight to carry easily in your hand. If you are social media person who loves to capture things daily than this lens is defiantly great choice.


  • Adopts gold plated metal: This lens adopts the gold plated metal contacts that improves signal conductivity and corrosion resistance.
  • Light weight: This lens is high quality plastic material that is helpful for outdoor shooting.
  • AF & MF: Its auto and manual focus allow to take pictures amazingly.
  • Full frame: This lens supports full frame picture shooting.
  • Multi coasted glass: This feature betters the transmittance & flare resistance.


  • Good built quality with light weight to carry
  • Comparable to Nikon lens
  • Expose well consistently
  • Sharp image capturing


  • Auto Focus is loud
  • No built-in VR

For buying this amazing lens for stills and Vlogging, do click on the website link below.


Top Vlogging Lenses Buying Guide: The Factor Consider Before Purchase

Best Vlogging Lenses Buying Guide The Factor Consider Before Purchase

Now after you have seen all the feature in these lenses, let’s explore these features. After reading about these features and knowing what suits you, it will become more simple and easier for you to choose the perfect lens.

Build Quality:

Build Quality

All these reviewed lenses have different kinds of built quality and different weights. Some of them are light weight but some are heavy to carry. But the built quality in each of these lenses is not cheap.

These lenses are built with high quality material. The image quality of lens does not depend on its weight and build material.

AF & MF:


Auto focus is system that operates automatically by motor towards selected area. While in Manual Focus user selects the area by their self.

Autofocus is common in all AF SLR cameras.

All of these lenses have both Auto and Manual focus function. These lenses have different minimum focus distance for amazing shooting results.



HSM refers to Hyper sonic motor that ensures there is no sound of motor while auto focus. This motor helps in capturing video without getting motor noise.

It gives high speed AF for professional shooting. Lenses like Sigma 10-20mm and Sigma 18-35mm have HSM feature.



STM is known as Stepping motor. The basic function of this system is to deliver smooth Auto focus for movies and stills. Previous Canon EF 50mm did not have STM.

This feature is great for recording vlogs from your camera without any troubling noise of AF motor. There are also some lenses that do not carry this feature. But in my list the Canon EF 50mm is STM lens that gives silent capturing while using AF.

Focal Length:

Focal Length

Focal length determines magnification of image and it is the distance between lens and image.Both minimum and max lengths are stated on zoom lens.

So keep in mind to read in instructions of lens for knowing its focal length which ever lens you buy. Different lenses have different focal length.

Low Light Capturing:

Low Light Capturing

This means to take images indoor or outdoor where light is darker. Most of the times indoors are not much bright enough to capture good looking stills.

Low light capturing mode allows taking photographs in areas that are not very bright. But still the lens covers the dark area and converts it into bright side for outstanding portraits.

All of the reviewed lenses have the feature to capture images in low light without using a lot of camera flash. If your focus is to take photos regularly indoor and outdoor with different light situations. Then, you must look for lens that have low light capturing mode to shoot at night time.

Aperture Range:

Aperture Range

Apperture within lens controls the light that reaches the image. It mainly serves purpose of light adjustment. It works with shutter speed.

Different purpose lens have a maximum aperture. It helps to enable beautiful effects and helps in capturing wide angle image view.

Aperture is the maximum wide angle on which the lens can shoot. For example the Sony- E 50mm has maximum of F1.8 aperture to deliver amazing photographic stills and video captures.

Image Stabilization:

Image Stabilization

Not all lenses come with the feature of built-in auto image stabilization. The only lens on this list is the Sony E 50mm. It is feature in which blur is avoided if camera shakes.

When a lens comes with built-in image stabilization it allows you to take steady shot without any blur. This means you do not have to mess with focus to adjust the image stability.

This function allows the lens to do itself. This helps to take steady pictures without any shake during shoot and focus is always on the object.

Extended Vocal Length

Extended Vocal Length

While buying a lens, you will see a number with mm written right next to it. This number indicates focal length. The smaller the number, the wider the frame. This means that your video will capture more surrounding areas.

And if the mm number is higher, it will capture less surrounding area, and the video will be zoomed in on your subject. So it will show you the things that are even far away.

Vlogging can be an unexpected mission. You will have to shoot different subjects from different angles.

Things that might be near or far, moving or stationed, small or large. So having a lens that can zoom in and out frequently can give you a significant advantage.

Fast and Silent Autofocus

Fast and Silent Autofocus

This is a crucial thing to remember while buying a lens for video. While shooting a video, it is pretty impossible to manually autofocus constantly.

However, most lenses have an autofocus option for photography. So before buying one, make sure the lens ensures autofocus even in video mode.

That being said, you don’t want a lens that creates noise while focusing. It will surely ruin your video. So you need to buy a lens with an STM system.



If you are using your hand or tripod, then you have to keep the size and weight in mind. Especially if you are a travel vlogger. You don’t want a heavy lens that will slow down the pace of your shooting.



Though aperture is not that important in vlogging as it is in photography, it gives two significant advantages. First, it lets more light come into the sensor. This means you will get excellent footage even in low light.

Second, it creates a shallow depth of field. This means your main subject will nicely pop up in a blurred background. This is helpful if you are creating a product review video or doing an interview.

Frequently Asked Questions

1: Can I Start a Youtube Video Without a Camera?

Ans: You do not need a camera for video. A smartphone will do just fine. Even many YouTubers swear by their phones.

But for better audio and video quality we would recommend you buy a camera and a good lens.

A good lens gives you a wide range, and the camera gives you much-needed battery support. So even though it is not necessary, it is a helpful tool.

2: What mm Lens Should I Get to Start Vlogging?

Ans: For blogging, we would recommend you to get a lens that gives you a wider range. Try a 50mm lens for your first go. Then, you can find it on an affordable budget.

3: Which Lens is Best For Travel Vlogging?

Ans: Both prime and zoom lenses are equally useful for travel vloggers. Most famous vloggers carry them both. But if you don’t have the budget for both, buy a zoom lens. It will give you more focus and a wider screen.

4: Which Lens is great for live Streaming?

Ans: If you want to mix live streams with your video or just want to live stream the whole thing, you will need a lens that can handle the hard work. We would recommend you to buy a prime lens as it ensures good video quality and sound.


A lot of people think that expensive lenses are only way for getting amazing shot. But some lenses in my list are cheaper and give some extra ordinary shots if you are using it for yourself.

For making vlogs and doing daily shoots for you then less expensive lenses do the job very well. Buying an expensive lens for your daily routine is something that I would not suggest.

But if you are professional in this field than lens in my list will also work for you. Knowing what different features mean and how they work gives a great help to determine your need of features.

Some features are simple that are present in every lenses, while others are more advanced ones to be used mostly by professionals.

After these reviews you should be able to select the lens according to your need. The purpose is to choose the lens that makes it easier for you while capturing pictures and videos.

So, I hope these reviews gave you information that is helpful for your understanding how to choose the best vlogging lenses.  If you want my any other help in choosing lens then I’m very happy to do so.If you like these reviews do share with others.

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