Adding Tweeters To Coaxial Speakers – A Correct And Convenient Way

You may have already known about Tweeters used in your car to entertain your music journey flawlessly. It naturally polished your internal music system smoothly and produced a high frequency of sound.

Therefore installing Tweeters and adding to your coaxial speakers is nothing but a fantastic experience for you. As you know, both the components have versatility with their models, design, shapes, or style. Although balancing the car audio system can be challenging, I am sure that the overall procedure is not much complicated if you know the basic technique.

So, you became enthusiastic about adding Tweeters to Coaxial Speakers, aren’t you? No worries, I am here for your assistance where you get all the answers to your queries.

adding Tweeters to Coaxial Speakers

How Are Coaxial Speakers Different From Component Speaker?

How Are Coaxial Speakers Different From Component Speaker

I would suggest you install coaxial speakers in your automobiles, ask me why? You can distinguish it from the component speakers to their design. Coaxial speakers in any vehicle types are intact and assembled 2-way speaker system into a distinct speaker.

On the other hand, nearly all component speaker systems are detached where the whole lot has to be mounted independently.

Why Coaxial Speakers Are Trendy And Admired?

Why Coaxial Speakers Are Trendy And Admired

Because if you want to attain a complete range of various frequencies in one package, go for it. Indeed, the Tweeter, along with a medium-range driver, can be organized with the woofer.

Hence the design pattern makes the coaxial speakers simple that takes a smaller area of your car. That’s the answer to your queries about why it became so prevalent for the car manufacturers.

Why Do You Need To Consider Crossover While Adding Tweeter To Coaxial Speaker?:

Why Do You Need To Consider Crossover While Adding Tweeter To Coaxial Speaker

Some of us have a misconception about Tweeter that we can unswervingly add it with Coaxial Speaker. Well, it’s moderately correct, but not entirely. You need to consider about Crossover, frequency, and woofer to complete the overall adding or installation procedures.

The Speaker or woofer does not consume the same amount of power as Tweeter. The woofer receives low frequency, and the Tweeter receives a high frequency of sound. Therefore Crossover is used to balancing the transmitted power and frequency that restrict speaker damage.

Best 5 Steps Of Adding Tweeters To Coaxial Speakers

Best 5 Steps Of Adding Tweeters To Coaxial Speakers

Finally, given the subordinate topics, now I am going to come to the points. I will give you the direction of implement Tweeters to Coaxial Speakers one by one. You will also learn how to wire a speaker with a Tweeter utilizing a Crossover cable. Just have a look below:

Step 1: Cut Off Negative Terminal:

Cut Off Negative Terminal

To protect from unexpected short circuits to whichever electrical components, I suggest you cut off the negative terminal.

Step 2: Take Away The Speaker’s Grill:

Take Away The Speaker’s Grill

Now you need to take away the Speaker’s grill. You can use either a perfect knife or a screwdriver to separate it from the wiring harness. It might be essential to eliminate panelling while removing the Speaker; it varies for the different car models.

Step 3: Connect Crossover And Speakers Cable:

Connect Crossover And Speakers Cable

Link the Crossover cable’s input to Speaker’s output cables. To avoid a short circuit or hazard, you need to ensure whether the connection is positive wire leads jointly and negative wire leads in concert.

Step 4: Put Together Crossover And Tweeters Speaker:

Step 4 Put Together Crossover And Tweeters Speaker

As I mentioned earlier, Crossover adjusts the low frequency to the woofer and high frequency to the Tweeter. Subsequently, make an attachment to the crossover panel to the Tweeter’s speaker wire port. You may found the terminal, which is located in the back of the Tweeter. It’s pretty straightforward.

You have to simultaneously join Crossover’s low and high frequencies to the Speaker’s terminals. I meant to say you are only required to join the low-frequency wire to the woofer. On the contrary, you need to join high-frequency wire from the Crossover to the Tweeter. As usual, make sure that the connection will guide from negative to negative and vice versa.

Step 5: Re-Mounting The Tweeter And Re-Install :

Step 5 Re Mounting The Tweeter And Re Install

Finally, trace the Tweeter’s exact location and put the speakers or tweeters equally in their mounting place. Make sure that all the components fit securely in shape. After that, install the Grill and Speaker once again. However, it would be best if you occasionally made some holes on the door panel or on the dash edge to contain the new tweeters.


You will get pure satisfaction and thoroughly entertained that when you listen to crystal clear of each bit and comprehensive music. You can’t stay without appreciating your car’s streaming system while attending all the claps, lyrics, or instruments engaged in recreation. All the fantastic things are just at your hand, adding Tweeters to Coaxial Speakers flawlessly.

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